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For Crowns Sake by Secret_Author_12
For Crowns Sakeby Secret_Author_12
Marrying into royalty, what could be better? The money, the lifestyle and never going without. Well it can get old a little quicker than you might think. Elizabeth is in...
A Big Weekend by 1407username
A Big Weekendby 1407username
Lara spends the long weekend at her boyfriend Harry's. As he wishes upon a star, Harry has no clue his wish will be granted. A big surprise awaits them both in the morni...
Getting fat by paperwiings
Getting fatby paperwiings
Ava was typically a very thin girl. When she wakes up one day tied to a chair by her boyfriend, she realizes she wants to get bigger and bigger.
A markibelly by rileygainsbelly
A markibellyby rileygainsbelly
Posted this on deviantart too but i think its better here
Gaining Control || Isaac Lahey by makenziedevereaux
Gaining Control || Isaac Laheyby Makenzie Devereaux
"It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you. If you allow it." Hayley Steel, was with the 'it crowd' but she always felt l...
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teacher weight gain by Flimflamsir
teacher weight gainby Flimflamsir
Diary entries of a gay boy who has a wg fetish and his teacher who he has a big crush on gets fat.
Xavier's Weight Gain by ifeellikechicken
Xavier's Weight Gainby ifeellikechicken
16 yo health-controlled Xavier waves up one morning and realise he had a slight belly below. Crazed over it, he hits the gym immediately. Little does he realise, this fa...
The addiction🍩 by gaining_girlsxx
The addiction🍩by casey
Emily is given a free sample from a new doughnut shop and she is instantly hooked! Then every thing changes when her best friend Abby moves in.
More Than A Single Droplet by WeightObsessed
More Than A Single Dropletby WeightObsessed
Sequel of A Droplet Too Much More than just a weight gain story. James who poisoned his girlfriend Sacha (with a droplet that made her gain weight) is stuck in prison wh...
If two lesbians kissed by IEatCardboard
If two lesbians kissedby Yooo
If a cute shy girl meets a mean girl. What happens? Just read the damn story- (Includes weight gain)
extra Portions for Norman by Givemebellies
extra Portions for Normanby Givemebellies
**this is a Deathfeederism story, if you dont like the details, dont read it** Norman starts dating the handsome Nutritionist and beginner Instagrammer Vincent. but litt...
The Gaining Journal by Flimflamsir
The Gaining Journalby Flimflamsir
Sequel to teacher weight gain, the protagonist of teacher weight gain turns 18 and moves out. he decides to use the ingredients on the piece of paper his old teacher gav...
The Droplet Curse by TheDropletStory
The Droplet Curseby The Droplet Story
Book 6 in The Droplet Series. Sebastian is playing with life, death and droplet fat. Steve loves James, James wants peace. Sacha's spirit will mess things up. A knife be...
Blowing up at the Buffet (Wg short story) by gaygainerguy
Blowing up at the Buffet (Wg feed dee
A first person Gay, WG short story (Y/N) Picking up your boyfriend from the airport, you realize he's put on some weight, will dinner at a buffet explain why?
rapid by Flimflamsir
rapidby Flimflamsir
A man rapidly gains weight.
Arranged marriage Theo x hermione x Draco by winterlover1243
Arranged marriage Theo x Bee (she/they)
EDITING WHILE MAKING IT We all know that Slytherins hate Gryffindors but when these two get put together you never know they might fall in love or they might end up kill...
Doki Doki Literature Club - New doki new gain by Victoriousboss
Doki Doki Literature Club - New Victoriousboss
Before you read, you should now that is a fan fiction about the game "Doki Doki literature club". And there have weight gain and fat fetish content. If you do...
Losing Control || Teen Wolf by makenziedevereaux
Losing Control || Teen Wolfby Makenzie Devereaux
{ Book 2 } "Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel." After coming back from the dead and saying her final goodbyes to her friends, Hayley...
Adrien Chubgreste  by chubbunny_
Adrien Chubgreste by chubbunny_
you're new in adrien's school, and he starts to catch feelings for you. he invites you round and you see the amount of food he has... (this is the version where you are...
The School for misbehaving kids by bellyworshiper
The School for misbehaving kidsby Bellyworshiper
A school for the misbehaving kids the punishment is to .... GAIN