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Dusting and Diets (maid weight gain) by momojojo101
Dusting and Diets (maid weight momojojo101
A petite, 110 pound little girl, Rosaline comes to live in a large house in Gainesville, Florida to be a live in house maid for the married couple of Diane and Patrick W...
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  • maid
  • feedee
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The weight race. by fatteningfantasy
The weight fatteningfantasy
A short story about a 1950s competition between the uk and the USA to see who can make a child fatter.
  • fat
  • gainer
  • obese
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Heaven for talia by taliabefree
Heaven for taliaby taliabefree
This is about Talia, how her life ended but mostly about how her life is in heaven! I will talk about team talia! Please understand that I make up what I belive is going...
  • she
  • world
  • taken
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How a bird gained freedom by loba_lona
How a bird gained freedomby loba_lona
This is the story of Wardeh Barakat, a middle eastern girl that feels doubly occupied, first by her family and second by her country. This is the story of finding true l...
  • gained
  • freedom
  • travels
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Heaven Gained An Angel by gomezfan4eva
Heaven Gained An Angelby gomezfan4eva
Meet Kimberly Parkman. The fifteen year old girl who convinced her parents to adopt some orphans. She gave up everything for her new brothers and sisters and she wouldn’...
  • heaven
  • direction
  • angel
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Obscured by James_3
Obscuredby James_3
I know this is short but i felt like writing something, and I've moved alot growing up and I always wonder about people I could have met if i didn't move, and the people...
  • unknown
  • dreams
  • strangers
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Who Said What Now? by SpiritedDreaming
Who Said What Now?by Damia Bowen
A collection of poetry written by me
  • people
  • depressed
  • world
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Wisdom, Inspiration, and Sorrow by Tanoren
Wisdom, Inspiration, and Sorrowby Ren
  • gained
  • sad
  • grand
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Tantalized & Blameless by DennisMarcial
Tantalized & Blamelessby Dennis Marcial
  • betwixt
  • decay
  • yearning
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