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The Dimensional God: Percy Jackson by LordReaper
The Dimensional God: Percy Jacksonby LordReaper
Follow the famous Perseus Jackson, Primordial God of Dimensions, Elements, Time, Weapons, Creation, Darkness and Shadows. He is the King of Oblivion and Patron of Heroes...
Tears of Gold ─── Hermes by Imaginebooks
Tears of Gold ─── Hermesby Li
❝ I am both war and woman and you cannot stop me ❞ Nikita Gill Hermes was unsure of what drew him in, maybe it was the mischief in her smile, of the spark in her eyes, b...
Mr. kinky Biersack (Andy Biersack Smutt) by theonewithnovoice
Mr. kinky Biersack (Andy theonewithnovoice
Carorline Watson is 24. She is a tattoo artist and a BDSM slave. She's quite open about it. She is best friends with Andy Biersack and that's her master. Him and Juliet...
Percy Jackson The Dark Sea by PjoGalaxyDude
Percy Jackson The Dark Seaby I don't need a username
So I got bored and decided I want a new fanfiction to write. I decided since Percy is good in my first fanfiction, why not make him bad? So I did it. BTW I DO NOT OWN PJ...
Percy Jackson The Dark Gamer (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by nutsofthechest
Percy Jackson The Dark Gamer ( nutsofthechest
Reborn in a new world after he is killed by Zeus here lies Percy Jackson, but this is not your simple world. This world is complete with its own Adventures, Dragons, Dun...
The Destroyer of Olympus by Drew1997
The Destroyer of Olympusby Drew1997
Shortly after the end of the Giant War, Percy is betrayed and called a traitor. Before being sent to Tartarus he swears on the Styx to get his revenge against all who ha...
Forsaken Deity by saturn137
Forsaken Deityby Mel-Belle
[2013 Watty Finalist] Thea Gibson lives a normal life. She waitresses at her local bar, pays her bills on time, has a secret crush on Detective Josh Cooper and let's he...
Percabeth Pregnant in Tartarus by percabethlover29
Percabeth Pregnant in Tartarusby You'll Never Know
After Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus she becomes pregnant. Will the baby survive? Will Percabeth make it out? Who's baby is it? No lemons!
Percy Jackson's Revenge by LordReaper
Percy Jackson's Revengeby LordReaper
Percy Jackson has saved Olympus yet again. But now he is betrayed by those he loved the most. One by one his friends betrayed him. They break him to the point that somet...
Percabeth In Highschool AU by MaidenDemigod4Life
Percabeth In Highschool AUby i❤️samclaflin
Hi, this is a book where Percy and Annabeth are still demigods, but they don't know each other and they meet in highschool. Okay, so Piper knows Annabeth and also Piper...
Coma (Percy jackson fanfiction) by poseidon-cabin3
Coma (Percy jackson fanfiction)by Palirroia Carstairs
what will happen if Percy goes into a coma ? Are there anymore problems coming his way?
Intertwined by auddydamn
Intertwinedby Auddy
In Harry's lifetime on earth he never really connected with the Mother, with Gaia. That is until the very end when she put everything she had left inside of him and sent...
Baki! Oneshots by Pica-Bunny
Baki! Oneshotsby Pica-Bunny
Baki one shots! I'm accepting any and all requests. a collection of short stories each containing your favorites!
Expect the Unexpected - A Tratie Fanfic by ThatAwkwardNerd18
Expect the Unexpected - A Tratie IDK What I'm Doing
Travis Stoll and Katie Gardner "hated" each other for years, but all that has changed. Now, they are a couple. A demigod's life is always difficult, but what T...
Time Means Nothing  by TIMETOLIVE1
Time Means Nothing by Kacie
What if something so bad happened that everyone had to leave Sanctum? What if while one the ship, Clarke found a file that would change everything that they ever knew. ...
The Son of Chaos- Percy Jackson Betrayed by leish240
The Son of Chaos- Percy Jackson leish240
Percy lived a life which everyone would dream of. He was the saviour of Olympus, he completed many quests to be there but he wouldn't of been able to do it without his f...
Death to Life by B4ckbit3r
Death to Lifeby B4ckbit3r
Kronos went back in time to kill a certain someone. Baby Percy but what happens if he suddenly had a change of heart? ------- "This child will be the world's salvat...
You Should See Me In A Crown - Nico Di Angelo: The New King of Olympus by M1zz_Zx0
You Should See Me In A Crown - M!S5 M3?
"I swear Zeus I'll get my revenge. And when I'm done you'll be begging on your knees for mercy" screamed Nico How did it all go so wrong... . . . Nico wakes up...
[ON HIATUS] A Daily Life in the Ultraman Squad by sengklektakberfaedah
[ON HIATUS] A Daily Life in the 🌺sengklek chan🌺
judul alternatifnya : "Kehidupan Sengklek dan Unfaedahnya para Ultraman"
The Avengers, the Silent girl, and Percy Jackson by Benelamay
The Avengers, the Silent girl, Elizabeth Black
There will be a mpreg in this. There will be some very dark parts in this book. Ellie Choler has aways been sidelined. Her father abandoned her at age six. She showed u...