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What the eyes can't see || A TMF fanfic • Jailey (REWRITEN) by FreakyLilla
What the eyes can't see || A TMF Lilla Conte
After the music club won 2nd place in the competition, everything started to change. The music club gained prominence and everything seemed to be fine. Until a talent sh...
Love Rhapsody || The Music Freaks Fanfiction || Cruise AU by Loony_Lovegood_101
Love Rhapsody || The Music Icy Crem
He's a lost singer, with dreams that have been crushed. She's a lone music freak, with dreams taking flight. The Imperial Rhapsody - a cruise ship that features music as...
Bad COCK OwO gacha boy x alpha XD by superrstarrpurtt
Bad COCK OwO gacha boy x alpha XDby pussyqueef
Really bad cock and a gacha boy x hot alpha 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 ( sex )
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Yandere blood by gamingwithakina
Yandere bloodby gamingwithakina
There in gacha city a young girl named jackal who moves theres starts her new life there, new home, new school pretty boring but little does she know there's someone a s...
The todally normal family by i_heart_toast_
The todally normal familyby Toast ✨
AHHHHH THIS IS MY FIRST STORT SORRY IF ITS NOT GOOD Anyways,The story is about a family they don't really love each other (I don't know how to really describe how it's g...
The School Vibes  by ItsAina7
The School Vibes by It's Aina
Synopsis: Four teenagers Melle, Zuna, Faiz and Joe are the students at a school. They're housemates who living at a rented house with their loving teacher, Nurain. Their...
First Encounter by Ruki-sannn
First Encounterby WheresRuki?
Reign(A popular girl) meets Lynn(A model) in her school.
The Book Of The Dark by ZippleZki
The Book Of The Darkby Pheebs^o^
A book found by a child who dreamed about magic
alternate love? [gacha story] by supliment_birds02
alternate love? [gacha story]by reeebirds
a girl who made a wish on her birthday as a joke suddenly it came true who will her love interest be who shall she end up with
sweet but psycho ep.1 by lunadreamg
sweet but psycho ep.1by rose christine
this story about a girl that has powers and been given powerful necklace that give by her mother.befor her mother die she told her to keep it save.after 2 years,her moth...
My Not-So-Ordinary Life by CoolKidKio
My Not-So-Ordinary Lifeby Kio
This is a story that me and my friend (@Gachakona) are working on. They designed the characters and plot, I'm only writing out the script. Go follow them on YT!
Wonder Land Twisted by gamingwithakina
Wonder Land Twistedby gamingwithakina
there was an unknown shop that lead into a weird and strange world. Our friend stephanie found herself there what will she find there? What will happen to her". Com...
Gacha Adventure : An Adventure Beyond  by haiqallugia
Gacha Adventure : An Adventure haiqallugia
Welcome to the world named Gacha, a world that created by Luni. The world itself filled with many kinds of breeds and fractions. Not only that, the world also lies many...
How I met.. Them (RE-WRITE) by Xc0le_the_wolfX
How I met.. Them (RE-WRITE)by Just_Peachy
Those of you that are familiar with my YouTube channel know that I had a pretty cringy gacha series called "How I met/became a Creepypasta" the main character...
Secretly Friends(Ends Here For Reseting) by Brisabeauty
Secretly Friends(Ends Here For “Lazy head”…
There's this boy named Benjamin who likes reading books a lot that doesn't have any friends until a girl named Priscilla noticed she forgot to say thank you for helping...
Danganronpa TMF Au by MultixAmy
Danganronpa TMF Auby Multix._ Amy
This au has been made by bloom_yt on Instagram, but I wanted to try to write my own version of it!
My e-boy by bb_blairchan
My e-boyby Blair
When Ayden has to go move into a new school he meets Andrew the local e-boy of the school. Most people would tell you he's a mysterious person that keeps to himself but...
Basic tips for gacha! by bean_g0rly
Basic tips for gacha!by bean_g0rly
Im Basically going to talk about what you should do and what you shouldn't do and please don't Talk about my grammar 😅 Lol Oki! Enjoy! Or disjoy?