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Oc book by NightmareShadow
Oc bookby Shadow Prime
What the name says (will include more than oc's I think and plz If u want an oc let me know thx) ENJOY
SML A New Generation! by Gumdrop789
SML A New Generation!by Gumdrop Boy
15 years have passed and it is now the year 2036, our beloved characters we know and love today have grown up, gotten married and had kids of their own, this story will...
Love Rhapsody || The Music Freaks Fanfiction || Cruise AU by Loony_Lovegood_101
Love Rhapsody || The Music Icy Crem
He's a lost singer, with dreams that have been crushed. She's a lone music freak, with dreams taking flight. The Imperial Rhapsody - a cruise ship that features music as...
The Blue Tribrid by yumekosimp04
The Blue Tribridby yumekosimp04
Aqua, a three thousand year old Tribrid, got turned at the age of 19. She meets a girl in 1745, by the name of Ariana, she has a lovely time with her but Ariana had star...
Gacha Club story by Leah1255
Gacha Club storyby Leah
so.. this isnt jsab or wii deleted you but i actually have ideas for my gacha ocs :p i guess it could be you (the reader aka y/n) chatting with ocs or whatever lol
Bad COCK OwO gacha boy x alpha XD by superrstarrpurtt
Bad COCK OwO gacha boy x alpha XDby sundrop <33
Really bad cock and a gacha boy x hot alpha 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 ( sex )
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My Honeycomb || A Gacha Club Story by tHeAn0nYm0uSsHaDoW
My Honeycomb || A Gacha Club Storyby tHeAn0nYm0uSsHaDoW
A girl named Hazel Smith, who has experienced heartbreak so many times... But will she be able to love again with such a very torn heart...? Hi guys! This story isn't co...
Gacha Life Stories (Short Stories!) by xcloudie
Gacha Life Stories (Short Stories!)by 𝙺𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚛𝚊 ✨
First, subscribe to my GL channel! Each 5-10 subs I get is a new story! I post content often. Each chapte...
Forbidden Love (LGBTQ➕  Gacha Life Love Story)   by TheThickest
Forbidden Love (LGBTQ➕ Gacha Sofa Couch
It's not a movie, it's a book! I've never seen a Gacha book before, but I highly doubt I'm The first one to make one. Just to note, I made all the images in this book in...
ꨄ︎ What the eyes can't see || A TMF fanfic • Jailey༄ (REWRITEN) by LillaConte
ꨄ︎ What the eyes can't see || A Lilla Conte 🎶💓
After winning the 2nd place in the competition, Jake and Hailey started to bond a lot more because of these duet. That is until the day Daisy shows up with a new Valenti...
Gacha Adventure : An Adventure Beyond  by haiqallugia
Gacha Adventure : An Adventure haiqallugia
Welcome to the world named Gacha, a world that created by Luni. The world itself filled with many kinds of breeds and fractions. Not only that, the world also lies many...
Ja'ckeven and sea and Ja'ckeven Jr (Gacha Story) by kaylawerewolf
Ja'ckeven and sea and Ja'ckeven kaylawerewolf
a couple of two ja'ckeven and sea and there 2 year old baby boy his name is ja'ckeven jr THE THIRD sea is 21 ja'ckeven is 22 ja'ckeven is a YouTuber hes YouTube name i...
Subject 1950 by CreatorJ__
Subject 1950by Yoona
Subject 1950: A Gacha Club story of a murderous little child ⚠️READ FIRST:⚠️ -This MAY involve visual gore!(Warnings will appear.) -If you dislike things involving the G...
How I Met Her in The Apocalypse by ItzEllie0k
How I Met Her in The Apocalypseby ItzEllie0k
18-year-old Zachary Screwer finds himself going to school one day, remembering that his highschool crush will never know he exists, UNTIL people start eating each other...
I Love you... ++ Story by StrxwbxrryMilkiii
I Love you... ++ Storyby 【StrxwbxrryMilkii】
A guy Name Jake Likes a girl name Elizabeth... but it turn out that Elizabeth hates Jake,Soon... Elizabeth start bullying jake but jake still had feelings for her but on...
Tooked by Terrera
Tookedby Terrera
First love comes in but love is not always a good thing it might gives you happiness but its gives pain too
Forgotten.. by WarmthInLove
#18 WarmthInLove
A family without a mother,the Berry Family,Has 3(for now..) members. Vanilla Berry, Blue Berry, And Black Berry. These are their adventures.
Welcome To The Fright Show by RileyRivine
Welcome To The Fright Showby Midnight
The Fright Show Stars The Main Host Grim Poltergeist As He Allows 6 People To Explore His Show Of Horror And Frights. Happy Halloween! 🎃 UPDATE: Sorry, The Story Was R...