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Musicals In Love *DISCONTINUED* by jinkiseok
Musicals In Love *DISCONTINUED*by Ryry
*Trigger warning for suicide mentions* At Barrington High, there were two group of music kids who absolutely despised each other. One group was the bratty, snobby string...
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i don't know what to name this yet, but it's here//Gabilliam by Randomfangir
i don't know what to name this nat!!
✔️William is new to Jersey, living with the Siska's for the time being
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Band Slash Imagines by Room708
Band Slash Imaginesby ABANDONED ACCOUNT
You request=I write :)
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Group Chat II : Not Your Average Summer by rya_nsuter
Group Chat II : Not Your Average lizard
Sequel to the semi-famous !1!2!2!2! Group chat Gay ships and all that good SHT ;)))
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summertime boys // gabilliam by pixieboy
summertime boys // gabilliamby cora j (inactive)
swimming pools & sunsets on a bridge in new jersey
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The Phoenix by heylazeh
The Phoenixby Strawberry Wine Boys
Ships: Ryden, Gabilliam, Peterick (maybe), etc... ~•~•~ "Death and then revival. The living dead." ~•~•~ (It's basically an "A Little Less 16 Candles! AU...
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Fast Times at Barrington High (Gabilliam) by BilvyThanMe
Fast Times at Barrington High ( Guy Ripley
William Beckett, the girlish-looking chick magnet 'loner', and his best friend Ryan Ross, the valedictorian of Barrington High's senior class, go to a party hosted by th...
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we've got a big mess on our hands ( gabilliam ) by thecontestants
we've got a big mess on our my name's jamie
When William Beckett looked in the mirror this morning, the guy he saw just wasn't him. And he still wasn't sure how he got to the current point in time.
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Bluebirds Fly - Ryden by IzzyMay1
Bluebirds Fly - Rydenby Nope
Title: Bluebirds Fly Author: silver_etoile Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Ryan/Brendon [Pete/Patrick, Alex/Ryland, Frank/Gerard, Tom/Keltie, Gabe/William, and a few surprises...
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Midnight Regulations - Ryden by IzzyMay1
Midnight Regulations - Rydenby Nope
Title: Midnight Regulations Author: p0etsandfrauds Rating: R Pairing: Ryan/Brendon Summary: It didn't take long to fall in love with Brendon Urie, not long at all. Three...
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gay one shots by thebikefortwo
gay one shotsby .
for the emo kids who don't want to devote their time to a full length fic (cough cough) most of these are kellic and ryden lmao what other ships include: frerard, peteke...
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Immortals // Petekey by partypoiscn
Immortals // Petekeyby partypoiscn
"Simple question, kid, are you with me or not at all?" Mikey had never been one to get wrapped up in the whole vampire thing. Not until one late night when...
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You're Are Gay Mate by poeorgana
You're Are Gay Mateby ji
another fucking shitty group chat fic based off a group chat with me and my friends
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Irony Of Ecstasy {Gabilliam} by ryanrossisapansy
Irony Of Ecstasy {Gabilliam}by audrey
William Beckett has been blind since he was born. Living in the dark isn't as bad as you would think. You get used to it after a while. {Roughly based off the movie, Th...
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lumos - ryden, joncer, gabilliam, peterick by covfefesforclosers
lumos - ryden, joncer, void 👾
ships: ryden, joncer, peterick, gabilliam Modern day Hogwarts au. Where Pete, Brendon, Gabe, and Jon are Purebloods. And Spencer, Ryan, Patrick are Muggleborns. And Wil...
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After The Last Midtown Show // Gabilliam by duskweekes
After The Last Midtown Show // Literal Tr(Ash)
"We fall in love to fall apart, William." "Well maybe I'm just falling for you, Gabe." "Well maybe I'm just falling apart." . (completed)
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Childish Heart by jinkiseok
Childish Heartby Ryry
Ryan works at a cafe and has a kid. Brendon's a regular customer and hates children *10/10 cover made my @Seraphstarshine !!*
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Only Fools Rush In (Gabilliam) by tay-tay19
Only Fools Rush In (Gabilliam)by Taylor
Gabilliam one shot requested by 5432onemoretime William needs a change of pace so he returns to his hometown, Chicago to start his life over. Everything is starting to t...
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Plotbunny Hell by popgothika
Plotbunny Hellby Gravity Welles
I tend to get wordy and creative when I'm sleep deprived... I'm usually sleep deprived. I also tend to get easily distracted by just about anything. So I come up with al...
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