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Hanasaku (Sequel to Tsubaki no Hana) by tuiboog
Hanasaku (Sequel to Tsubaki no Scarlet B. Moonlight
Tsubaki Nara is the younger twin sister of Shikamaru. Interested in the medical field, she aspires to be like her role model - the Mother of Medical Ninjutsu. Unfortunat...
  • romance
  • naruto
  • uzumaki
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Destiny | Neji Hyuga x Reader | by LizziePlays324
Destiny | Neji Hyuga x Reader |by Neji Hyuga Fan
Y/n is a Hyuga who has an arranged Marrige to Neji Hyuga.Mean while Neji despies Y/n.Will things work out.But later they become buddies but then a new girl come to Konoh...
  • sakura
  • nejihyugaxreader
  • gaara
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A village hidden in magic?! WTF IS THAT???? {Naruto x Fairy Tail crossover} by ThatWeirdBurrito
A village hidden in magic?! WTF Aoneko.chi
just your average fairy tail and naruto crossover
  • naratemari
  • sandvillage
  • erza
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Is This Crack? (Naruto CRACK Fanfic) by DarkWolf991
Is This Crack? (Naruto CRACK Lily
"It takes a very special kind of idiot to pull off what you just did." "-Screw you! This never would have happened if you had taken your medication!"...
  • iruka
  • hatake
  • yagura
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Naruto  - Jinchuuriki and Biju Groupchat by MatatabiFireCat
Naruto - Jinchuuriki and Biju MatatabiMoon
DISCLAIMER NONE OF THE CHARACTERS ARE MINE IF THEY WERE PEOPLE LIKE NEJI WOULDNT HAVE DIED Since i dont watch anime thoroughly (naruto and fairy tail), the best i can do...
  • chomei
  • gyuki
  • han
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Rock Lee x Gaara  by IzYaGrillMick
Rock Lee x Gaara by IzYaGrillMick
I'll try to keep on updateing this one more often then the rest~ !It will be updated at least 12:00 pm! (AZ) After being divorce with Ten Ten, Lee starts feeling sad. B...
  • gay
  • leexgaara
  • gaaraxlee
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A Tale of Broken Hearts by slumberbaby
A Tale of Broken Heartsby slumberbaby
Sometimes when you want to read a story about a certain couple, you cant find anything that suits your fancy, so you just have to write what you want to read. And thus t...
  • gaara
  • gaasaku
  • lovestory
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Akatsuki/Naruto one shots  by Hidanismypsychopath
Akatsuki/Naruto one shots by Hidanismypsychopath
Requests are open, as a matter of fact they're welcome with open arms tbh. Comment and vote!! As of 05/24/19 this will be a naruto and Akatsuki one shot book
  • kakazu
  • sasori
  • shino
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The Psychic in Naruto! by Kohizeri
The Psychic in Naruto!by Coffee Jelly
Akira (You) the psychic is trying to find his way back home. He stops for a break in the realm called Naruto and joins the Ninja Academy finding it to be intriguing and...
  • yaoi
  • masashikishimoto
  • otaku
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Stealing His Heart (Gaara x male oc) by BatTaco
Stealing His Heart (Gaara x male Taco~Kun
Idk what to put here erm... I don't own naruto GAARA IS MAH SENPAI don't judge me
  • idkwhatimdoing
  • gaara
  • yaoi
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Phantom  Ties. (Bleach/Naruto) (2 X Oc Love Stories in one) by Jedge-on-a-ledge
Phantom Ties. (Bleach/Naruto) ( Transgressed and Violated by...
Kyo. Kyo Oricho. a Mediocre Quincy. sure, She 'Has a lot of Potential' But as for now; Nothing Special. Except her Heart, Always feeling like she's Looking for Someth...
  • gaara
  • romance
  • sasuke
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New Beginning (Naruto Fanfic) by _LuvLuv_
New Beginning (Naruto Fanfic)by ~Luvi~
What if Itachi didn't kill the Uchiha clan? Could things have been different? What if Naruto and Sasuke weren't the reincarnations of Ashura and Indra? Their lives could...
  • uchiha
  • naruhina
  • sasusaku
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"I finally found you"Gaara's Twin Sister | A Naruto Fanfic | Rock Lee X Reader by LizziePlays324
"I finally found you"Gaara's Neji Hyuga Fan
So you know The Sand Siblings right? And you think Gaara's mom is dead right? Well what if shes not dead.What if Gaara's Mom ran away having Gaara's twin.Thats right Y/n...
  • sakura
  • naruto
  • ino
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Rouge (Naruto Various x reader) by purssula
Rouge (Naruto Various x reader)by Pursula
When your only father figure was Orochimaru and you are one of the most feared akastuki, fitting into the leaf village will be the hardest obstacle yet for you. Started...
  • kankuro
  • kiba
  • kakashi
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The Future of the Two Shinobi (Naruto X Gaara) by i_love_fanfics_1573
The Future of the Two Shinobi (
This is a sequel to the story, "The Story of the Two Shinobi" This story will take place during the Naruro Shippuden arc. There will be no lemon or smut. Upda...
  • gaara
  • naruto
All is said in the title!! Have fun with your favorite naruto characters!!!
  • shino
  • gaara
  • kiba
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Orphanage [Naruto Fanfic] by nothingmeaningless
Orphanage [Naruto Fanfic]by darkwriter2
Naruto's living in the "orphanage" with other jinchuurikis his whole life. People from all the continent agreed that that's the best way to keep tailed beasts...
  • kakashi
  • sasuke
  • gaara
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choose the unchosen by unrulymuslima
choose the unchosenby Muslima Taitt
Sasuino - Yamanaka Ino is a seventeen year old konoichi who attendents Konoha High ,Ino and Harano Sakura are eternal rivals who share the same feelings towards Uchiha S...
  • temari
  • sakura
  • love
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listen 《 uchiha sasuke 》 by sasskei
listen 《 uchiha sasuke 》by rin
"there's someone out there that cares about you. you just have to listen," in which she likes him, but he's out there pining for someone else. 《 high school au...
  • sakuraharuno
  • naruto
  • sasukeuchiha
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