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Never Let Go [on hold] by little_dreamer27816
Never Let Go [on hold]by little_dreamer
Leelah Montessory was set up for adultery by her husband's best friend. And everyone seemed to believe him. Rejected and abandoned by her family, she leaves without tell...
  • mistake
  • man
  • girl
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The Faded Blessing by areukimbapkidding
The Faded Blessingby areukimbapkidding
A story in which an orphan goes to live with a new family and meet her brother's boy band. Author's Note-Took some inspiration from other stories. Idea creds go to them...
  • korea
  • byunghee
  • boy
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Mirror [Inazuma Eleven GO] by ThePokemonLover
Mirror [Inazuma Eleven GO]by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
They've won the Grand Celestia Galaxy, Everyone is Happy, Everyone is celebrating. Until one day, their captain, Matsukaze Tenma disappears.
  • eleven
  • inazumaelevengogalaxy
  • ie
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Yui's little sister (Diabolik lovers) by Swowwy121
Yui's little sister (Diabolik love...by Swowwy121
You are Yuki-Chan you are the adopted sister of yui and your dad has business to attend to away so you'll have to go to a place full of vampires. I do not own diabolik...
  • yui
  • jlgdjbgadbjbdgsogsd
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In Places Where You Are by crossroad
In Places Where You Areby Freesia Lockheart
Every love has a story. How you first met. Who said the first word. Even mine does. Seven o'clock is not the time anyone will thi...
  • friendship
  • 2000s
  • early2000s
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Don't Let Me Go (A Larry Stylinson Story) by anallilo
Don't Let Me Go (A Larry Stylinson...by anallilo
Louis and Harry get into a fight and stop talking but when One Direction gets a death threat they are forced to hide away out in the middle of nowhere. On top of that Lo...
  • anallilo
  • niall
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Warped by Yarah001
Warpedby Yara Meijer
Everything is normal for the Raimon High School soccer team, until their first-years get a new classmate. But why does this new boy absolutely detest soccer? Why does he...
  • eleven
  • timetravel
  • raimon
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Bowsette X Male reader Lemon by RevengeFGD
Bowsette X Male reader Lemonby RevengeFGD
Hey guys its Revenge here and Iam telling you this we finally finushed this Bowsette X male reader Lemon and Crazyundertale helped me alit of this thing and I hope you g...
  • lemonades
  • tố
All Inazuma Eleven SeriesX Reader  Fall in love (requests are open) by Himiko1009
All Inazuma Eleven SeriesX Reader...by Himiko1009
I'm writing any love story between your favourite characters and yourself so I hope you will all enjoy this story No yandere type character and lemons are allowed!!!(you...
  • chronostone
  • nosaka
  • atsuya
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Inazuma Eleven x Reader by -hiding-
Inazuma Eleven x Readerby ...
If I were to fall, will you be there to catch me?
  • kazemaru
  • shuuya
  • yuuto
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Septiplier/Tythan Smut Oneshots by Wowieguy
Septiplier/Tythan Smut Oneshotsby Roseblade04
Mark and Jack oneshots. Smut warning, and I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty DAMN detailed.😂 💙 👊Read at your own risk👊 I KNOW THEY HAVE GIRLFRIENDS!!!😂 MARK & JACK IF Y...
  • we
  • holy
  • stone
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Teen Titans Go! x Reader  by Peri-Peridot
Teen Titans Go! x Reader by Amethyst ThugLife
you're new in the school. inside the school, had a lot of supernatural students. each of them had powers. because it's a school for supernatural people. but you, you're...
  • brotherblood
  • robin
  • cyborg
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 ᎶᎧ Ꮧ ᏝᎥᏖᏖᏝᏋ ᎷᏗᎴ ᎷᏰ/Ꮥ by Cheshey-Cat
"เ'๓ ภ๏Շ ๓ค๔~ ץ๏ยг гєคɭเՇץ เร ןยรՇ ๔เŦŦєгєภՇ Շђคภ ๓เภє."
  • ben
  • crazy
  • wonderland
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Pokemon go: The darkness within by 99Otaku99
Pokemon go: The darkness withinby 99Otaku99
Alternate Universe! Team Rocket manipulate Blanche, Candela and Professor Willow into hating Spark, who decides to leave. Articuno and Moltres, feeling ashamed with what...
  • candela
  • lugia
  • eli
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The Resurgence of SSC (English) by Tenma_Kazuki
The Resurgence of SSC (English)by Kazuki Tenma
Tenma is a student at Raimon High School. But his past is unknown. What is behind this boy who loves football? Portuguese version available at: https://www.wattpad.com/s...
  • eleven
  • tenma
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Pokémon GO x Reader by spectre-pursuit
Pokémon GO x Readerby сука блять
The highest rank for this book was #11 in GO!
  • pokemon
  • professor
  • xreader
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Let Go | PJM [COMPLETED] by Jimeanie_
Let Go | PJM [COMPLETED]by DanicaMHN
Inspired from their song "let go" ------ "What happened to our love?" "It hurts so damn much."
  • emotional
  • completed
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GO  |  NCT Dream by jungwoohoo127
GO | NCT Dreamby nana
"we're dreaming together, dreamers shout back" seven boys, one dream.
  • minhyung
  • nct2018
  • rebellion
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I Will Be With You...(Kyouten Love Story) by _RaiuKagami_10
I Will Be With You...(Kyouten Love...by ビアンチャメイサップネット
I'll tell you in my first update...
  • eleven
  • inazuma
  • story
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Over the Edge by Yarah001
Over the Edgeby Yara Meijer
No matter how strong Matsukaze Tenma is, he's still human. What really goes on in his head during Raimon's fights? How much stress can he take before shattering? As he i...
  • eleven
  • shindoutakuto
  • self-harm
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