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Constant and Changing by Kryber_heart
Constant and Changingby kryber_heart
A Kryber love story based on true events. Following f(x)'s "Red Light" promtions, life for Krystal takes a turn for the worst. Sulli goes on hiatus, Jessica is...
  • romance
  • kpop
  • fxamber
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The Psychopath by shhhJun
The Psychopathby JunEE
Krystal Jung, the Student Council President of Seoul High was late on her first day of her Second year in high school and the ceremony. It was an unusual sight to see th...
  • krystal
  • amberliu
  • amber
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A Friendship of A Thousand Years? by inhalemyfemaledong
A Friendship of A Thousand Years?by Chitoge-sama
Just like a helicopter, he flew his way into Soojung's heart.
  • myungstal
  • fxkrystal
  • kpop
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Stay With Me | Jennie Kim by randomfanboii
Stay With Me | Jennie Kimby randomfanboii
I'm sorry for leaving you all alone again. I promise, I will stay now. I will stay with you and never leave you again. I love you, Jennie Kim. - Jake Liu
  • kimjisoo
  • amber
  • xjennie
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PROMISE | Kai x Krystal by sprinklessx
PROMISE | Kai x Krystalby aly
"What will happen, if EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal are in a relationship?" The idol couple who went on so much obstacles as quite limit time to spend for meeti...
  • lovestory
  • kai
  • heartbroken
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MY Sister In SNSD (Long Lost Kpop Siblings Book 1) [#Wattys2015] by PPGGFXion
MY Sister In SNSD (Long Lost Kpop...by Samuel Mok
Die-hard korean pop (Kpop) fans will all know about the internationally famous girl group, SNSD/Girls Generation. The 9-member girl group has been in the music industry...
  • fxkrystal
  • snsdtiffany
  • kpop
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My Type (COMPLETED)  by peachefairy
My Type (COMPLETED) by peachefairy
Casts: Kim Hanbin & Jung Hana
  • tylerkwon
  • jessicajung
  • ikonbi
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My Kingka; My girl(EXO KAI) by Baby_Pika_Ami
My Kingka; My girl(EXO KAI)by Ami ψ(`∇´)ψ
She's an outcast He's a Kingka She's scared He's brave She's clueless yet he loves her. Started: 11/7/15 Completed: 4/3/16
  • fxkrystal
  • jungsoojung
  • mygirl
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My Brother's Substitute by -WallsPaintedBlue-
My Brother's Substituteby Gray
  • amberliu
  • romance
  • gxg
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Her Pregnancy by dchillz
Her Pregnancyby dchillz
Jung Soojung felt like her world was falling apart as she saw two red lines appeared 'thru the pregnancy test she held. Two stripes Means positive, She's indeed... pregn...
  • hyukstal
  • kangminhyuk
  • jungsoojung
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hurtful memories. - kji & jsj by -jimine
hurtful memories. - kji & jsjby IQA
There's a girl named Soojung that had a crush on this hot guy, Jongin but Jongin always make fun of her without Soojung's realizations. She didn't realize that Jongin's...
  • fanfiction
  • sm
  • exo
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Kaistal fanfic - The Deal  by Vaesthetic
Kaistal fanfic - The Deal by .
"Date her for 3 months , make her fall deeply in love then dump her, deal?" "DEAL..."
  • fanfic
  • krystaljung
  • kaistal
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Long Lost Kpop Siblings Series [Unseen Moments] by PPGGFXion
Long Lost Kpop Siblings Series [Un...by Samuel Mok
In 'MY Sister In SNSD', we saw the reunion of Stefan with SNSD's Tiffany after they were separated for seventeen years. In 'The Assassin, My Twin?', we saw the reunion o...
  • skarftasha
  • shortfic
  • apinkyookyung
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Start Together, Live Together (Jung Sisters Fanfic) by PPGGFXion
Start Together, Live Together (Jun...by Samuel Mok
Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung. Kpop's most renowned and popular siblings. We've seen how close they can be, always expressing their sibling love, pains and entertainment...
  • jungsisters
  • jessica
  • fxkrystal
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One in a Million by gungsuzary
One in a Millionby Monic
Sehun groaned when Jackson, his dear friend, decided to disturb his precious Sunday with dragging him off to Library to find the material for his thesis. Unlike Sehun, w...
  • fxkrystal
  • library
  • loveatfirstsight
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Bittersweet by gungsuzary
Bittersweetby Monic
"How can you ask me to love you again when I truthfully, have never ever stopped loving you?" + This fiction especially made and dedicated to Kim Jongin for hi...
  • exokai
  • krystaljung
  • wattys2017
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Wonderland (kpop) by Fairypasta100
Wonderland (kpop)by Multi
Multi Fandom K-pop au
  • k-pop
  • hyuna
  • cl
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Second Love (EXO Kai and Lay and SNSD Hyoyeon) by Kdrama_fan
Second Love (EXO Kai and Lay and S...by Kdrama_fan
What if one day you lose your loved one, your first love. What if,one day you meet someone that looks just like your first love. Will Kai and Lay fall for the girl that...
  • exokaifanfic
  • redvelvet
  • exok
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stay 『 k.ji 』 by kaishit
stay 『 k.ji 』by 💜
❝Always nervous if you're gonna leave me I just want you to stay In your expressionless face that's getting more and more dull I whisper to the mirror, let's slowly let...
  • krystal
  • krystlajung
  • chat
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