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Gender Switch?!?! [ A Sarumi Fanfiction ] by ThatOneYaoiMoment
Gender Switch?!?! [ A Sarumi Fanfi...by ThatOneYaoiMoment
"DUDE WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND TO MY BODY?!?!" I said angerly. As I stomped around the hallway floor, grabbing my hair, which was a foot longer than usual. &quo...
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K Project x Reader by NyxieGoddess
K Project x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Requests are accepted at any time in the comments or in my inbox! Highest ranking #45 in Random, #86 in FanFiction
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Serpent Red, Karma Blue (K Project x Assassination Classroom Fanfic) by -idxris
Serpent Red, Karma Blue (K Project...by - aris. ♡♡
『 And I said 'Nice to meet you', y'know, like a liar. 』 The first time Karma spoke to Nagisa and looked him in the eye, it was in Kunugigaoka Jr High. But the first time...
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Welcome to HOMRA (Mikoto Suoh x OC) by AmaminexMikoto
Welcome to HOMRA (Mikoto Suoh x OC)by アマミネ。ウラギナ(シテイ。ナジヤ)
(COMPLETED - 終わりました) This is the second fanfic I've done, So now I decided to make my favourite character in K-Project as the main guy in this one. In this story will h...
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Cold Heat by vioxsoo
Cold Heatby Finch
My mom once told me that when a boy was being mean to me it meant that he liked me. I guess all moms tell their daughters that, but they all couldn't be more wrong. If s...
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Queen [K-project Various]  by melodysakura911
Queen [K-project Various] by melodysakura911
In 3034 spring. I met my own destiny to save this man. But can I really did it? Even thought i don't have any superpower within me or clan.... Well, that is what i thoug...
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Last of Her Kind by Yel_lue04
Last of Her Kindby Yel_lue04
I came from the countryside. Father was promoted so we need to move into the city. At the same time, I was able to pass an entrance examination for medical school. I tho...
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•K Project Facts• by Ashley__Senpai
•K Project Facts•by Ashley__Senpai
here are a bunch of facts about K Project!! it is my favorite anime! So please enjoy!
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K boyfriend scenarios by MissTrancyPants
K boyfriend scenariosby Lemon-Suoh
All in the title :) Character x reader Possibly some lemons, don't know yet- Please suggest a scenario! ;)
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K Project x Reader Oneshots by CheekyLittleBunny
K Project x Reader Oneshotsby ✨Lee Kim Baka🔥
konichiwa Mina-san! kim-chan here! *cough* umm..so i plan to make a oneshot for k project because its soooooo coool! i like the anime and it gives me an idea! hahaha but...
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Courage II Project K by IIBxtchII
Courage II Project Kby ☽ 𝓮𝓵𝔂𝓼𝓲𝓪𝓷 ☽
The Purple Queen, who was thought to be a myth amongst the Seven Kings. Not even the Silver King knew whether she was true or not. To stop the impending doom to be dawne...
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yata misaki x male reader x fushimi by Silverking0915
yata misaki x male reader x fushimiby Yashiro Isana
y/n was part of the red clan homra but was captured by the blue king resi munikata and 3rd clansmen fushimi but know yatagaresu (sorry if i spelled it wrong ) will rescu...
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The White Queen || f.s. (ON HOLD) by ryuunxsuke
The White Queen || f.s. (ON HOLD)by Lily
Do you know why white is so beautiful? Because it can be combined with any other colour. The same goes for the abilities of a White Queen - known as the eternal light, a...
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K Project Oneshots by positively_poland
K Project Oneshotsby Trolly McTrollerton
If you're going to request, at least give me some details, and maybe use manners. Thanks. I'm not good at introducing my writing, so please read and decide if you enjoy...
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Yata's Childhood Friend by Pearl-Heart
Yata's Childhood Friendby Pearl-Heart
Yata is known throughout Homra as the "shy virgin boy" but as soon as an old friend comes back into his life, he shows them a side they've never seen. Seona, a...
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Denial and Betrayal - Fushimi Saruhiko x OC by mango_pies_in_heaven
Denial and Betrayal - Fushimi Saru...by {mango pie}
"We're together in our Lost Small World" Growing up. From Red to Blue. From Friends to Lovers.
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At Peace by Saekki24
At Peaceby Saekki24
Fushimi and Yata finally find peace, but at what cost?
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fushimi x yata: day of hell by black_neko_
fushimi x yata: day of hellby Insertgoodfakename
//if you don't want to read all of it, just stop at chapter 9! That was the main point of the story anyway >_< // Yata is awoken early and begins his day like normal unt...
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SCEPTER 4'S Wolf (Fushimi X OC) by asuka_lynnbrown
SCEPTER 4'S Wolf (Fushimi X OC)by asuka_lynnbrown
Even the lone wolf has a thirst for love. I am known as SCEPTER 4's Wolf, and the lone wolf of the Blue Clan. I am also a Strain and one of the rare survivors from the K...
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K x reader by AiAiAndroid
K x readerby AiAiAndroid
Different feelings and relationships with Fushimi Saruhiko, Munakata Reisi, and Mikoto Suoh will steer F/N into a series of interesting events and problems. Things such...
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