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Anthea of the Night - Book 1 - Prelude (web version) by simkin452
Anthea of the Night - Book 1 - Pre...by Albert Ruckholdt
For decades, Ars Volen and its prestigious sister schools have served as neutral grounds between the Bloodliners (Vampires) and the Wolvren. Within its halls and many...
  • vampire
  • young-adult
  • science-fiction
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Avengers Texts  by WarCriminal2604
Avengers Texts by James Rogers💝
The Avengers basically have a chatroom and everyday there's something wrong or ridiculous happening. I'll include the Original Six, Fury-ous, Maria, Pepper, Wanda, Sam...
  • originalsix
  • avengers
  • texts
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The Children of Loki by MinHyeKim0
The Children of Lokiby Min Hye Kim
what will happen if Loki had a children? will he have a sense on making his mistakes into action? or let his children pay the price.
  • pepperpots
  • agent
  • daughter
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ˣ AMONG THE WICKED;      avengers' roleplay by BVCKNASTY
ˣ AMONG THE WICKED; avengers'...by 𝒻𝓇𝒶𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓈𝒸𝒶
2012, New York. Gli Avengers hanno finalmente portato la pace in città dopo essere riusciti a fermare il piano di Loki Laufeyson, dio norreno dell'Inganno, recuperando i...
  • thanos
  • pericolo
  • abilità
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Connection | Love Island 2019 by -silkcity
Connection | Love Island 2019by ᴋɪᴇʀᴀɴ
Joshua Hades was just an average 20 year old living in London working as a waiter and living in an apartment with his friends. Just working, football and rock climbing w...
  • sheriflanre
  • yewandebiala
  • antondanyluk
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Battons-nous pour notre amour❤ by natsuki_ddlc_off
Battons-nous pour notre amour❤by natsuki_ddlc_off
Hey moi c'est Mary actuellement on es en 2021 je suis youtubeuse.. Et je suis mariée..mais ses épreuves on étais dur avant d'en arrivée la!
  • alexandry
  • fury
Love Comes Slow by thalia-holland
Love Comes Slowby thalia-holland
Y/n Stark has just contacted Captain America after she was attacked by Hydra. But now with Y/n and Peter being official, the more danger Y/n puts Peter in. Can Y/n face...
  • fury
  • marvel
  • peterparker
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MARVEL one shots  by LTrain255
MARVEL one shots by маленький паук
Just tons of random Oneshots, I'll take requests, no smut, or inappropriate stuffff, I pretty much post all the time 😂 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • tony
  • captainamerica
  • groot
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Irondad/Spiderson+The Avengers|One shots|Slow Updates| by IcyGalaxyFox
Irondad/Spiderson+The Avengers|One...by IcyGalaxyFoxGirl :3
A/N:Using the Flash from the 1st movie and Tom Holland ------------------------------------------------------------ One shots that include the stuff below: Main ships: N...
  • antman
  • irondad
  • oneshots
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Kult wybielacza! [UNDERTALE FF] by Wziu0Cma0Leci
Kult wybielacza! [UNDERTALE FF]by megaćma9
Świat nieco zmienił się w ciągu ostatnich lat... Niby... nie taka wielka zmiana, ale jednak. Zapytacie się - jaka to zmiana? Cóż... Gatunek ludzki podzielił się na dwie...
  • ut
  • ff
  • shipchilds
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MONSTER SEXby gayskyrim
cảnh báo mấy chế ai chưa đủ 18+ thì chạy xa xa tý nhé
  • bara
  • sexgay
  • monsters
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Serendipity (Captain America) by hiraethexe
Serendipity (Captain America)by Paige
"Hey are you nuts?" "Scientists aren't sure yet." -- "Well, Mr. Stark can be difficult and he doesn't play well with others." "Hurtful...
  • iron
  • america
  • man
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Individual Fantasy Roleplay by xx_pinkrose
Individual Fantasy Roleplayby xx_pinkrose
Because who doesn't love a good roleplay?
  • tea
  • roleplay
  • individual
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Hiccup X Oc by Libertydarling
Hiccup X Ocby Liberty
A girl that was out casted by her family at a young age grows and lives with all different kinds of dragons. She has been alone with them until she meets a certain green...
  • berk
  • fury
  • night
Project Delta by Kerabithajoni
Project Deltaby Kerabithajoni
Status: Acquired. Contact: Hera SHIELD Albus Dumbledore Alan Blunt • Warning. Suspicious of the...
  • avengers
  • abilities
  • magic
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Het verloren vertrouwen van Fury by Meikiie
Het verloren vertrouwen van Furyby Meike van Wijk
Het verhaal van een pony die zijn vertrouwen in mensen verliest tijdens een ernstig ongeluk
  • fury
  • paarden
  • vertrouwen
Vermilion Verglas: Inferno's Heart by Canyonflower
Vermilion Verglas: Inferno's Heartby Canyonflower
An Ice Dragon born to the Fire Kingdom's rulers. Unheard of. Caught in the heat of a millennium war, Aquilo needs to escape or sooner than later face the blazing fury of...
  • elements
  • kingdoms
  • intense
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FURY by ReemSwrites
How much does it take to make a human being angry?! Some might say too much and others might say too little, but how much does it take to make a human being furious, bur...
  • thriller
  • mystery
  • fury
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Hate Is Such A Strong Word by Phoenix_Files
Hate Is Such A Strong Wordby Anjewel
Apparently everyone loves surprises. The feeling of adrenaline they get within their bloodstream can also produce serotonin and therefore make it an enjoyable experience...
  • clintson
  • barton
  • son
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That's Marvellous  by KayeM0412
That's Marvellous by KayeM0412
Natasha Romanoff is tasked with bringing in Dr Brielle Banner, the She-Hulk. Thor Odinsdotter is tasked with bringing her brother, Loki, God of Mischief and Lies, back t...
  • femthor
  • femtony
  • thorodinson
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