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♡An Unknown Feeling♡ ×|× Funtime Frexy-The Oddities Roleplay by AnIndividual_
♡An Unknown Feeling♡ ×|× Funtime 🧍
~The Cover Is Made By Me So Please Do Not Steal~ This is based off The Oddities Roleplay, I'll be the same,but some things will be added and those of you who know the ch...
No Pulse (A CTW Funtime Freddy x Fem Reader story) by G0Id3n_Fr3ddy1980
No Pulse (A CTW Funtime Freddy x Millie
Y/N, a 19 year old college student studying robotics while living with her parents, doesn't know exactly how to spend her summer break. With friends? Maybe she'll get a...
in love with a servant (king!Funtime Foxy x Servant!reader by FuntimeHome
in love with a servant (king! FuntimeHome
(Y/N) and her husband (H/N) just moved into a village called Animatronica. (Y/N) works for her husband and is always getting whipped if she does something wrong. she HAT...
Funtime Love | Funtime Foxy X Reader  by mahitos_cvmslvt
Funtime Love | Funtime Foxy X Isa 🔪🥀
Ever since you were 9 you've loved going to Circus Baby's Pizza World, Your parents decided to bring you to Circus Baby's Pizza World for your 11th birthday. You've alwa...
CTW Funtime Freddy x Reader by Imadragonnerd
CTW Funtime Freddy x Readerby Dragonfangirl
book started April 4, 2021 **PLS READ** Greetings fellow Funtime Freddy simps..assuming that y'all are, I mean, why else would you be here 👀 This fic features the versi...
You're Different {Funtime Frexy} by agaywriterr
You're Different {Funtime Frexy}by Writer
After a while Funtime Foxy finally goes to meet the other Funtimes. Funtime Foxy soon tells them about themself when it's time. Funtime Freddy is always nice yet he does...
Funtime Freddy x Anxiety!Reader [[ONHOLD]] by XMissCayX
Funtime Freddy x Anxiety!Reader [[ CayCanWrite
I made this for scenarios where I could just come type and "talk" to Funtime Freddy and relax. This stuff may be personal but idc. It's for those who may feel...
Multifandom Oneshots-Read Desc by Imadragonnerd
Multifandom Oneshots-Read Descby Dragonfangirl
COVER ART BY _jxitrash ON INSTAGRAM!!! The majority of these (at least at the beginning) ARE fnaf oneshots, but I plan on doing a good bit of Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss a...
Funtime Freddy X Reader (Rewritten) by Deepnutaismydoor
Funtime Freddy X Reader (Rewritten)by Skye
There's a Male! version of this story for those of you who are uncomfortable with--or would rather not--be(ing) portrayed as a female! It's a couple months after moving...
Ennard X Reader: Tubes and Wires by DoorkBob
Ennard X Reader: Tubes and Wiresby DoorkBob
When Baby lets you stay at Circus Baby's Pizza World, you uncover some bone-chilling things about the band of party performing animatronics. All FNAF™ related char...
Funtime Freddy X Male!Reader by Deepnutaismydoor
Funtime Freddy X Male!Readerby Skye
For those of you who read my original F. Freddy X Reader, but were uncomfortable with being portrayed as a female, I've went through and changed a few things to post thi...
Crazy Couple of Clowns | Funtime Freddy x Reader by Chaotic_Cutieeee
Crazy Couple of Clowns | Funtime Chaotic_Cutieeee
This story isn't your generic story where Y/N is the shy uwu girl. This Y/N is a stubborn, smart, and just a bit insane, just like the bear we all know and love, Funtime...
S. Cawthon High (FNAF) (Discontinued, Reboot Is Out) by Ashe_Fox38
S. Cawthon High (FNAF) ( Ashe
Fnaf characters are human and in high school. Can they survive through senior year? Will relationships form? will rivalries end? will hatred ensue? You'll just have to r...
Broken Wills ("Save Her" Remake) by TheLostLegend06
Broken Wills ("Save Her" Remake)by Anubis
(This is a rewrite of my first story, Save Her. Cover art by Ganxer) A couple years ago, Will Emily's sister, Charlotte, died. Murdered by someone who was thought to be...
you're mine - (male!) Funtime Foxy x reader by aurorasfairytale
you're mine - (male!) Funtime Luna
You find yourself back at your childhood as you get a job at Circus Baby's. What you didn't know is that there is a specific fox who loves you.
Do You Trust Me? ~ Circus Baby x Abused!Child!Reader x Ballora by cryingwaffle
Do You Trust Me? ~ Circus Baby x jocelyn <3
You were only ten when this happened. You had stumbled a little too far in the building, and ended up getting lost and trapped. You called for your parents, nobody answe...
You belong to me~ (Funtime Freddy x Reader) by HarpGaming
You belong to me~ (Funtime Adam’s Bitch
(Y/n) has just recently left her parents to start her new beginnings on the right foot butt things didn't go to plan once her boss fired her right on the spot for either...
What is love really? (Funtime Frexy) by Saberthebunny
What is love really? (Funtime Saber
Funtime Freddy is a new animatronic that has just arrived to join the Circus gang and be part of the family. Little does he know that a special someone is gonna change h...
FNAF x Reader Oneshots by Dasimp864
FNAF x Reader Oneshotsby Wolfskull
What the title says! Please read the rules page for requesting and commenting
Sun and Moon show group chat (plus other shows) by Unicornpuppony123
Sun and Moon show group chat ( Sun and Moon
Earth makes a group chat for her and Lunar to get to know the others. Nice eclipse is called solar in this. The shows that are in it are the Sun and Moon Show, the Lun...