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Itsfunneh and The Krew: Incorrect Quotes  by Reajustexists
Itsfunneh and The Krew: Rea ❣︎ IFG
Because why not. Started: Jan 16, 2020 Ended: N/A
ItsFunneh Incorrect Quotes by TropicalMermaid
ItsFunneh Incorrect Quotesby ✩ Tropical ✩
•~It'sFunneh Incorrect Quotes~• »»------ ✼ ------«« Just a little story. Not really a story. Just some inc...
I DON'T KNOW YOU ➸ itsfunneh by kvnopsia
I DON'T KNOW YOU ➸ itsfunnehby ┈┈𝐾𝐴𝑀𝐼 ༉‧₊˚
a book in which the krew and the yhs cast exist within the same universe.
The Krew's Secret ✔️{Book 1} by GirlThats_Weird08
The Krew's Secret ✔️{Book 1}by GirlThats_Weird08
"You're such a cold hearted reptile!! Real friends would support each other!" "Alright backstabber! Little do you know what I'm going through right now! Y...
The Squad/The Krew Group Chat! by aivocadd0
The Squad/The Krew Group Chat!by DespacitoAivo
Characters belongs to inquisitormaster & ItsFunneh. Story belongs to meh.
Empire || Empire AU MCYT || by ReliccIce3
Empire || Empire AU MCYT ||by relicice
this story is mostly focused on sleepyboisinc+tommy, Fundy, and Tubbo, this still does include the following youtubers P0LAND Dream Sapnap GeorgeNotFound Skeppy BadBoyHa...
High school love/falec  by Little_Warrior097
High school love/falec by Yusibi.San
Funneh has her first year as a sophomore and falls in love with a guy named Alec. Her friend Gold has a crush on two guys. Kyran and Prince. Will both of them love... ⚠️...
ItsFunneh Incorrect Quotes by g00sey
ItsFunneh Incorrect Quotesby —g00sey🌟
I DO NOT PUT JUST ONE QUOTE IN EACH PART IF I DID THIS STORY WOULD BE OVER 50 PARTS I wanted to make a itsfunneh book and an incorrect quotes book :P Highest Rankings: #...
𝐌𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐒 by idiedlaughing
𝐌𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐒by ꧁𝖆𝖓𝖆꧂
•photos I found funny based on my humor level•
That's French, Love (FALEC) by drivinginsane_
That's French, Love (FALEC)by reah ✩
He attended a prestigious highschool with his dream to land a volleyball scholarship someday. But sometimes, being a quiet, trouble written boy. Some things aren't meant...
Funneh and the Betrayal ✔️ by TheKrewdom_Tales
Funneh and the Betrayal ✔️by ˚✧₊ The Krewdom ⁺˳✧༚
「COMPLETED」 Funneh and her family has always lived the high life. While she is not attending boring meeting my force of the queen, her sister Gold, she is facing protect...
A HIDDEN SECRETby Moonlight Shine MSG CB
Funneh and Gold have been in Yandere High for a while and everybody knows everything about them! Or do they? When Funneh and Gold travel to their hometown and being secr...
Funneh X Draco by Gamergirl_playz
Funneh X Dracoby Thispersonishungry
we will be entering and seeing how the krew live there life off camera.And there amazing adventures. But when two Siblings develop feelings for each other will they be a...
Falec Story by Xyn_19
Falec Storyby X
ENGLISH||Funneh||Alec||Falec Story|| Will Funneh have a chance to be with Alec? Or to be with Evan?
Draco and the Curse by TheKrewdom_Tales
Draco and the Curseby ˚✧₊ The Krewdom ⁺˳✧༚
He's gone crazy. Mad, as some would say. Draco is struggling against a curse that has bound himself to a master for the past few months, and he just can't seem to break...
Cliche Romance (FALEC)  by drivinginsane_
Cliche Romance (FALEC) by reah ✩
"I hate-no dislike you a thousand times that you may never feel because of that thick wall of ice around your heart. That thick ice that no one might break because...
Mistakes (FALEC) by drivinginsane_
Mistakes (FALEC)by reah ✩
"Art is in the eye of its beholder. You can either love it or have your own opinion on it. It matters on how you see it." Alec says, walking around as he looks...
forbidden // levan by baaoinkmoo
forbidden // levanby liz ♪
a bookie of yhs forbidden ships, centered around the most forbidden of the all, levan, side draly, lil bit of rainpai because theyre so controversial im almost afraid to...
Lunar and the Magic ✔️ by TheKrewdom_Tales
Lunar and the Magic ✔️by ˚✧₊ The Krewdom ⁺˳✧༚
「COMPLETED」 Lunar has a secret, that tears her apart from the inside and forces her mouth shut. But it never stops her from using it to help her siblings. Especially in...
Messed Up by LeQueenOfYeet
Messed Upby LeQueenOfYeet
Inspired by @AgathaIs_aHo3bagLoL Yhs X Secret Agents "Can you keep a secret?" "Can you lye to save your life?" ... "Alec, Even. Kyran.. welcom...