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Midoriya loses his balls privilege by eatbug
Midoriya loses his balls privilegeby ‏‏‎ ‎Rusty
I hav 2 pee but im too lazy to get up
The Mushroom by glitterwench7119
The Mushroomby glitterwench
Myth of the Mushroom. A short story. 18+
Weekend with a Fungi by BigCDaddy
Weekend with a Fungiby BigCDaddy
This book will do everything that I would do to you in an evening.
The Ozark Howler and the Search for the Snawfus by TheOzarkHowler
The Ozark Howler and the Search The Ozark Howler
A group of people cross over the edge of their ordinary lives and find themselves in the remote woods of the Ozarks, where they encounter strange creatures of light and...
ELLIE : THE LAST OF US by captainNemo343
ELLIE : THE LAST OF USby captainNemo343
There wouldn't be someone who won my heart as much as this girl ( Apart from my Wife ) ! The moment i put the remastered version of "THE LAST OF US" into my So...
The Diary Of An Adwenturer by L_Algar
The Diary Of An Adwenturerby Crab
Amber Smith (Smithy), a middle school student, and her best friend Rebecca Williams (Becca) find a buried box in Becca's backyard. In it, they find a diary that gives an...
hehe Fungus from Walmart by ThyMintAroma
hehe Fungus from Walmartby •MintTea•
anyways, this is just where I'm posting random things or if I get tagged.
Plague, Inc. by Cole_Goodrich
Plague, Cole Goodrich
In the midst of our galaxy lies a race of alien creatures with no set name. They are only known by the name of their organization: Plague, Inc. They travel through space...
Room by horson1991
Roomby horson1991
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Rocket by ampyxes1958
Rocketby ampyxes1958
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Bible by overannotating1983
Bibleby overannotating1983
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Tanaka x Reader SILVERWARE~ by dogfoodflambe
Tanaka x Reader SILVERWARE~by mooch munch
Tanaka's sponge-like hair texture drew you in and the two of you were inseparable. What if (y/n) is too segsy for him..... If you found this, my apologies.
Feather by terrestriality1938
Featherby terrestriality1938
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Baboon Loves Fungus by des0003oreos
Baboon Loves Fungusby Oriana Silver Scales
BaboonxFungus, a beautiful and very entertaining story, do not question this, my irl friends and I created this, inside jokes ect ect ect ect ACT!
Tunnel by dismutation1911
Tunnelby dismutation1911
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Room by milliangstrom1977
Roomby milliangstrom1977
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Record by coniogramme2007
Recordby coniogramme2007
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Bed by calvinists1953
Bedby calvinists1953
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Roof by huzzy1930
Roofby huzzy1930
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