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Are you bored? Wanna laugh? Or don't know what to do? Then read this funny random shit :D I know that you want to read this,as much as I want you to read it :) Btw. I'll...
Weekend with a Fungi by BigCDaddy
Weekend with a Fungiby BigCDaddy
This book will do everything that I would do to you in an evening.
Fᴜɴɢɪ Fᴜɴ by muffin1701
Fᴜɴɢɪ Fᴜɴby MushroomsAreCool✌︎︎
An unexpected love story between two ballet girls and a mushroom.
Mystic Unicorns by TheMicDropDontStop15
Mystic Unicornsby ✨Ashtronaut✨
Zoe is a girl with a big heart and a big secret.Living in America Isn't as easy as it seems compared to her world.Zoe doesn't like the mean kid Rachel and starts to play...
EGUZON by MelAmadorVaz
EGUZONby Melvin Amador-Vazquez
A family driving through Europe is trapped and enslaved in a small town for decades.
Herbology by MDCorren
Herbologyby M.D. Corren
Title states all.
Mushroom hunting seasons by patrick20050
Mushroom hunting seasonsby patrick20050
As in many of my stories, you have seen me mention mushroom foraging a lot. I have been at this for 7 years and enjoy doing it for sport and for the food that comes for...
2132 by SinusQuell
2132by SinusQuell
Humanity discovers a planet covered with fungal growth in the alpha centauri system and a probe brings back some samples to study on earth. They start their research on...
The imaginary sleepover 19 (20th overall) by Patrickbronder20050
The imaginary sleepover 19 (20th Patrickbronder20050
Back to the past, in July 2019, and the sleepover people are collecting mushrooms: Chanterelles, King Boletes, and more!
Plaguette by Tropian
Plaguetteby Tropia
A scientist and plague doctor, Plaguette, steps out of her freezing time capsule. 5000 years in the future. What will happen when she meets a witty hero, fighting agains...
Fungi [old] by Bear_Solu
Fungi [old]by UwU
Mycena interrupta, a mushroom who inspires to be alchemist, faces many dangers in their world of plants, algae, and fungi. [Has not been completed]
Fungi In The Legendary mechanic Novel  by MachielLoock
Fungi In The Legendary mechanic Machiel Loock
a young 12 year old boy died in the calamity that ended earth and found himself given a second chance in the novel the legendary mechanic A note this a fanfiction
"The Hunters Kiss" by Sublime_Rivers
"The Hunters Kiss"by Ashley D. Reese
🍄 The joy and adventures of mushroom season, with every type of surprise your likely to find! 🍄
The Half Demon Princess Violet Swan by PrincessAshiiboo
The Half Demon Princess Violet Swanby PrincessAshiiboo
Violet Swan is a normal girl, or that's what she thought. Violet lives on earth with her mother and uncle, and also her best friend from across the street. But it all ch...
Master Shroomer by BunnyQuill1
Master Shroomerby BunnyQuill1
Second Class Master Shroomer Elias Brown and his young, elven apprentice Ilfi Osentah go on strange, unexpected adventures in a mushroomy world, full of wonders and dang...
The Imaginary Sleepover 37:Morel hunting! by patrick20050
The Imaginary Sleepover 37:Morel patrick20050
If you read my other account's Imaginary Sleepover 22 and 23, Morels were found last year. Now it's about that time again... Mother Nature's sister, globie, makes a drou...
Midnight Fucking by xXDazed_HailXx
Midnight Fuckingby xXDazed_HailXx
Wilbur x Schlatt x Fundy ((ITS A JOKE I SWEAR))
Mycellilluminous Fungi || Fungal Errors by Solcious
Mycellilluminous Fungi || Fungal Willow
What if the world was covered in a fungi? No problem, right? Well, make that fungi dangerous, infectious, and make it grow out of humans. Lethal? Only to the elders. Poi...