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Hunting Truth by mill_writes
Hunting Truthby Mylana Irwin
Killua runs away from his family for the fiftieth time, seeking something he learned of that could help him kill his family, and the beings threatening his friends and c...
Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Avengers Crossover) by realmwalkerdragon
Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Ave...by Kora
'Ordinary', was not exactly the word Tony would use to describe the avengers. Far from it. No, between norse gods, walking science miracles, assassins, and more, the Ave...
A Flamed Eternity by DracoOnToast
A Flamed Eternityby Darlin’♡
Roy Mustang loves Edward Elric...always has, always will. But when Al turns up at Roy's door holding an injured and weak Ed. Mustangs feelings are rocketed upwards, caus...
The Hawk's Son by AnimeAddict1059
The Hawk's Sonby Wisdom's Daughter
With rumors about a possible civil war with Ishval floating around, Riza had to make a choice. A choice between having a baby she made with Roy Mustang (who has no idea)...
Edward Elric X blind reader by UnderTheEyeOfGlass
Edward Elric X blind readerby Acc.UnderRenovation
This story takes place in fort Briggs. You are (Y/N), a blind 15 year old with a past surrounded in mystery. (Also winry will not appear in this storyline. Most of the e...
Sacrifice [Edward Elric x Reader] by WithinTheGalaxies
Sacrifice [Edward Elric x Reader]by WithinTheGalaxies
You fall to the ground, unconscious. Ed's grin turns down and his eyes widen in horror. A bright yellow light fills the room. He traces the thick black vine that reached...
The Avaricious Champion (Male GreedLing Reader x Arcane) by Elyion22
The Avaricious Champion (Male Gree...by MAJIMA KENSETSU
With a series of unusual events happening around, Y/N must fight in order to stop the plotted evil that is rooting beneath the grounds of the place he once called home...
!Edward Elric x Reader-Chan! by That_xpressoDEPRESSO
!Edward Elric x Reader-Chan!by Criss-Cross
This is gonna be a book about the little picky-pipsqueak Edward! Requests are open. Also quick note some are old but most are up-to date. But hey the books still gettin...
Fullmetal Vampire by RachelRose123
Fullmetal Vampireby Catlove3131
~Rewrite and edit of this story is called Misery Looms.~ Mysterious murders had plagued Central for a couple of weeks and the military doesn't know who was killing peopl...
After Journeys End: A Royai Fanfiction by IngeniumVatum
After Journeys End: A Royai Fanfic...by Meeee
After the battle on the Promised Day, Fuhrer Grummand realizes what needs to be done. Colonel Roy Mustang and First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye become General Roy Mustang an...
I love you, Mustang by xxdemonpopsiclexx
I love you, Mustangby Kasey :D
Roy Mustang is getting married to another person, which breaks Riza Hawkeye's heart. What will happen between the Colonel and his subordinate?
Same, But Different (A Fullmetal Alchemist fan-fic) by HalfmetalAlchemist
Same, But Different (A Fullmetal A...by Alchy
Amestris isn't as clean as everyone thought it was. Although they are aware of the sketchy past, more secrets are bound to be dug up when an "accidental" forb...
Fullmetal Alchemist One Shots (Requests Closed) by b_c-Archive
Fullmetal Alchemist One Shots (Req...by b_c-Archive
One Shots about the characters of Fullmetal Alchemist and the adorable reader-chan! Hope you enjoy! This book and account have been archived. This means that the book is...
Wind of hope {FMA OC fanfiction} - UNFINISHED by All_in_Art
Wind of hope {FMA OC fanfiction}...by All in Art
The world where I am born is cruel. My country, this so small country, Amestris, is leaded by war, in hope peace would come one day. My first friendship was ruined by th...
Equivalent Exchange (Edward Elric X Reader) {DISCONTINUED} by XxAnimeButterflyxX
Equivalent Exchange (Edward Elric...by 💗🤓💗
(This fanfic is Discontinued) *UPDATED* You've lost so much in your life. Your home. Your family. Your friend....your arm and insides. But you've gained many new friends...
Just Like Me (Ed Elric x Reader) by RagDoll234
Just Like Me (Ed Elric x Reader)by Rag Doll
Nothing to say. You meet Ed and you end up in a relationship. Just read it already.
King of Magic by ghyguh
King of Magicby María Iscar
Solomon reader with magical capabilities of other animes(essentially combining a bit of Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon[everything made by human hands gets added to it] and...
Elric Hosts DISCONTINUED  by rockstarfromhell
Elric Hosts DISCONTINUED by Roni
What will happen when the world of Fullmetal Alchemist Meets Oruan host club?
Fullmetal alchemist x reader by vampire2468
Fullmetal alchemist x readerby vampire2468
You are state alchemist and daughter of the Hughes family. After meeting Ed and Alphonse Elric, things started to change for you. Ed and Al keep on calling you "Yui...
Fullmetal Alchemist: Why do we do the things we do? [Story idea Adoption] by Donuocat
Fullmetal Alchemist: Why do we do...by donutcat
Fullmetal Alchemist X Ghost Rider Ghost Rider Male Reader/Veald X Lust