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Ummu Hani by FadimaFayau
Ummu Haniby Faɗima Aminu Ya'u
Duk da cewar iyayansu sun mutu, an rasa wanda zai ɗauke su cikin dangi, ummu hani yar kimanin shekara goma sha shida ita ta ɗauki ragamar kula da yan uwanta guda shida...
MALAk♡(COMPLETED) by Naimahtullah_sirboh
MALAk♡(COMPLETED)by Naimahtullah_sirboh
"do you know the meaning of your name?"her father asked "yes,you told me.....an angel"she replied "you are my and your mother's angel"he...
WILL I EVER FORGIVE HIM by fadeematuh_wala
Meet Indo Bukar, a 16 years old village girl who was forced to marry a guy named Aliyu Abdulmaleek a 30years old city guy. ".... I begged but he never cared. He dra...
COLLIDED PIECESby 🥀Fai'xah Musa🥀
Maryam Fareed Haqeem, 20 year old with a spirit of bliss and elegance. She was known as a nice and well mannered girl but can also be sophisticated. Growing up with a lo...
LOVE HURTS by __Nalee
LOVE HURTSby __Nalee
Two lovely couple living together . And one day his wife dies or so they thought leaving him with a baby. and his parents get him Married again. What happens when two pa...
AYUSH by fateeyma_
AYUSHby Fatima Da'u
Aisha Muhammad is a nice beautiful young lady who believes in love no matter the circumstance. Amir Ibrahim is a handsome arrogant guy who doesn't believe true love stil...
🌺KuSKuReN 🥀BaYa🌺 by HafsatMohdArabi
🌺KuSKuReN 🥀BaYa🌺by Mimsqueen
Zara-zaran yatsun hannunta wanda suke sanye da zobina masu matukar kyan gaske da d'aukar hankali ,idona ya soma hangowa sanadiyyar motsa hannun da take tana juya...
Forced Love✔ by Haaaaafsat_
Forced Love✔by Hafsat Idris
© 2018 All Rights Yusrah's life takes a dramatic turn when her parents decide to get her married to Masoud Abdullah. That wasn't the life Yusrah wanted for herself. She...
The Empire: Love And Royalty.  by WinterBearz
The Empire: Love And Royalty. by Stigma
Being a king.... That's power. Being a husband..... That's love. Being a friend..... That's trust. Muhammed Aleer, the fourth son of a king, fighting for his place on th...
'Ya Mace (Completed)✅ by Meenarlee
'Ya Mace (Completed)✅by Ameenarh Adam
Love story 💞 heart touching 😞 and very emotional 😟☺️ read to find out more.......... On 'YA MACE NOT EDITED ⚠️
[#4 on Spiritual🔥🔥 On 24 September 2018] "Why is everybody avoiding me because of my voice? Was I the one that created myself? No. I was ridiculed, humiliated, ha...
The Promise by ammielo
The Promiseby Zainab Shamaki Bello
Abdulhakeem: This is my second time coming to Nigeria. I am relocating from new york. Nabeela: This is my third time coming to nigeria. We are relocating from khartoum...
Dear Hammad by ___Jiddarhh___
Dear Hammadby Hauwa'u Ishaq
Blinded by love, Yasmin impersonated her identical twin, Yusrah and snatched away her fiance, Hammad. But Yusrah being the kind of person she is, decided to stay away f...
A Heart Of Gold by ladyrahma_
A Heart Of Goldby mamiey
Love consist of this; two solitudes that meet and protect each other.
Shards And Pieces Of Her. by larh_writes
Shards And Pieces Of Her.by ●Nyctophile🥀●
Somewhere in this world lives a missing piece detached from it's body and thrown away. Who will live to find that piece and help fix it in the process of loving and cari...
Made For Each Other (ON HOLD) by fatimatummardiyya
Made For Each Other (ON HOLD)by Mardiyya hussaini
sameerah Ali Musa the daughter of a great business tycoon and also a successful doctor and the owner of the great I and A hospital and is loaded with cash. Her marriage...
Against My Wish #NigeriawattysAwardwinner2017 by burntclay_
Against My Wish #NigeriawattysAwar...by fareedahx05.
Highest ranked #5 19/02/017 - 12/07/017 💗 A winner of Nigeria Watty's Awards This book is undergoing editing so please bare with whatever you see.
Interview with Arewa wattpad writers  by Hibba_Jumare
Interview with Arewa wattpad write...by The loved one 💙
Interviewing your favorite writers in the northern part of Nigeria knowing about your favorite writers
My Life in Pieces✔️:#projectNigeria by sherie_fah
My Life in Pieces✔️:#projectNigeriaby Aliyu Sharifat .A.
Do you know any other Zoeya Aliyu?. Its your wedding card and better get prepared you are getting married in two weeks!". For a moment there I went numb, deaf, life...