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Lucky Me (Len x Kaito) by SmallPoki
Lucky Me (Len x Kaito)by S.P.
A Len x Kaito story, where things happen in a high school setting, featuring angsty Len and bubbly Kaito.
  • oliver
  • fluff
  • mikuxluka
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c r i n g e l o i d s (oneshots) by chocozlate
c r i n g e l o i d s (oneshots)by teehee bitjes
What are these? These, are trash. When Len escaped from a pedo using his meme powers, when Moke hugged Avanna tight, when-when-when... Too much whens. Warming! I mean wa...
  • pedo
  • cringe
  • fukase
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Vocaloid head cannons by petrathetitanslayer
Vocaloid head cannonsby Petra/Rin/Kanna
Basically for my own use that way when I'm writing a story I can look back and make sure I have there characters in check
  • floko
  • miku
  • olliekase
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Ask the vocaloids/a lot of random shit by petrathetitanslayer
Ask the vocaloids/a lot of random...by Petra/Rin/Kanna
Ik im basic
  • pikoutatane
  • kennithsimmons
  • mikisfa2
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Ask The Squad! by Thegoodsiren
Ask The Squad!by Smad
(Cover by Yeetthebee) Pretty self-explanatory. Also, Rin and Len are in my version of the Meme Squad, so don't be surprised that they're here with the others lol.
  • oliver
  • vocaloidlen
  • memesquad
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Drawings Part three by FlanPotatoPirate
Drawings Part threeby lenpiko is 👌
this is an art book where i post my art, have fun Though i must say a good 90% of this book is piko so yeah. good boy. (((and god if i ever draw ships 9/10 itll be lenp...
  • lenpiko
  • drawings
  • piko
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~I'm Sorry~ (Yandere Fukase x Reader) by XSelfEsteemX
~I'm Sorry~ (Yandere Fukase x Read...by Soft Boi
A girl named y/n moves to a different neighborhood, due to the amount of bullying. She lives alone and now has to move schools. She meets a boy named Fukase and becomes...
  • fanfiction
  • yandere
  • vocaloid
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some floko... [floko/v flower x piko] by Stars-779
some floko... [floko/v flower x pi...by •stars•
i've sinned.
  • fukase
  • short
  • vocaloidfanfiction
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xanny | olikase // floko by FlareTheFabulousFox
xanny | olikase // flokoby certified emo
"I'd love to have my first kiss while having a breakdown in the bathroom at a party." "Are you okay?" "Nope." (Oliver x Fukase // Flower x...
  • floko
  • triggerwarning
  • vocaloidfanfiction
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OliKase FanFic  by AnYu2316
OliKase FanFic by Kurumi the Neko
Is it real? Am I really doing it? YES! I am finally doing it! I'm writing an OliKase book! So if you wanna know what happens you gotta read to find out cause I'm not put...
  • meiko
  • kagaminelen
  • kagaminerin
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The storm and the fire {pikase} by insslionjunkie
The storm and the fire {pikase}by insslionjunkie
{I am really bad at these so brace yourself, and this contains mature content and language. You Have Been Warned} *prob should have spell checked this but Rip* (worki...
  • vocaloidfanfiction
  • pikasesex
  • boyonboy
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30 Day Vocaloid Challenge by sneakthedawn
30 Day Vocaloid Challengeby Holly
An 18 year old American answers questions about artificial voices :)) cover photo not mine basically nothing is mine besides my opinions and the list :)
  • megurineluka
  • kiyoteru
  • gumi
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How to Fall for Mr. Popular • Olikase Fanfiction  by LockedAwayLove
How to Fall for Mr. Popular • Olik...by LockedAwayLove
• Classic tale in which Nerd meets Popular • Oliver spends his days with his best friend Piko and fellow members of the Game Club. The day has come where his world gets...
  • someothertagsidk
  • vocaloid
  • fukase
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Fukase Time - Fukase memes by FrootLOUp
Fukase Time - Fukase memesby The Louiest
I'm gay Warning: may include traces of Len/Lenkase
  • kagamine
  • vocaloid
  • lên
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Izzy's Stupid Incorrect Vocaloid Quotes Book by Izzy-the-Bizzy
Izzy's Stupid Incorrect Vocaloid Q...by Izzy-the-Bizzy
I needed to meme.
  • rin
  • gakupo
  • floko
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Boy Vocaloid Oneshots by sneakthedawn
Boy Vocaloid Oneshotsby Holly
Guess what bois?!? It's an 18 year old American writing vocaloid imagines!! Also, they are ~GENDER NEUTRAL~ that means you can read this no matter your gender. :) And y...
  • vocaloid
  • vocaloidkyo
  • hiyamakiyoteru
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Accidental Love {Floko} by petrathetitanslayer
Accidental Love {Floko}by Petra/Rin/Kanna
  • romance
  • pikoxflower
  • vflower
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Safe Place (Vocaloid AU) by Izzy-the-Bizzy
Safe Place (Vocaloid AU)by Izzy-the-Bizzy
(Warning: This story contains abuse, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and actions.) Sooo... I dunno if anyone's done this before but basically this is an AU tha...
  • flower
  • gumi
  • miku
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Forever (Len x Reader) by Alive_in_lalaland
Forever (Len x Reader)by Renchii~
"And with that, Y/n is selected as Kagamine Len's certified wife!" The court announced. "Wait! I didn't agree to this!" I retaliated. What makes you...
  • miku
  • kagamine
  • rin
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golden feathers | oliver x fukase by FlareTheFabulousFox
golden feathers | oliver x fukaseby certified emo
Where Oliver finds Fukase sitting alone in a dark alleyway. (Oliver x Fukase) ⟸ ⟹ Began - November 30th, 2017 Completed - ⟸ ⟹ Milestones: 1k Reads ~ Tuesday, March 20th...
  • olikase
  • selfinjury
  • planningtofinish
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