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🌻Invisible Boy🌻 by Losinglees
🌻Invisible Boy🌻by Lee💛🍌🩹
Len really has no idea why he's here. After death, there's nothing, right? But here he is with his little friend, Point. Len thought that would be it, until he meets a b...
Go FUKase Yourself! (Fukase x Reader) by P4ndora248
Go FUKase Yourself! (Fukase x Read...by P4ndora248
"Ouch..." a weird voice moaned. You slowly turned your head towards whatever was there. Shattered glass was lying all over the floor, inbetween a young man, gr...
Vocaloid Oliver x Reader Oneshots by MelancholyHarmony
Vocaloid Oliver x Reader Oneshotsby Former Oliver Enthusiast
Instructions: Chapter 1 Requests: Closed Regrets: None
Vocaloid Oneshots! (REQUESTS CLOSED TEMP.) by Wolfnonymous
Vocaloid Oneshots! (REQUESTS CLOSE...by fire emblem weeb
A collection of oneshots with your favorite Vocaloid! uwu ~ REQUESTS CLOSED TEMPORARILY ~
3 is never even [FukaLen/FukaMoke] by mqytiff
3 is never even [FukaLen/FukaMoke]by Mok z
Fukase and Len loved each other, but there was always misunderstanding between them; and also Moke. Maybe slight NSFW in future chapters. Contains lemon.
Forever (Len x Reader) by Renizee
Forever (Len x Reader)by Renchii~
"And with that, Y/n is selected as Kagamine Len's certified wife!" The court announced. "Wait! I didn't agree to this!" I retaliated. What makes you...
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Drawings Part three by FlanPotatoPirate
Drawings Part threeby catboy piko
this is an art book where i post my art, have fun Though i must say a good 90% of this book is piko so yeah. good boy. (((and god if i ever draw ships 9/10 itll be lenp...
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Messenger by TheLavenderNarwhal
Messengerby TheLavenderNarwhal
It's days like these that are the best. The sun was just starting to come up and the streets and squares were still clear from the usual crowds of people, leaving things...
The Monster Inside Us (Oliver x Fukase) by Soraliou
The Monster Inside Us (Oliver x Fu...by Sora
An unknown virus spreads all of a sudden in Japan. It manipulates the genes of the humans that they loose their own will and attack their own kind. Inbetween this catas...
Olikase-high school AU by LittleNell05
Olikase-high school AUby nell
Fukase moves in with his cousins Teto and Cul, then soon starts going to a new school, where he meets all of the meme squad, including a certain blonde haired choir boy...
Circus of Hell (Oliver x Fukase) by Soraliou
Circus of Hell (Oliver x Fukase)by Sora
What is that building, seperated so far from civilization? Is it already abandoned, for which reason its walls start to crumble? Oliver knows the answer. It's operationa...
Vocaloid Skits - mostly the meme squad and the cryptonloids by Wasabi101101
Vocaloid Skits - mostly the meme s...by ・。Dimi。・
-includes Skits labeled by numbers starting from 1. -includes Oneshots labeled by 'special' starting from 01. ((This book contains random headcanons at each chapter. Fo...
My Alpha Man [FukaLen] by mqytiff
My Alpha Man [FukaLen]by Mok z
In a world full of prey and predators, Len tries his best to adapt to the surroundings, and hopefully no one would discover him as an Omega as he searches for his very o...
Before FukaLen, there's Fukase and Len. by mqytiff
Before FukaLen, there's Fukase and...by Mok z
A sequel to "Sunflower"; Len wants to be closer to Fukase, and throughout the process he gets to know Fukase in a different perspective. More characters will...
Teachers Pet~❤ by unstableuterus
Teachers Pet~❤by Charlie
This will contain male vflower and yaoi. The ships in this are Floko, Olikase, and Kailen! Hope you enjoy~
Marble Soda (Vocaloid Fukase + Reader) by StrawberryyLemonadee
Marble Soda (Vocaloid Fukase + Rea...by 🍓Strawberry Lemonade🍋
"AHHH! WHO THE FLYING FLIP ARE YOU?" "My name is Fukase, and, uhm...what do you mean by "flying flip", exactly?" I don't own any of the VO...
Monster (❤olikase💛)[discontinued] by MaggiedeArtist
Monster (❤olikase💛)[discontinued]by Maggie de Artist
Fukase was always called a monster. Most vocaloids looked down upon him. They called him creep freak and especially monster. But there was this one person Fukase cared v...
★ Incorrect Quotes ★ Vocaloid ★ by s-streaming_heart
★ Incorrect Quotes ★ Vocaloid ★by ❝ :) ❞
♫ En donde Len y Flower tiene mala leche
World Domination: How To (Floko) by TheLavenderNarwhal
World Domination: How To (Floko)by TheLavenderNarwhal
Why does the one time my parents do something about me end with a crap solution? Seriously, why do I have to change schools? It's not like my old school was peachy keen...
golden feathers | oliver x fukase ((DISCONTINUED)) by FlareTheFabulousFox
golden feathers | oliver x fukase...by sylvain
Where Oliver finds Fukase sitting alone in a dark alleyway. (Oliver x Fukase) ⟸ ⟹ Began - November 30th, 2017 Completed - ⟸ ⟹ Milestones: 1k Reads ~ Tuesday, March 20th...