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Love divided by 011s_eggos_
Love dividedby Emma
Finn and Rachel are best friends and after "friends night"Rachel ends up pregnant. How will Finn and Rachel deal with if there not together?Will they get toget...
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Puckleberry love  by Tamiatiana
Puckleberry love by Tamiatiana
Rachel berry thought finn was the love of her life what happen when she finds out he doesn't feel the same what happen when puck comes in her life and changes i...
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Roots Before Branches by 0cecilia
Roots Before Branchesby cecilia
Rachel Berry left Lima without looking back and that happened 8 years ago. And things changed a lot. Now Rachel is the most successful singer in the world but between ca...
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glee smut one shots by theoriginalbookworm1
glee smut one shotsby theoriginalbookworm1
smut one-shots of all of our favourite glee ships, let me know either on a comment or in my private inbox what ships you want to see, or even if you want me to do any ot...
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My Best Friend by NatalieMccarthy1982
My Best Friendby Natalie Mccarthy
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Quinn Fabray: My Story by haleyandthejets
Quinn Fabray: My Storyby Jazzie Hart
This is Quinn Fabray's Story from Seasons 1-6 of Glee. For the most part I will follow Glee's storylines but there are some instances where I will change the storyline t...
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It Is Pretending Right? by GabriellaHerman
It Is Pretending Right?by Gabbydaniella Herman
Finn and Rachel decide to help each other out. Finn will pay Rachel to pretend to be his girlfriend for one night. The idea is perfect, it's a win-win! When it carries o...
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Glee fanfic by bobthelobster
Glee fanficby bobthelobster
Bella had just started her new high school life at William McKinley High School, but she's never really good at these things. Making friends, being social, etc. that was...
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The Quarterback & the Princess  by HumanityStelena
The Quarterback & the Princess by Humanity on
He's the captain of the football team, he has everything he wants especially Quinn Fabray the captain of the Cheerios, everything was going great for about 4 months up u...
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Your Heart Beats Like A Drum by GabriellaHerman
Your Heart Beats Like A Drumby Gabbydaniella Herman
Rachel is living her dreams but something's missing. Who would have known that learning to play the drums would change that? This is a complete Finchel story though it d...
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Best Friends In Love (A Finchel Love Story) by RyleyBridges
Best Friends In Love (A Finchel Lo...by [ACCOUNT INACTIVE]
Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson were childhood best friends who made a deal to marry each other if they didn't marry by the time they were 25. They're now both 24 and they...
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Happy Endings  by monchele57
Happy Endings by Alexis Granado
"I'm breaking up with you" he said "Why"?She said "Because I'd never stopped loving Quinn" said Finn "Your an asshole" said Rac...
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The Mystery Man by SeeItToBelieveIt
The Mystery Manby SeeItToBelieveIt
Quinn Fabray is in love, completely and deeply. "Hell if I know!" Santana shrugged as Rachel approached her, "so don't ask! I know you were going to! Eve...
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It Gets Better by whathesmoak
It Gets Betterby Kayla
*second book of the "I cant do this anymore" series.* This is a story about Rachels recovery from her suicide. Will anyone be sympathetic to her in her junior...
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Just Friends by GabriellaHerman
Just Friendsby Gabbydaniella Herman
When best friends Finn and Rachel graduate, Rachel decides to confess her love to Finn, things didn't go as planned. Heartbroken, Rachel leaves. Seven years later she co...
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Finchel- What if? by Bunny4962
Finchel- What if?by Swiftie
I can't help but think what if? I feel as if ignoring the past it better and ignoring the what ifs I can do this ALONE, maybe not! I don't need him I don't think I ever...
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Knocked Up Again by jaclyndiadamo7
Knocked Up Againby jaclyndiadamo7
What if Quinn got knocked up again. But this time it wasn't by Puck....but Finn
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525,600 minutes  by GabriellaHerman
525,600 minutes by Gabbydaniella Herman
Rachel left, she was gone for one whole year but now she is back. Some are happy to see her but boy is she not happy to see them. What has happened to our fabulous frien...
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The Memories We Make||Glee by drizzysgirl2324
The Memories We Make||Gleeby loveXtreme
Can love survive while a disease goes global?
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Married with Children by NeneJPhilly
Married with Childrenby Nene J. Phillips
The civics class at William McKinley High School never expected the Home and Hearth Challenge to be so... challenging.
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