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Happie Hyromura : Adventures in Feudal Japan   by mbhappie
Happie Hyromura : Adventures in Fe...by mbhappie
A happy-go-lucky teen has a perfect life with her younger twin siblings and her pet fox. She lives on a beautiful island of Oahu, the U.S . Everything is not what it see...
The First Moon - The Eternal Flower Chronicles Vol. I by hani_bee_
The First Moon - The Eternal Flowe...by April Moon
Our heroine finds herself in feudal Japan engaged to a handsome Japanese prince. However, she finds her life to be a bore. Until one fateful day, she meets a handsome wa...
In Another Time  by Konomiiii
In Another Time by Ko
Marinette wakes up in the body of a past miraculous holder in fudeal japan. her kwmai doesn't reconginze her and at these times of war she doens't know what to do. How w...
Mischievous Hybrid, Here They Come! by bOb-ThE-tEm
Mischievous Hybrid, Here They Come!by kInG nOoDlE
[]*Currently Under Construction*[] []*Previously Titled: The Great Dog Demon*[] I was walking through town when all of a sudden, I passed out! When I woke up, I saw my y...
Inuyasha: Legend Of Sadako by TrayleMe10
Inuyasha: Legend Of Sadakoby Kentrayle
Paisley Sato was an ordinary girl leading an ordinary life that is until her sixteenth birthday. On that day everything changes, on that day Paisley falls into bone eate...