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I couldnt say no by brittanycharsha
I couldnt say noby Brittany charsha
Its hard to say no when the person you have to live with for the rest of your life is raping & torchering you . Read about this true story about my life .
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Fuck You Too // COMPLETE  by lawleycats
Fuck You Too // COMPLETE by lawleycats
What happens to London when she finds her boyfriend sleeping with someone in the bed that she has to sleep in every night, and has nowhere else to live? Does she leave t...
Forced Submission (R18+) [Completed]  by ZanderSie
Forced Submission (R18+) [Complete...by Z. Sie
*Completed* This short story that contains five chapters is not recommended for young readers. If you are 18 below please do not open the content. Read at your own risk...
Bnha x male reader scenarios by geneticreader
Bnha x male reader scenariosby geneticreader
I can do what the hell I want also your getting so many spelling errors so that's a thing
Fuck you Remenant by stvph360
Fuck you Remenantby stvph360
A person who reads someone's story and watches rwby is transported there It will make much more sense if you read Cameronkiller525 stories to
tick tock by uncrownedbillie
tick tockby chrissy
in which two girls come together to overcome their own mental and physical health issues.
Thank u next by jinismyeuphoria
Thank u nextby KIMtotheJEON
Always say thank you to people who learn you something good in life. that's what Jungkook wanted to do with his six ex boyfriends dispersed around the world. he became a...
Undertale X Reader - Hiatus by IcyDuelist
Undertale X Reader - Hiatusby Willow Pines with Rainbow Eyes
One shots (or parts) with Undertale characters! Cause LIFE! No media belongs to me unless specifically said ITS ON HIATUS CAUSE ZILCH MOTIVATION ;-;
random stuff  by baastaard_custaard
random stuff by .
This is a story like you've done don't read if ur not Kelly or hana fuck off if ur not kelly or hana I'll know if you've been reading this so go to hell Fuk you 🖕🖕
Identity V Oneshots! by Sitdownfool
Identity V Oneshots!by Luchino if ur reading this im...
Update: requests are now open!! ~New Intro 4/7/2020~ Hello Identity v fans! Wanna read your fave characters get FUCKED by others while you watch in sadness as you are a...
ya like crack? by lollithememe
ya like crack?by 🥀Senpai🌧
it's just ghost crack it's all ghost crack I don't own anyone
Descendants memes  by Halseydescendants101
Descendants memes by Ashley
Read the title 💙💜🖤 ( but mostly bal )
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Artbook lol by ironicxhyena
Artbook lolby ‹·˚サビ ⋆̩ 𖡼
Some drawings I've made in the past few months
Pro heroes chatroom by FlyingTodoroni
Pro heroes chatroomby patrick star
fuck midnight make the chat on purpose because she want tea and then all might the fucking idiot add nezu..
Fuck my life by pigeondiie
Fuck my lifeby pigeondiie
Fuck my life. It's meaningless and I deserve to die.
Kiss My Ass You Fujoshi Fuck by Anonymous_boop
Kiss My Ass You Fujoshi Fuckby 𝐸𝓃𝑒𝓇𝒾
Please don't actually kiss my ass.. don't... come near me, just stay away from here.
F❀☪︎♓︎  y㋡ᐁ//p.m &v.h by paytonsbabymama
F❀☪︎♓︎ y㋡ᐁ//p.m &v.hby paytonsbabymama
"Fuck you" is the friend group I am in, with 2 famous tiktokers (Payton Moormeier, and Vinnie hacker). In fact me and Payton have been best friends since we we...
i fucking hate abe from clone high  by notzimmaruu
i fucking hate abe from clone high by mikey
i hate this piece of subhuman trash he's so fucking ugly stupid fucking simp he only liked joan because she dressed slutty fuck you abe you never deserved cleo you piece...