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Andromeda|| Rick X Reader by Tmv_Rebellion123
Andromeda|| Rick X Readerby TMV_F.S
Moving into this neighborhood was a wonderful mistake. It all started when you heard a strange noise from outside. The whirrs and noise was coming from your neighbors ga...
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Adopted by Team crafted. by TheSideWomen14
Adopted by Team crafted.by The SideWomen
Just a normal everyday orphan girl, Carly's one dream is to meet team crafted. Her parents had been reported missing from an aircraft 7 years ago. Being 10 years old and...
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UnderFell: SansXReader (fanfiction) by HumanDefect_666
UnderFell: SansXReader (fanfiction)by Lucifer
A random fanfic I decided to make. It is an x reader, buuuuuuuuut you are the Lucy character.
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The Sleephead Was Just The Beginning Me x Purple Guy ;) by TheLilKingMilo
The Sleephead Was Just The Beginni...by Lil.King.Milo
this is a dream, I dreamt to let you know, so its gonna be weird as fuck, so welcome to the dream i'm never gonna forget, cos it was weird af I feel like this is suppose...
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The Adventure inside Brendon Urie by Cornbred
The Adventure inside Brendon Urieby The Weirdo Writer
What do you expect from me anymore?
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Welcome To The Island Of Misfits by kierss_girl_02
Welcome To The Island Of Misfitsby kierss_girl_02
Have you ever felt different? So did Jacelyn Toliver. One day she sails off the coast of her home town in Los Angeles, and finds herself in a quite unexpected place. As...
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Alistar And My Gay Story by Andylovesfiction
Alistar And My Gay Storyby Andy of Scotland
This is the story of a mentally messed up orphaned gay kid getting put into a house with six other mentally messed up guys that are sexy and turn him on easier than a li...
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Descent by MyApocolypse
Descentby Miles Davis
This is another 2 point book by JHernandez2902 and Me. Kichirou Hirigya (JHernandez) was thirteen when his parents were murdered at the hands of the Yakuza, that night h...
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Everlasting bullshit  by beauty2907
Everlasting bullshit by Shaz❤️💖
Sienna black the the gang leader. One of the most dangerous gangs in the world and she is not afraid to show it from her shiny black Lamborghini to her black and gold gu...
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We All Want Some Of Sachiko by DatOTPIsAmazing
We All Want Some Of Sachikoby DatOTPIsAmazing
A Corpse Party Fanfic. Yuuya, Satoshi, Morishige and Yoshiki all make it out of Heavenly Host alive and sane. (Yeah it's to make this fanfic awesome!) But when they all...
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STEAK by maiavt
STEAKby deadkid
Read it to believe it.
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Mr. Steal your D by Sam-Llama
Mr. Steal your Dby I'm a hoe :D
Understanding how one could live in a situation like was merely impossible, and depressing but at the same time it makes you glad it happens.
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Lucifer's One-Shots by PhanTrash_Kiwi
Lucifer's One-Shotsby Cass The Phan Whore
All made by @imma_scary_vampire (Btw Lucifer is my friend its just what I call her) This is gonna be some of the short story's my friend wrote
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its not easy (urban) by dance__lov__life
its not easy (urban)by dance__lov__life
Carmen is a beautiful girl but had a hurtful and abuseuf life by her uncle but her mom was cool but always at work (dad died)she has one brother by her side that is a ki...
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fucked up shit by nostalgiicmcgee
fucked up shitby lara!¡
how fucked up my years on earth are
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The Next level of insanity by NeonTheHedgehog11
The Next level of insanityby NeonTheHedgehog11
Original Story I'm my main account @CometBlaster12
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My life by Jkenzie314
My lifeby Jades
This story is basically about how my sanity was snatched in a heartbeat. All because of a breakup. The saying life's a bitch is so true. We'll be seeing amazing quotes i...
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