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Sinful Desire [Yandere genshin] by Whoasked_886
Sinful Desire [Yandere genshin]by Who asked?
They were like sides of triangles, polar different from each other yet they always hold each other's hands. But after one side of the triangle leaves, they have find her...
Loving Justin ✔️  by xxinloves
Loving Justin ✔️ by TORI MAJU
(THE BILLIONAIRE'S SERIES BOOK ONE) VICTORIA CAMPBELL the ever forgiven heart of a maiden found herself toss into an arranged marriage to THE SMITH'S family. With hope t...
Stars *Levi X OC* by hen_rietta
Stars *Levi X OC*by IRL Anime Protag
After wishing on a star, quite specifically, Baz finds herself in a new universe that... Isn't that bad, actually.
Trusted~Mattheo Riddle by 16734user
Trusted~Mattheo Riddleby user
What happens when cold hearted Precious Blackheart, a soon to be death eater comes to Hogwarts and meets the dark Prince Mattheo Riddle. Will they clash, join forces. We...
bakugoxreader I'm worthless  by fiorellas_simp
bakugoxreader I'm worthless by Stupid simp
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️ Talks about eating disorders anxiety depression craving male validation sexualizing yourself etc if you think this might trigger you please for the l...
My Abductor by ella_hearts_
My Abductorby ella_hearts_
"Mmhmm....." I'm whimpering from the pain and pleasure but he , he just kept on doing that thing to me . The thing he is doing me is dry humping me with his er...
When did it get to this? by iheartgothgirls101
When did it get to this?by Isa<333
Valentine is an oc of mine and this is just a life story for him! (Might draw him out in the future and have more lore<3) ______________________________________ "...
𝐈 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔. by -lveyourself
𝐈 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔.by Dawn
"I love you." - 29.6.18 Kim Seungmin [short inconsistent length of chapters] ©-lveyourself started : 17/9/18 cover made by: novagguk
broken heart-strings (seer x embalmer, +more ships apparently) by euphoriaisdead
broken heart-strings (seer x embal...by FUCK FUCK
The seer doesn't know what that strange feeling in his chest is. It feels like a hunter is approaching, but he's enjoying it. Something must be wrong, right? start date:...
Mine only | VxBTS by Vantebbyboy
Mine only | VxBTSby :)
A depressed model Kim Taehyung. [ON GOING] [#11 fucked up] [#46 introvert] [#38 introvert] [#2 vmon] [#1 vmon]
Secrets & Lies by EllieCage
Secrets & Liesby EllieCage
(COMPLETED - STAND-ALONE) Seventeen-year-old Ariel is an impulsive, talkative, grab life by the horns and fuck them sort of girl (as long as the horn belongs to a female...
FUCKIN MEMES BOIby Abandoned lol
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa just come here for a good laugh And like 3 chapters are wholesome
Danganronpa v3 chatfic bc why tf not by Stonkersmonke
Danganronpa v3 chatfic bc why tf n...by d3spac1to3
Heyo so uh,,this is my first- story fanfic shit ig??? LMAO I made this account so my friends wouldnt know that I've written this. T̵̺̺̳̜̼̗̙̒̓͜ͅh̴̛̥͉͕̲̘̰͛͑̓̒͝é̴̜̔̈́̏̆̊͂͝͝...
Fish bro's  (Tal x Adi) by ravenmonster666
Fish bro's (Tal x Adi)by ravenmonster666
I'm sorry for this but you know some one had to do it at some point. Reminder this is a boy x boy fanfic you don't like that then keep on sliding. Recently adi posted th...
SMUT  [ ONESHOTS ] by DinoWritesThis
SMUT [ ONESHOTS ]by KingDinoWrites
I saw my boyfriend in the hottub..I decided to join him.He suddently started changing the temparature and not letting me go..He started to undress me..Oh god~ (SMUT)
[ A Golden Bird, Inside Of A Golden Cage ] YAN!SPYXFANILY X CHILD!FEM!READER by Muhon-chan
[ A Golden Bird, Inside Of A Golde...by [Hajime-Muhon]
Fucked Up Jokes by okteddy
Fucked Up Jokesby ted
These are just a bunch of f*cked-up jokes. So if you have a dark sense of humor, then go ahead and read this junk. If you get offended by these jokes: 1. I'm sorry. 2. I...
Imaginasi by Oddsiswithme
Imaginasiby Amirah Aisyah
Aku akan update bila aku ada inspirasi. NOT A NOVEL BUT A COLLECTION OF CERPEN THAT I MADE. Buku yang aku dapat dari idea bodoh bila aku tengah seterika baju. Setiap c...
Poems to make you feel something by gayanimelover6
Poems to make you feel somethingby 🦋Ari~🦋
It's just a bunch of poems, some are sad, some are filled with anger, some are about love and others and just a bit of everything! They are here to help you and make you...