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To Love's End | Shigure Sohma by LyraUlric
To Love's End | Shigure Sohmaby Lyra Ulric
Tohru finds a photo of a young woman in Shigure's office. Clearly she's very important because even Yuki and Kyo stop fighting when they see her. Tohru wishes to find ou...
  • shigurexoc
  • kyo
  • yukisohma
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The Sohma Curse, a Semi-Literate Roleplay by ifluttershy
The Sohma Curse, a Semi-Literate Flutters
12 zodiac. 13 cursed individuals. 1 maniacal family leader. 1 secret to never be revealed. And 1 girl who could be the key to unraveling it all.
  • fruitsbasket
  • roleplay
  • semiliterate
The Guardian | Fruits Basket by JHCSEOK
The Guardian | Fruits Basketby s.k
She fiddled with the band of beads adorning her wrist as her eyes flashed dangerously, "you may believe being the guardian is all fun and games, but out of all peop...
  • yukisohma
  • kyosohma
  • fruitsbasket
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Always - Yuki x Reader (Fruits Basket) by queenfujoshixx
Always - Yuki x Reader (Fruits 組
You were that girl in school who never interacted with anyone. You gave of a unpleasant aroma causing no one to talk to you. That was until the Prince of the school came...
  • anime
  • kyosohma
  • zodiac
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Damn Rat (Kyo X Yuki) by kibauwuzuka
Damn Rat (Kyo X Yuki)by 💙
Kyo returns home and things start to get weird with him and Yuki. They seem to have deep feelings for each other but don't want to accept it. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE...
  • yaoi
  • fruitsbasket
  • yukixkyo
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Germ(Yuki X Kyo) by Hana_Ato
Germ(Yuki X Kyo)by Hana...Boyo!
Yuki "accidentally" makes Kyo cry and tries to apologize, this only makes Kyo angry and he storms off into the woods. When the rat goes looking for him he gets...
  • yaoi
  • fruitsbasket
  • gay
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Running (Fruits Basket) by Amaries87
Running (Fruits Basket)by A.M. Stevens
*FRUITS BASKET FANFIC* Tohru and Kyo are about to be intimate for the first time. Overwhelmed, Tohru runs, leaving a confused Kyo behind. This is a based-off-the-origina...
  • fruitsbasket
  • anime
  • romance
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Fruits Basket | BTS by distantechoes
Fruits Basket | BTSby izzy.
❝A rice ball doesn't belong in a fruits basket.❞ Ahn Yoona has been living in a tent for the past week, not wanting to be a burden to her uncle, who is having his home r...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • lovetriangle
  • romance
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Connected Universes: An Otaku's Journey-On hold by AnimeGrlFanTrack8262
Connected Universes: An Otaku's Mustache Cookie
High School Student Ray is an Otaku. She loves anime with a passion... but because of it everyone thinks she's a nerd or a geek. She doesn't have any friends because the...
  • kamigaminoasobi
  • dragonballz
  • fruitsbasket
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various characters x reader | one-shots by Dazaiiss
various characters x reader | ary
animes: bungou stray dogs my hero academia haikyuu fruits basket free others: danplan avengers animation squad harry potter detroit become human
  • danplan
  • avengers
  • haikyuu
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The Curse Of The Rabbit  by R0s3m1rY
The Curse Of The Rabbit by R0s3m1rY
This is my take on Fruits Basket, more specifically Momiji. This is spoilers if you have not read the manga or watched the original anime. This is Non Canon. This is a t...
  • fruba
  • curse
  • fruitsbasket
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A Hidden Love (kyo x reader) by Breeanna2005
A Hidden Love (kyo x reader)by Cina Marie
Y/n L/n secretly finds out about the sohma family's secret and tries to pretend that she is unaware of the zodiac curse. Y/n also was born in the year of the cat, and fe...
  • kyosohma
  • action
  • romance
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the unexpected child(kyo x tohru....fruits basket) by Prettylilbutterfly
the unexpected child(kyo x yuki💛💫💛
I don't care for the manga if this ship is already sailed....and I give the child a different name But please....😑let me be me😐😐😐😐😘😘😘😘
  • pregnancy
  • anime
  • animefanfiction
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A Maid's Service by KawaiiKate48
A Maid's Serviceby KawaiiKate48
There is a lot of sexual tension.
  • kyosohma
  • maid
  • fruitsbasket
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A Baby In A Fruits Basket by The_Writing_Twins_
A Baby In A Fruits Basketby Emma & Aislin
The zodiac wasn't Tohru's biggest problem, but it certainly didn't help. The fun started after one of them got her pregnant.
  • kyoxtohru
  • pregnant
  • zodiaccurse
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Teenage heartbreak queen  by Lonesomecobra
Teenage heartbreak queen by Lonesomecobra
Let's have some angst shall we- This is an Akito x reader but with shigure added. So it's more like a Akito x reader x shigure It's based off the song teenage heartbrea...
  • fruitsbasket
  • angst
  • anime
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Some Say They're Cursed (A Fruits Basket Story) by mandipandi33
Some Say They're Cursed (A Amanda
When the new god is born, the zodiac soon follow. They carry the legacy of their family and harbor a secret that could destroy them all. Through pain and joy, they're b...
  • fantasy
  • childhoodtrauma
  • trauma
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