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Anime release dates by Izabella_arrived
Anime release datesby Izabella_arrived
✘Hello fellow weebs✘ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ I'll be posting weekly updates on your favourite series! Including release date timezones weekly for each episode or any information...
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♡The Pastel Diaries♡ by Otaku-Emi-Chan
♡The Pastel Diaries♡by Otaku-Emi-Chan
Ever had that feeling when you finished one episode of a certain show and hesitate on whether to continue or not? Consider the scenario; it's late at night, you have sch...
  • futurediary
  • anime
  • haikyuu
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A Baby In A Fruits Basket by The_Writing_Twins_
A Baby In A Fruits Basketby Emma & Aislin
The zodiac wasn't Tohru's biggest problem, but it certainly didn't help. The fun started after one of them got her pregnant.
  • baby
  • pregnancy
  • manga
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Teenage heartbreak queen  by Lonesomecobra
Teenage heartbreak queen by Lonesomecobra
Let's have some angst shall we- This is an Akito x reader but with shigure added. So it's more like a Akito x reader x shigure It's based off the song teenage heartbrea...
  • akitosohma
  • fruitsbasket
  • angst
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 Random Anime Scenarios (Request Open) by FunGirlIsHere
Random Anime Scenarios (Request FunGirl
This is just a bunch of random anime characters and random scenarios. If you read this I hope you enjoy it.
  • voltron
  • fairytail
  • sonwwhitewithredhair
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Some Say They're Cursed (A Fruits Basket Story) by mandipandi33
Some Say They're Cursed (A Amanda
When the new god is born, the zodiac soon follow. They carry the legacy of their family and harbor a secret that could destroy them all. Through pain and joy, they're b...
  • god
  • separation
  • dark
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Anime One shots by coupleshippers
Anime One shotsby Carmen Li
Basically what the title says. I'll try to do a wide variety of different anime's. Some I have in mind already is: •Fairy Tail •Naruto •Brothers Conflict •Kamigami no As...
  • brothersconflict
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  • oneshot
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Connected Universes: An Otaku's Journey  by AnimeGrlFanTrack8262
Connected Universes: An Otaku's Mustache Cookie
High School Student Ray is an Otaku. She loves anime with a passion... but because of it everyone thinks she's a nerd or a geek. She doesn't have any friends because the...
  • dragonballz
  • dancewithdevils
  • anime
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The Curse Of The Rabbit  by R0s3m1rY
The Curse Of The Rabbit by R0s3m1rY
This is my take on Fruits Basket, more specifically Momiji. This is spoilers if you have not read the manga or watched the original anime. This is Non Canon. This is a t...
  • tragedy
  • curse
  • sohma
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Unspoken by zerolover713
Unspokenby zerolover713
Yuki has always been haunted by the same girl for years. The one who stood and watched, the one who didn't speak out. He hated her. But what happens when that same exact...
  • fruits
  • wattys2019
  • yuki
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To Love's End | Shigure Sohma by LyraUlric
To Love's End | Shigure Sohmaby Lyra Ulric
Tohru finds a photo of a young woman in Shigure's office. Clearly she's very important because even Yuki and Kyo stop fighting when they see her. Tohru wishes to find ou...
  • kyosohma
  • yukisohma
  • shigure
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𝐒𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐭 ❄️ by Xercere
𝐒𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐭 ❄️by ⋙A̶k̶i̶r̶a̶→
When Tohru and Kaori Honda stumble upon the Sohma, an accidental hug marks the beginning of a friendship that becomes something more. (I know the Tohru's sister thing is...
  • fruitsbasket
  • yukisohma
  • furuba
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Akito sohma x reader  by Lonesomecobra
Akito sohma x reader by Lonesomecobra
Hi I'm back with another Akito x reader! But this time Akito is female! Yay! So if you like male Akito better, feel free to head over to the one i currently have in pr...
  • akitosohma
  • fruitsbasket
Artbook 2019 by UnicornBeau
Artbook 2019by KamBam
Huh, well prepare for stupid comics and more
  • mirio
  • overhaul
  • moomin
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The Guardian | Fruits Basket by JHCSEOK
The Guardian | Fruits Basketby s.k
She fiddled with the band of beads adorning her wrist as her eyes flashed dangerously, "you may believe being the guardian is all fun and games, but out of all peop...
  • darkpast
  • fantasy
  • hatori
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Damn Rat (Kyo X Yuki) by kibauwuzuka
Damn Rat (Kyo X Yuki)by 💙
Kyo returns home and things start to get weird with him and Yuki. They seem to have deep feelings for each other but don't want to accept it. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE...
  • gay
  • yaoi
  • kyoxyuki
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The Anything and Everything One Shot Book by Strawchan98
The Anything and Everything One Strawchan98
Hello all of my wonderful readers! Welcome to the overwhelming project of the Anything and Everything One Shot Book!
  • anime
  • cartoons
  • angst
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sunshine disguise by creamsicIe
sunshine disguiseby Zuko Trash #1
Fruits Basket Fanfiction. A rewrite of 'In Memory' which I still treasure very much, but there is much more I'd like to tell. And also with grammar, normal effing writin...
  • twelvezodiac
  • tohru
  • basket
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Always - Yuki x Reader (Fruits Basket) by queenfujoshixx
Always - Yuki x Reader (Fruits 組
You were that girl in school who never interacted with anyone. You gave of a unpleasant aroma causing no one to talk to you. That was until the Prince of the school came...
  • yuki
  • sohma
  • tohruhonda
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Stars || Fruits Basket  by byenixer
Stars || Fruits Basket by louis ☻
Where's my mind? I don't mind Yuzuki Yamamoto a lazy butt head trying to live with the Soma's normally, or that was she thought until all the boys she had encountered li...
  • variousxoc
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