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Mission Destiel (Destiel!Frozen AU) by ComeAlongHolmes_
Mission Destiel (Destiel!Frozen AU)by inactive; gone
Once again, Gabriel is bored and wants to try something new with Team Free Will. Only this time, Sam agrees with Gabe. Their mission: Find out how much Dean and Cas lo...
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Malec Tales Series 2: Frozen AU by TheMalecPrincess
Malec Tales Series 2: Frozen AUby TheMalecPrincess
Magnus is a prince. Alec is a servant. The two were inseparable until the day Magnus accidentally hurt Alec with his magic. Now Magnus is keeping his distance and Alec d...
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Frozen Heart {ON HIATUS} by fabflake_stylinson
Frozen Heart {ON HIATUS}by Zenpai
Sometimes even the people who's hearts are cold and frozen can thaw to feel the warmth of Love. Basically, it's an AU inspired by the Disney movie, FROZEN. Buuuut...wit...
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My Warm Ice (Shoto Todoroki x Reader) by holyromanDISASTER
My Warm Ice (Shoto Todoroki x Holy_Roman_Disaster
(FROZEN AU WITH MY OWN TWISTS) Destined to marry the ice and heat prince at a young age, the two of you were very close. Until one accident changed everything.
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'Let it Go' parodys by Sara-Q
'Let it Go' parodysby Sara Q
Some 'Let it Go' parodys that I have written about various topics.
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Steven Universe frozen au by minecraftbee
Steven Universe frozen auby Minecraft bee
So, Steven is the prince of ice, and his best friend Lars must make a huge sacrifice to bring August back. This is a steven x Lars fic lol
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Behind Close Doors [Destiel] by rubi_flower
Behind Close Doors [Destiel]by Rubi
Frozen AU: After the incident that sent Prince Castiel of Haven into hiding behind his bedroom doors, Castiel finally travels to see his best friend, Dean, to see him be...
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Frozen Hearts ||Helsa by cupid-wings
Frozen Hearts ||Helsaby m a n d y ❁
- story on hold - You've heard of the infamous ice queen. The one that ran away on her coronation day. The one that froze her kingdom and the Fjords. Notorious Queen Els...
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Dragons On Fire by radioactivemirror
Dragons On Fireby Ireth Elensar
Hiccup Haddock, prince, only son to Stoick and Valka. What's so special about him? He have, a very powerful powers. He keep them as secret, but what people are gonna do...
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Steven Universe Frozen au asks by minecraftbee
Steven Universe Frozen au asksby Minecraft bee
Some asks I'll do while I'll rewrite the story oof
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Burned  ❦REWRITE❦ by Crystals122
Burned ❦REWRITE❦by Ashley Severs
This is a rewrite of my Frozen AU, Burned! This story features my OC, Queen Eline. She has the abilites to create fire and obsidion.
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The Mafia Life (Mafia Elsa x Male reader) Frozen AU Vol. ! by sidraantaigruth
The Mafia Life (Mafia Elsa x Sidraan Taigruth
An idea I had gotten.
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Too Young  by Theofficialpixels
Too Young by Pixielullaby
Elsa's having a little trouble with a particular student of hers. Anna seems to really enjoy pushing the buttons on that blue cardigan. AU Elsanna
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Burned [ON HOLD] by Crystals122
Burned [ON HOLD]by Ashley Severs
This is the story of a queen named Eline, a girl born with the powers of fire. She must learn to control it.. or she will destroy her whole Kingdom! She might even kill...
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Frozen Heart by Howlette
Frozen Heartby Howlette Amy
Eren started talking to the paintings on the walls ;-; When all along he just wanted to build a snowman
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Conceal, Don't Feel - An Obi-wan Kenobi Fanfic by Therebeltheory
Conceal, Don't Feel - An Obi-wan The Rebel Theory
(A/N: Kinda follows the plot of Frozen but with my own flair. This is my own AU where Qui-Gon trains Obi-wan from an infant instead of a teenager and Obi-wan is his firs...
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Voltron; Frozen au(?) by KawaiiVoltronGirlie
Voltron; Frozen au(?)by ~Author Girl~
Here's a short Frozen au with me in it. Hope you guys don't mind me being in another one of my stories. Art is not mine. I do not own Frozen, it belongs to Disney. And...
Beware the Frozen heart by AngelleDecker
Beware the Frozen heartby Angelle Decker
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Black Ice Will Thaw by spitfiresinspace
Black Ice Will Thawby emily
Every winter must thaw...
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Hamilton The Frozen AU by yeahbugaboo
Hamilton The Frozen AUby 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞.
You don't have to read I'm just v bored and want a hamilfrozen au
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