Forced |1| by alexisdotcom
Forced |1|by alexisdotcom
"why won't you just let me go?" Blakely is fifteen and when her and her dad get into a fight, she storms out the house. Only to be taken to a place in which s...
  • submission
  • amusement
  • abduction
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Forever |2| ON HOLD by alexisdotcom
Forever |2| ON HOLDby alexisdotcom
Sequel to Forced Guys help, I need an amazing description for the book!
  • tricked
  • torture
  • horrifying
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Original by PerfectingPerfect2
Originalby PerfectingPerfect2
"All we can do is try and stop ourselves being killed."
  • frightened
  • 13
  • nothing
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The Heart of an Alpha by downlikesilver_
The Heart of an Alphaby Trinity
Charlotte Peters has an undeniable fear of men. After her painful past, she can't be near a man without having a panic attack. Now in an orphanage, she tends to stay to...
  • romance
  • shapeshifter
  • painful
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A Life Stolen by CharlotteHarris5
A Life Stolenby Charlotte Harris
*Title is a work in progress. If you have any idea's or suggestions let me know* *I'm aware that the grammar in this story needs some tweaking here and there and there m...
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • stalker
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Anon by dEnSe-CitY
Anonby Hello Hell :)
A story of a group of high school teens who start to receive threatening notes from an unknown, who goes by Anon. Who is it? What do they want? Why are they doing this...
  • alone
  • afraid
  • bully
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Good Girls Stay at Home (Still in process of being created) by YondereBesties
Good Girls Stay at Home (Still Etched Stone
Her sister disappeared, resulting in a shut-down mother, a dead father, and run away sister. But when Virginia drives away in her old Chevi to a new house to escape the...
  • frightened
  • mansion
  • house
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My Freddy Krueger Dream by KlTaylor06
My Freddy Krueger Dreamby Kacey Taylor
Hey guys, this dream is actually real. i wrote this one day in school and i thought i might as well share it.
  • freddy
  • dreams
  • house
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Sassy (Elvis Presley) by firestorm_rage2
Sassy (Elvis Presley)by firestorm_rage2
Ace Smith is a sassy person and smart with brown hair and dark blue eyes. but when she goes to school one morning her friend got tickets to his concert and they go and E...
  • elvispresley
  • acesmith
  • small
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Adopted By Eva Gutowski by EElizabeth23_x
Adopted By Eva Gutowskiby EElizabeth23_x
11 years old. Abused. Depressed. Frightened. Lonely. Little Merilyn has never experienced having a real home, or a real family to be loved by. Some of her bruises stick...
  • orphanage
  • nohope
  • nolove
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