Sold at first sight! | ✓ by catalystt
Sold at first sight! | ✓by Anna
Previously 'Who knew being auctioned off could be so eventful???'. This story follows the life of Sirena Beaux, a girl who has been rejected and tossed around like tras...
  • secret
  • rich
  • closet
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Tap by RaineQuince
Tapby donotclick
|| Fifteen years since the death of the beautiful and young Elena Lancaster, her parents get a call on the telephone from the dead. Her spirit needs justice and a past o...
  • deadinside
  • frightened
  • love
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The Richmond Haunting by garyjarvis1976
The Richmond Hauntingby garyjarvis1976
The horror began with icy chills: displacement of personal belongings, voices speaking in empty rooms. Then, Fiona begins to suffer from blackouts, which medical experts...
  • creepy
  • devil
  • dark
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She is His Love and Obsession by Ayshgirl
She is His Love and Obsessionby Ashes
Adeena Khan, a Muslim is an happy go, loud and a care-free girl. She has what we call a perfect life. From a loving and caring family to sister-like best friends. Curren...
  • anger
  • frightened
  • lover
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"ROOM no. 13" by i_am_mahdi
"ROOM no. 13"by ~MAHDI~
A person who was fond of searching haunted things, places gets an information about a iscolated hotel.......... READ AND ENJOY!!!!!.
  • scary
  • frightened
  • creepy
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My story...  by Fuckingpainful
My story... by Silently screaming
I've read many stories like this. So I've decided to tell my story dealing with it. It's a true story. And it haunts me every day. Trigger warning-- THIS CONTAINS SELF...
  • painful
  • attempted-rape
  • sexualabuse
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Original by PerfectingPerfect2
Originalby PerfectingPerfect2
"All we can do is try and stop ourselves being killed." The year is 5947. Everyone is dead or in hiding. Nothing can stop them. Nothing will. Well, nothing ex...
  • takeover
  • scary
  • aliens
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Lidia ?a child abuse story? by Lilcat1976
Lidia ?a child abuse story?by Lilcat1976
Lidia is a beautiful 15 year old girl who hides her face because of scars and bruises. She is not popular, not smart, she is brave, and strong. After an accident causing...
  • power
  • kindness
  • hate
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Scary Stories by girlwithfernweh
Scary Storiesby GirlWithFernweh ♡
Short scary stories which might give you the creeps
  • scared
  • scary
  • mother
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The worst Evil by i_am_mahdi
The worst Evilby ~MAHDI~
A poor boy who changes his house and get trapped for a ghost..... read to get more information.
  • scary
  • creepy
  • horror
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His true powers. by Pinkiewish33
His true Pink/Wish
Sonic felt like his friends pick on him for no reason. They bullied him and they made fun of him for no reason at all. After what he did for them. He felt so heartbroken...
  • knuckles
  • romance-suspense
  • thriller
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Anna Has Gone Away by michiichimillu
Anna Has Gone Awayby millicul
After making the stupid decision to go down a dingy alleyway, Annalise Telesyh (Pronounced Ahna-lees Tehleh-sigh) comes face to face with things beyond this world. Accom...
  • throw
  • story
  • scary
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Doctor's crush ff park jimin (stoppped)  by pixielifebangtan123
Doctor's crush ff park jimin ( pixielifebangtan123
" so what is your name my lady" he asked me I tried but couldn't remember anything I felt tears in my face and my throat felt dry " l-i don't know" I...
  • thriller
  • parkjimin
  • innocent
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Frightened  by ashvaldez
Frightened by ashvaldez
My first attempt at writing a short story ! please feel free to comment ❤️
  • fantasy
  • horror
  • brown
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