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The Van Pact by WaltTwitman
The Van Pactby Mariah Ragi
Valerie: Female given name derived from the Latin, valēre, to be strong. *** Valerie's not afraid of anything. Her best friend Stevie worries about everything. A flippe...
My Friend, The Demon (Fairy Tail Fanfic) by Eito_Eitsuo
My Friend, The Demon (Fairy Tail you piece of shit
After the Tartaros Arc, Gray is in Avatar to spy and find the END book because of his old man's last wish. When Gray and Erza have been helping out to find out the plans...
The Ghost Prince by XxTallythebanishedxx
The Ghost Princeby Tally Munson
Prince Fleury the once heartless prince of France was dead before anyone had even knew what had happened to him. Now forced to watch his beloved wife Sombra struggle at...
KASAUTI PYAR KAY by moonlightcreationx
KASAUTI PYAR KAYby Meghna 's fairytale
This is a AnuPre story which is completely different from the real story and it has also many twists and turns ,sacrifices ,love ,friendship, hatred and many more ,and t...
Mrs. Herron  by antionyo
Mrs. Herron by Andi
Anna Bushman was just an Ordinary Girl whose life spawn out of control when her father got out of prison. Anna could not stop hurting herself, but can Zach Herron save...
Mohabaat (TS) [Completed ✅] by B_K_Maha98
Mohabaat (TS) [Completed ✅]by B_K_Maha98
One boy who has everything like lovely family, friends, money, happiness everything simply he can called as born with a silver spoon such a lucky person he is... Because...
Rise of the TMNT: The HANAKOTOBA CLAN by perky103
Rise of the TMNT: The HANAKOTOBA perky103
The turtle brothers are once again at it again as they fight bad guys and protect the city from evil. However, they get ready for their next big mission after running in...
Forever and Always: Machi x Oc | Friendship story by CallMeBayleigh
Forever and Always: Machi x Oc | Bayleigh
Maya is the new member of the Phantom Troupe, and she gets along fine with everyone except one. Machi Komacine. Will Maya be able to wear Machi down?
Met Again|| j.revilla by -glowingnight
Met Again|| j.revillaby 𝗠
When Freddy left kidz bop Julianna's life changed after that but a year later Julianna left and Freddy and Julianna met again
The Crazy Almonds  by 09NoahS
The Crazy Almonds by Noah S.
"The Crazy Almonds" describes a story of true friendship, And Emotions. Basically, A group of best friends who were segregated due to some personal reasons and...
Silas Karlise x Reader (READ DESC.) by ThatGirl_Plushy
Silas Karlise x Reader (READ DESC.)by Kinsleigh Ruegge
Mark of the Past by therealmysterylover
Mark of the Pastby Survivor of Reality
First book - Sixth Avenue now available in Kindle. This can be read as a standalone as well. Playlist now available on Spotify with the story title. After an eventful...
Hated love by Arily_paradise
Hated loveby luckrishfa_paradise
Hi everyone my name is Arishfa khan Iam 16 years old girl and just completed my show "papa by chance" and I decided to not do any show for a year because of my...
Platanos and Fabuloso by HoBoPhoBo
Platanos and Fabulosoby mhm mhm mhm
My ShOeS aRe So CrEaTiVe gUAahH
𝐽𝑈𝐿𝐼𝐵𝐸𝐴𝑅||f.pomee (ON HOLD) by Juliannapomee
𝐽𝑈𝐿𝐼𝐵𝐸𝐴𝑅||f.pomee (ON HOLD)by 𝑀
Freddy andJulianna has been friends since they was 5 and 6 years old and Freddy gave Julianna a nickname "Julibear"' it is Julianna's name with the word bear a...
Friends Are My Family by Abid637
Friends Are My Familyby Abid Mahmud
Those two friends of mine consoled me a lot. I thought i was doing wrong but then they made me realise that living life the way you want to is not at all wrong.
I Will Never Forget You by carlaholy28
I Will Never Forget Youby carlaholy28
Hello everyone!My name is Shinsei Kāra.This is a story about friendship.My best friend is Yumico Kerī. Wanna know how our adventure begins??????? Read "I Will Never...
ELEVATOR- a love story which is not a LOVE story by smayra0961
ELEVATOR- a love story which is smayra0961
story about two people who became more than friends but ......... what exactly happened in the elevator and how elevator took these two on a ride..... want to know then...
The Missing Key by my_pen_shares
The Missing Keyby my_pen_shares
The story of a night about the missing key of the door and of the life...