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KARNANANYA by Tareeni07
KARNANANYAby Vaishnavi
MAHABHARAT , the epic saga of every human emotion intimately weaved with dharma ( righteousness) and karma. A tale which changed the course of entire history and led to...
Fallen  by MichelleBria
Fallen by Mpho Mogale
Have you ever felt like the four words:L.O.V.E truly exists?With that one person who makes you feel feel A.L.I.V.E ? Well meet Isabella Knowles.A beautiful,bubbly and en...
Friends forever!! by Chinesedramas
Friends forever!!by Anu
Yunlan planned a gift for Da qing on the occasion of friendship day!! Want to know?? Read it.. 😍😍
Egrimorth: Demon's Rising by uvuniverse
Egrimorth: Demon's Risingby Michael
In the kingdom of Egrimorth, Reece a young boy who lost everything, including half his memories dedicates his life to one goal. Fulfilling his mother's dying request. O...
Daughter of Nyx by ScarlettMidler
Daughter of Nyxby Scarlett Evangeline Midler
Melantha was a typical emo girl. Long blue black hair, big black eyes and black clothes with a pair of headphones. and then she discovers that Percy Jackson is real and...
Tales Of Jadwa  by adda_maryam
Tales Of Jadwa by Maryam hamma
A story of a girl who was born in Nigeria but went back to live in LA.Read as you find the tales of JADWA DANBATTA.
Don't go by Live-Love-21
Don't goby Lexi <3
Makayla is living a ordinary life, until she has to move. They're moving to North Carolina, but is it for the best? I mean, who knows. Read this story to find out the ch...
Love you to lose you ~Kairi C. by alex_mlh7474
Love you to lose you ~Kairi Alex🤍
Amelia a young girl in high school who's life takes a turn when she meets him. But will they get together and stay together forever, or not..
Age of Zodiac by hbk0218
Age of Zodiacby H. B. K.
Sage, Laken and Sal have been friends since childhood and together have navigated through the harshest of times in a world where your Zodiac defines your life, and the d...
A Typical Love Story by HennieGV
A Typical Love Storyby You ft. Me
"Don't you see ? I'm going to die any day now!" The boy yelled making the girl's eyes filled with tears "It's best for you to stay away from me , I don't...
Rooftop Conversation by literallynameless
Rooftop Conversationby Literally Nameless
"You like him....accept it Evans!" "I can't..." when a rooftop conversation with Sirius makes their bond stronger, Lily realises something. James Pot...
Cindy is a beautiful 18 years old girl who was raised by a single billionaire mom. She has everything that she wants except one thing 'her mother's love'💔.
The First Tribrid by Mys_Dnn
The First Tribridby Mysse
The First Tribrid ___________ Growing up, Azalea hated the forest but whenever she looked at it, she feels a connection pulling her in. The alluring beauty beyond the wo...
Piggy and all the blackcurrants by Snowbell_lavender
Piggy and all the blackcurrantsby Snowdrop Lavender
' CRACK! ' A baby pig climbed out of an eggshell, its fur grew and it became a baby pig with fur. At the following night, the blackcurrants tribe leader held a tr...
The member of BLACKPINK  by 1Opliq5
The member of BLACKPINK by 1Opliq5
A new English member joins a Korean girl band called blackpink to know someone has a little crush on her
Goldborne Academy: Children of light and darkness (Discontinued sorry) by twofantasywriters
Goldborne Academy: Children of twofantasywriters
Below the heat of the morning sun, Astrea finds herself in a position where stealing is inevitable. One stolen wallet changes her life forever, along with her brother Do...
My Teenage  by kavyareddy21
My Teenage by kavya
Love. Fear. Fedrick rewter has problems and is fed up of them. His school bullies,cheer leaders everyone is now picking on him. He loves Kayla james,his best friend,whic...