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Daddy x reader  by daddyduarte
Daddy x reader by eleanor
She grabs my chin and looks up at me with a soft smirk. "Lets see how you use that pretty mouth of yours Mama." _______________________________________________...
  • oitnbseason6
  • orangeisthenewblack
  • domingaduarte
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Attack on Titan x Male Reader: Rogue Warrior by ShadeAkami
Attack on Titan x Male Reader: ShadeAkami
He was a Warrior-in-training, a friend and a dedicated son but now...he was to be made into an example, for his parent's crimes. However, a certain blonde haired girl wi...
  • aot
  • zeke
  • anime
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Attack on Titan x Male Reader One Shots by FriedaIsBestGirl
Attack on Titan x Male Reader FriedaIsBestGirl
Just a little bit of fun I want to have while writing. AoT lemon one shots with a Male Reader. I'll be doing requests as well as ones me or my friends come up with. Enj...
  • lemons
  • mikasa
  • aot
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The Royal Protector •Erekuri-eremika Fanfic• by Adiimos
The Royal Protector • Adiimos
~The Story so far On a island named paradis there was 3 kingdoms, the kingdoms of this island are allies and they never had a war between them, they were living in peace...
  • erenjaeger
  • snkships
  • historiareiss
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Frieda and Fletch talk by jaadelam
Frieda and Fletch talkby jaadelam
Frieda and Fletch talk on the night shift
  • fletch
  • flac
  • abigail
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Gladiators of Rome:Short Stories by tall_girl
Gladiators of Rome:Short Storiesby Melissa
'Gladiator of Rome: Short Stories' will be a collection of short stories and bonus chapters around each of the main characters from the first novel in the trilogy; Gladi...
  • history
  • ancient
  • britannica
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THE GREAT RACE LOVE  by Protersforevertashaz
THE GREAT RACE LOVE by universe starz
this is the story about Thomas and friends great race
  • hiro
  • ashima
  • rajiv
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Fairy of the Sun & The Moon: Princess Stella  by Lumna10
Fairy of the Sun & The Moon: Lumna
All Winx Seasons told directly from Stella's POINT of View.....
  • musa
  • frieda
  • winxclub
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Night Shift by Lady-Jaguar
Night Shiftby Lady Jaguar
Shapeshifting shenanigans ensue as John Gaskell's experiment has unforeseen circumstances. Jac has to master her new wolf alter-ego in order to catch him, if Hanssen's...
  • holbycity
  • hexanna
  • sachalevy
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Tender like Feather, with Luck from a Clock // NH au by Presenting
Tender like Feather, with Luck Stiles
. time flies when you're with someone you love, literally . [This novel is on hold for editing and planning.]
  • frieda
  • niall
  • fate
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FCUK by ZoeySwiss
FCUKby ZoeySwiss
Hello. My name is Frieda Ella Lani O'Collins. Or Friedella for short. I'm a fourteen-year-old feminist who is a tiny bit crazy. Okay, okay a-lotta-bit crazy. But that's...
  • zoey
  • rebel
  • school
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Ramblings - A Collection of Short Stories by MaybeitsBee
Ramblings - A Collection of Bianca
I have a nasty habit of suddenly getting ideas when I'm trying to sleep. Hence, my iPhone has become my best friend. Currently, I have so many bits and pieces of ideas t...
  • songs
  • summer
  • stares
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Pleas come back | Zeke x Frieda sad au fanfic by Piecks_fanfics
Pleas come back | Zeke x Frieda Pieck
This story is a bit different from my others because of the system of texting. Anyways i hope you'll like it
  • frieda
  • sadfanfiction
  • zeke
Flikken Maastricht de verrader by jelle2006
Flikken Maastricht de verraderby #FlikkenMaastircht
Eva en Floris hebben een rare zaak. Er is een verrader. Marion en Romeo hebben een brutale roof. Ze verdenken dat Jens de officier van justitie de verrader is. Maar is d...
  • eva
  • romeo
  • frieda
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Only Ever freida's by DisposableVillain
Only Ever freida'sby Elliot
isabel was designed to be perfect. Just like the other eves. But something went wrong. She was made more perfect than the others. Too perfect. And being too perfect alw...
  • louise
  • father
  • isabel
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Brother or Victim by SherlocktheDebatable
Brother or Victimby Sasha
this is a story about a boy called Benedick whos sister has cancer. while he tries to support her, he recieves violent threats about something which he doesn't even know...
  • benedick
  • family
  • holton
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