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Friday the 13th: YouTubers Die by CorgiJones
Friday the 13th: YouTubers Dieby Grant Jones
A group of Gamers decide it would be best to get away from the electronics and go to Camp Crystal Lake in Illinois to enjoy some nature time. But when Lauren finds someo...
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Female Jason Voorhees x male reader x Female Freddy Kruger. by Waywardkat
Female Jason Voorhees x male Wayward Kat
exactly the way it sounds, pray for S.O.B
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Fanarts/Images of Jason Voorhees by Voorhees-A17FanGirl
Fanarts/Images of Jason Voorheesby Marie
Bienvenidos al Camp. Cristal Lake espero que tengan unas lindas vacaciones ;)
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My Jason by elena177
My Jasonby Jezreel Vogel
Before Jason Voorhees became a killer,before he died.He met a little girl named Raven.She was called a freak just like him.She look scary looking and her parents didn't...
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Killers Feel Love ❤️  by OwlTrash
Killers Feel Love ❤️ by ꧁𝓞𝔀𝓵꧂
"Please," I pleaded weakly "move. I need to help him. Please." Jason stood still in front of me, his mask off revealing his, surprisingly, handsome...
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Blood Is Red & Bruises Are Blue by green1000
Blood Is Red & Bruises Are Blueby Mystic Wolf
Ayano Aishi is a average teenage girl, living a normal life. Or so she tries to. Ayano is a second-year at a private school, called Akademi High School. That is located...
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Freddy Kruger's Daughter by bulletsbelleville
Freddy Kruger's Daughterby bleh
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Halloween/Friday the 13th/Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossover Story ideas  by kyl1eo
Halloween/Friday the 13th/Texas kyl1eo
3 way crossover
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Time For Terror (A Friday the 13th Short Story) // COMPLETED  by Stephamaney
Time For Terror (A Friday the Stephamaney
On Friday the 13th, 2017 In January. This is the date of today and the terror that takes place in Sonya's life. Happy Friday the 13th. P.S its also a full moon.
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NEVER SLEEP AGAIN ~Freddy Krueger X OC~ by ann_1984
NEVER SLEEP AGAIN ~Freddy ann_1984
Clarice Hopkins is 13 years old in 1963 where she meets this young man that is somewhat her protecter, but not in a good way. Teaches her the bad things in life and bec...
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Random shit no-one cares about by Wxlfyx
Random shit no-one cares aboutby Wxlfyx
isn't the title too obvious?
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LONG LIVE THE KING (13) by Ali_4_later
LONG LIVE THE KING (13)by (you choose)
Marry and Blair are sisters. they are obsessed with the French revolution and had built a model guillotine in there basement. this is a real working one and after there...
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Error X Colin  by Godzilla2020
Error X Colin by Colinasaurs
So I'm obsessed with Error so I decided to write this. Hope y'all enjoy
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Friday the 13th - A Teen!Sabriel/Destiel/Johnlock/Janto Fan Fiction by SinfullyDeepSleep
Friday the 13th - A Teen!Sabriel/ SinfullyDeepSleep
I threw this together on friday the 13 of february 2015. I didn't write it all on said night, but ...yeah. Well, as usual, all rights reserve and stuff. yay. Hopefully t...
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Friday the 13th by CanadianBlueMoon
Friday the 13thby Canadian
Based on the game
Anesthesia by Hitsuji_to_Yagi
Anesthesiaby Hitsuji_to_yagi
A string of odd murders began in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania and continued in Toledo, Ohio. Jason has been on this case ever since the beginning, and he won't rest until...
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