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The Fates Changed Their Minds by 717-maemitch0
The Fates Changed Their Mindsby Mae Mitch
Merlin helps Morgana, Freya survives, and Merlin runs away with her to a kingdom where he becomes a knight. Uther seeks peace with this magic welcoming treaty hoping to...
Merlin One Shots by InkFanatic
Merlin One Shotsby Hopefulauthor
***Requests are currently closed!*** A series of one shots, headcannons, and drabbles by yours truly! It will include: Fluff Gwaine Freylin Angst Ships Freylin Gwaine's...
Freylin one shots by Cerialess
Freylin one shotsby Cerialess
The title is pretty self-explanatory If you don't like Freylin, then why did you click on this?
500 Days of Freya (Merlin) by Cordelia-Rose
500 Days of Freya (Merlin)by Cordelia-Rose
500 different scenarios and one-shots revolving around Merlin and Freya. Freylin.
BBC Merlin One-Shots by Wolfmay30
BBC Merlin One-Shotsby Wolfmay30
A bunch of random one-shots and reveals that come off the top of my head wen I write them. If you request a sequel I will (most likely) write it. (No lemons) [No Merthur...
The painful part of Merlin  by NF_TOP_Superfan
The painful part of Merlin by Someone😂
(Finished) Merlin hides two secrets, one: He's got magic, two: hes depressed. He cuts on a daily basis and he hides it from everyone. He's been able to keep it secret un...
Her Name Was Freya  by WillieNillieFlys
Her Name Was Freya by Willie
When Gwen leaves, Arthur says he could never understand the pain of losing the woman you love... but. Merlin does.
Reunited (Merlin) by Cordelia-Rose
Reunited (Merlin)by Cordelia-Rose
On the night of Arthur's wedding, Merlin slips out early. Everybody drinks and laughs, and Merlin cries. He falls asleep with the word Freya on his lips, consuming his t...
Merlin-(OneShots) by 2003lollypop
Merlin-(OneShots)by Becks
Merlin story ideas that are too stupid or too short to make into real stories. The title really says it all. Non of them are related unless it says.
Merlin by 5secondsofwinchester
Merlinby 5secondsofwinchester
Merlin has been having nightmares brought on by his traumatic past. Arthur and the rest of the Knights of Camelot notice that something is amiss and are determined to ge...
 The Tournament of Gladiators  by InkFanatic
The Tournament of Gladiators by Hopefulauthor
When Merlin, Prince Arthur, and the knights of the round table go on a hunting trip to help relax, they don't expect to be captured by people who are looking for fighter...
Merlin's fate by AnneZea
Merlin's fateby Annie.Z
[This is a Merlin Fan fiction] If there are any trigger warnings they'll be listed on the top of the chapter, Merlin, the knights, and Arthur are on a hunting trip. The...
Secrets Revealed(merlin) by 2003lollypop
Secrets Revealed(merlin)by Becks
It was a normal day in camelot until Merlin received a letter from his mother with urgent news that can change his life forever In a land of myth and a time of magic The...
A Couple of Merlin Short Stories by Sireb_TStrei
A Couple of Merlin Short Storiesby S. T.
A collection of short stories, oneshots, and slightly wacky uncanon ideas all about our favorite warlock and friends. Enjoy. (Also be prepared for characters out of char...
The Destruction Of Merlin by Cycloptical
The Destruction Of Merlinby Itha Graham
When Merlin, Arthur and the knights are taken by bandits its up to Merlin to stop the leader from killing Arthur. But what when he sympathises with that person and reali...
Multi Fandom One Shots by PJOMarvelfan
Multi Fandom One Shotsby 𝓢𝓬𝓪𝓻𝓵𝓮𝓽𝓽
Like the title says One Shots from different fandoms. Crossovers included. Fandoms include: Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, MCU, Merlin TV Series, Miraculous Ladybug. F...
Adjusting To All - Alternate Merlin Series book 2 (Discontinued) by NorthernEnigma
Adjusting To All - Alternate NorthernEnigma
The second book of the Alternate Merin Series. Everyone is now adjusting to their new roles and lives. Merlin is adjusting to his twin sister being awake, Arthur is adj...
Nightmares by FreckledBrunette
Nightmaresby FreckledBrunette
Merlin had managed to hide his nightmares from Arthur so far but how much longer? I saw this cover picture and was listening to 'thinking out loud' by Ed Sheeran and thi...
Story Behind the Scars by Luna_zgamer
Story Behind the Scarsby Luna_zgamer
I loved the idea behind my 'Scars' chapter in my oneshot/headcanon book (although yes I know others have done it) so I decided to turn it into a book. Each chapter will...
Freylin One-shots by ArtLife3
Freylin One-shotsby Writer's Block
One-shot stories disconnected from each other revolving around Merlin and Freya's love. "There must be something I can do, some way to save you." "You've...