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Secrets Revealed(merlin) by 2003lollypop
Secrets Revealed(merlin)by Dragoon The Great
It was a normal day in camelot until Merlin received a letter from his mother with urgent news that can change his life forever In a land of myth and a time of magic The...
  • freylin
  • gwaine
  • sister
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 The Tournament of Gladiators  by InkFanatic
The Tournament of Gladiators by Hopefulauthor
When Merlin, Prince Arthur, and the knights of the round table go on a hunting trip to help relax, they don't expect to be captured by people who are looking for fighter...
  • magic
  • knightsoftheroundtable
  • reveal
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Why Strawberries Make Merlin Cry by Cycloptical
Why Strawberries Make Merlin Cryby Itha Graham
Arthur and the knights follow Merlin all the way to lake Avalon after he sneaks out.
  • wattys2017
  • freylin
  • reveal
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Merlin One Shots by InkFanatic
Merlin One Shotsby Hopefulauthor
***REQUESTS OPEN*** A series of one shots, headcannons, and drabbles by yours truly! It will include: Fluff Gwaine Freylin Angst Ships Freylin Gwaine's hair Freylin And...
  • percival
  • mergana
  • arthur
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A Couple of Merlin Short Stories by WDJD12
A Couple of Merlin Short Storiesby B. Briar
A collection of short stories, oneshots, and slightly wacky uncanon ideas all about our favorite warlock and friends. Enjoy. (Also be prepared for characters out of char...
  • arwen
  • gaius
  • queen
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The Destruction Of Merlin by Cycloptical
The Destruction Of Merlinby Itha Graham
When Merlin, Arthur and the knights are taken by bandits its up to Merlin to stop the leader from killing Arthur. But what when he sympathises with that person and reali...
  • arthur
  • freylin
  • magic
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Merlin Alternate Ending by WandererOShea
Merlin Alternate Endingby Hope
MERLIN SPOILERS!!!!! *********************** **************************************************** If you hated the ending of Merlin as much as I did, read this! It begin...
  • merlin
  • merlinfreya
  • thedayofthediamond
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Was it Worth It? by all_stories_must_end
Was it Worth It?by alex
"I have but one thing to say to you, Arthur Pendragon. Was it worth it?" ******* - this story has some profanities, so if that bothers you then please read wit...
  • freylin
  • elyân
  • arthur
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Freylin, one shots and drabbles by crazyoneonhorseback
Freylin, one shots and drabblesby Crazyoneonhorseback
One shots and drabbles about Merlin, arthur, freya and Gwen. Mostly freylin because there is never enough Freylin Fanfics. These stories vault flow together but are each...
  • freya
  • gwen
  • merlin
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A Twist in Time and Fate by hskfhajkjfhaosif
A Twist in Time and Fateby hskfhajkjfhaosif
Merlin has revealed his magic to Arthur to keep the woman he loves alive. Now, he's on the run. His journey has been long, but they have finally found a home. After n...
  • freylin
  • merlin
  • merlinreveal
The Lady of the Lake Returns (Merlin) by Cordelia-Rose
The Lady of the Lake Returns ( Cordelia-Rose
TAKEN OVER FROM FREYALOVES. After the final battle for Camelot Morgana and Mordred are dead and Merlin's magic is finally revealed. But when Gaius dies and Gwen has a ba...
  • freya
  • freylin
  • merlin
Merlin-(OneShots) by 2003lollypop
Merlin-(OneShots)by Dragoon The Great
Merlin story ideas that are too stupid or too short to make into real stories. The title really says it all. Non of them are related unless it says.
  • gwaine
  • morgana
  • uther
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Her Name Was Freya  by WillieNillieFlys
Her Name Was Freya by Willie
When Gwen leaves, Arthur says he could never understand the pain of losing the woman you love... but. Merlin does.
  • merlin
  • gwen
  • camelot
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Merlin short Fics by forever_a_clotpole
Merlin short Ficsby forever_a_clotpole
This is a collection of short storys about Merlin ships. If you would like for a ship then pls request!! Please enjoy reading these! They are only my ideas about what co...
  • morgwen
  • merthur
  • gwen
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The Fight for Merlin by Merlinstories
The Fight for Merlinby Shelby_Polars
It's is basically Freylin vs. Merthur. Freya and Arthur fight over who gets to be with Merlin. Who will win? Read to find out. I don't own Merlin. That all goes to BBC.
  • freya
  • merthur
  • camelot
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The Fight for Merlin by Ishallnottell
The Fight for Merlinby Ishallnottell
In which Merlin has found a cure for Freya's curse, they are the perfect couple but not everything is as it seems. While Merlin is in a relationship with Freya, Arthur t...
  • kilgarrah
  • freya
  • ships
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Emrys by MariaBeasley2
Emrysby Maria Beasley
Morgana is more determined than ever to find Emrys. She is certain he is the reason for Agravaine's death. She won't rest till she sees the light drain out of his eyes...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • albion
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