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Like Ghosts In The Snow (Frerard) by deandrethenewgirl
Like Ghosts In The Snow (Frerard)by I want to poop here
Frank Iero is a lost soul wondering around for answers. One day he met someone who was able to see him like no one can. Will he be able to solve his answers?
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  • frerardlove
  • mychemicalromance
Students Are Off Limits, Mr. Iero (Frerard TeacherxStudent) by XxDannyLovesBenjixX
Students Are Off Limits, Mr. Benjamin Paul Bruce
17 year old Gerard Way, is different from the rest of the boys in Belleville, New Jersey...One difference being that Gerard is Gay, and is also a cross dresser. The sass...
  • mikeyway
  • frankiero
  • falloutboy
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Escribo pecados, no tragedias [Frerard] by OrquideasEnLaAlacena
Escribo pecados, no tragedias [ PumpkinBird
Ellos creían que algo como eso jamás había pasado, que los pecados y las tragedias vienen de la mano. Sin excepción. Pero la eternidad es realmente larga, y la inmortali...
  • zackyvengeance
  • gerard-way
  • frerardfanfiction
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Another Frerard Story... by frerardmonstermcr
Another Frerard FrerardMonsterMCR
When a new guy (Frank Iero) starts at boarding school, he meets many new people including his roommate (Gerard Way) they have a rough start and go through many challengi...
  • fanfic
  • mikeyway
  • anot
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Síndrome Post-Aborto |Frerard| Mpreg by OrquideasEnLaAlacena
Síndrome Post-Aborto |Frerard| PumpkinBird
A veces deseamos, otras podríamos. Pero las cosas hechas, hechas están. Frank no está bien. ---- | My Chemical Romance | Frerard | 1 parte / 2,471 palabras | angst |...
  • frerardlove
  • frank-iero
  • iero
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Frerard : The World Is Ugly Sequel by frerardmonstermcr
Frerard : The World Is Ugly Sequelby FrerardMonsterMCR
This is book 2!! If you have not read book 1: "Frerard // The Light Behind Your Eyes" then you may not understand this sequel well. Previously, Gerard and Fran...
  • sequel
  • gerardway
  • mcr
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The Jet Life Is Gonna Kill Ya by TheUsedfanfic
The Jet Life Is Gonna Kill Yaby No1ReadsMyShit
Frank was falling into a self destructive demise. His friends where starting to loose hope and give up in him ever finding help. But that all changes when someone he has...
  • frerardlove
  • drugabuse
  • frankiero
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Stranger Is Typing...(Frerard) by DarkStar_BVB172
Stranger Is Typing...(Frerard)by Holly
16 year old Frank Iero hates his life. He shuts himself off from his parents, he gets bullied every day at school, and he's always hiding his sexuality from everyone. An...
  • frerard
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  • omegle
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Live Through This ---Frerard Fanfiction by iLoVeMcR9981
Live Through This ---Frerard Christ Iero
Frank and Gerard have been best friends since the fifth grade, but when Gerard gets diagnosed with Leukemia, things get even more complicated than the love they kept hid...
  • frerardfanfic
  • frerardfic
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Post Abortion Syndrome |Frerard| Mpreg by PumpkinBird
Post Abortion Syndrome |Frerard| Flowers
Sometimes we wish, others we can. but the things done, are done. Frank is not ok.
  • frerard
  • mychemicalromance
  • gerardway
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Blind Love [Frerard] by Dephania
Blind Love [Frerard]by Dephania
Frank, a college student trying to support his family, never complains about being poor. Gerard, on the other hand, is a young beautiful painter who lives in the rich pa...
  • mychemicalromance
  • frerardsmut
  • frankiero
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Faggot - a Frerard fanfic by Plmqaz11
Faggot - a Frerard fanficby Plmqaz11
Gerard and Frank are making individual music, as they have been ever since the break up of MCR. Gerard is a relatively happy guy, and Frank is doing okay, apart from his...
  • frerardsmut
  • gay
  • mychemicalromance
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Dear Diary, Life is trying me by Join_The_MCRmy
Dear Diary, Life is trying meby Ellie
Gerard Way, awkward teenager extraordinaire, decides to write in a journal to get rid of some of his teenage angst. Along the way, he becomes infatuated with a boy aroun...
  • journal
  • frerard
  • bxb
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I'll Let You Know Just How Much You Mean To Me (Frerard) by cyanideanddiamonds
I'll Let You Know Just How Much Em and Dani
Frank and Gerard are already friends, and when Frank forgets his house key, it brings he and Gee closer. Way closer.
  • ship
  • gerard
  • bandom
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The Tints And Shades (Frerard) by cyanideanddiamonds
The Tints And Shades (Frerard)by Em and Dani
[Inspired by "The Giver" By Lois Lowry and "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury] Frerard Gerard lives in Monroeville, a colorless, comicbookless...
  • love
  • frerardd
  • frerardfanfic
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Run Away With Me by theghostofhelena
Run Away With Meby theghostofhelena
Gerard is a 17 year old rich kid who does and will not socialise with anybody and finds comfort in his music. His raging parents are constantly nagging him to be like hi...
  • mikeyway
  • frerard
  • gerardway
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99 Days Without You by ElementsOfATragedy
99 Days Without Youby ElementsOfATragedy
  • suicide
  • frerard
  • frerardlove
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Valentine's Day (Frerard one-shot) by xXLadyOfSorrowsXx
Valentine's Day (Frerard one-shot)by ~Dølly~
Frank Iero and Gerard Way dating on Valentine's Day!
  • frerard
  • lovers
  • frerardlove
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Like it was Yesterday by mychemicalrhapsody
Like it was Yesterdayby Destinee
I can't be so selfish, he helped me when I was severely depressed. Now it's my turn to help him. He needs his best friend. He needs me. And most of all, I need him. &quo...
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  • gerardwaylovestory
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