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Rather Be With You [Complete]✔ by crossingmountains
Rather Be With You [Complete]✔by crossingmountains
Ella thinks her almost white blonde hair makes her look like an old lady. Ella, also, thinks that she's been under the radar, since she is neither popular nor a loner...
The Fakers by AnaEasterly
The Fakersby Ana Easterly
It was love at first elbow to the nose. When skirt-chasing TV star, Liam Black, gets thrown out of an unknown actress's apartment, he is impressed by the Z-lister's surp...
Dark Skin  by withink
Dark Skin by em.
Was it her fault if she had dark skin? #freeyourbody #ThePeopleOfSociety #35 in Short Story #2 in #spreadlove #1 in #stopracism • Book One of the 'Camouflage' Series. •...
armie by spite-
armieby wendii mciver
here is maë. girl. mortal. philosopher. harbinger of death. here is armie. boy. god. lover. armageddon. and here is the end of the world. || completed || very shor...
Love, Unrequited | ✓ by tympanic
Love, Unrequited | ✓by discontinued
in which a girl writes down everything she couldn't say to the boy who was never meant to be hers in an attempt to get over him. just like you. just like me. Short Story...
f l a w s  ✓ by opticality
f l a w s ✓by ʟ ᴇ ᴀ ʜ
❝If I'm going to write a book it will be about you − about your flaws − because when I first fell in love with you it was because of your flaws.❞ All rights reserved @...
i n a m o r a t a  ✓ by opticality
i n a m o r a t a ✓by ʟ ᴇ ᴀ ʜ
❝S h e who uses intimacy as a way of trying to forget.❞ All rights reserved. @ o p t i c a l i t y | 2019
Slut || ✓ by Authoritative
Slut || ✓by Ꮯ Ꮋ Ꭺ Ꭱ Ꮮ Ꮠ Ꭼ
About a girl Whose heart got broken One-too-many times By boys who never saw her worth #thepeopleofsociety #youngadult #stopslutshaming [#30 in short story 6/5/16] © Cha...
unbridled [completed] by smokestung
unbridled [completed]by smokestung
u n b r i d l e d : ʌnˈbrʌɪd(ə)ld/ adjective uncontrolled ; unrestrained [ lowercase intended I completed I short story I thriller ] ©smokestung
Zachary And Victoria by seopresso
Zachary And Victoriaby ruth
in which a random call from a heartbroken girl is the cause for another happy ending. ZACHARY AND VICTORIA. a conversational formatted short story. seopresso, 2020.
Klexos | ✓ by poeticpotts
Klexos | ✓by 𝚜𝚔𝚢𝚕𝚊𝚛 𝚏𝚘𝚡
Klexos (n): the art of dwelling in the past. For eleven years, Alexia Cadness' heart belonged to Travis Goldstein. Even after all the pain. Because that's just how love...
Sick Blood | ✓ (2016) by 3pointt14
Sick Blood | ✓ (2016)by Azia Mery
This is not a revenge story. This is not a breakup story. This is how the blood running through our veins turned into poison. And killed the rest of the world.
Me Without You | ✓ by shrinkingviolets_
Me Without You | ✓by rachel
'I have never known the me without you, But now I guess I'll have to find her.' highest rank | 62 in short story » #freeyourshorts winner for romance
Fireworks & Forevers✓ by curlingwands
Fireworks & Forevers✓by Pooj
❝Forever isn't defined by the time, but the person you spend it with. With the one you love, everyday can be forever❞ Ruth was my forever. She still is. Always will be...
Still Breathing || #FreeYourShorts by twentyonemichael
Still Breathing || #FreeYourShortsby inactive
❝ I'm incapable of falling in love ❞ © 2016, Adrianna James.
Alexithymia | ✓ by poeticpotts
Alexithymia | ✓by 𝚜𝚔𝚢𝚕𝚊𝚛 𝚏𝚘𝚡
Alexithymia (n): unable to express emotions Love doesn't always work like the ones we see in the movies or read in the books. When you struggle to define your emotions...
18 Letters ✔ by eatbackwardsistae
18 Letters ✔by Sami
"Good girls write diaries." Sage Adams wrote letters #137 in short story - 18092017
Embers || #FreeYourShorts LGBT+ by twentyonemichael
Embers || #FreeYourShorts LGBT+by inactive
❝ ...and as we count the stars together, we dissolve the world and paint ourselves in love. ❞ © 2016, Adrianna James.
What Made Me Thin by perishme
What Made Me Thinby rena👁
I cried as I stuffed all those salads inside my mouth gagging half of it as I slapped my self "Why am I so fat?"I screamed. All her life Stacy's been haunted...
motion. | completed by heliodor
motion. | completedby mercury
this is the backwards story of how i [lost my mind] fell in love. lowercase intended. #83 in poetry | #150 in short story | 14-11-14