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Sex stories by SMUT007
Sex storiesby SMUT007
  • creativewriting
  • freewriting
Essays by Galekse
Essaysby Safala Bista
Copyright (c) by Safala Bista. No part of this book may be reproduced in any way, whether in electronic or printed form, without the permission of the author. If it is r...
  • freewriting
  • school
  • nonfiction
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Free to Use Sentence Starters by happystool3
Free to Use Sentence Startersby happystool3
Need an idea on how to start your book? Or are you just wanting to freewrite? You've come to the right place! For everyday, a new topic sentence/idea will be added to th...
  • useful
  • notsodaily
  • daily
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Eunoia by fauuufaheem
Eunoiaby F.FauzaFaheem
with minds as messed up as our's ; what would we do without poetry?
  • poemcontest
  • freewriting
  • deep
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Her Favorite Color is Yellow by IVIIMMXVII
Her Favorite Color is Yellowby E.M. Newman
First love is an experience you get only once because it's filled with many emotions that you feel for the very first time. You may have had other experiences where you...
  • thoughts
  • lgbtq
  • lgbt
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My Truth by ndezdaya
My Truthby Yeah it’s Daya
an accumulation of miscellaneous poems that vary in: length, tone, and pattern - lowercase intended -
  • young
  • random
  • read
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From Mind, Through Pen by RigelU
From Mind, Through Penby RigelU
Multiple worlds created in the mind, flowed through veins, and given form by the pen. Short, free writings by Urooba Mehtab (a.k.a Rigel Kent). Will keep posting more as...
  • love
  • random
  • anygenre
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Justice For The Tragedy by tragudey
Justice For The Tragedyby JANA
"i do not know what i think until i write about it"
  • journal
  • freewriting
  • poetry
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Free Writing by KristenAshley7
Free Writingby Kristen Ashley
Free writing is where people write continuously, without focusing too much on grammar, spelling, etc. It's often a tool to help fight writer's block. I free write at the...
  • freewrite
  • freewriting
  • random
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Dreamscapes by brb-riding-dragons
Dreamscapesby Adi Sage
This is a book. You probably already knew that. This is a poetry book. Maybe you knew that too. This is a book of feelings, of thoughts and dreams and wishes. You probab...
  • dreams
  • thoughts
  • poems
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SMOKE;; POETRY/LETTERS by insomniac-maniac
"i didn't know letting go would be this hard"
  • poetry
  • poems
  • vent
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Sun | original by TwelveTurquoise12
Sun | originalby TwelveTurquoise12
☀ She was his sun. So constant, so hot, so irritating. Sometimes stronger, sometimes less noticeable, but always there. She frustrated him to no end. God, how much he...
  • idkwhatthisis
  • people
  • development
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Free writing by AllowMeToRead
Free writingby AllowMeToRead
The book just mainly consists of random writing so that's basically it made by Maria :)
  • alone
  • vent
  • shortchapters
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Sock's Short Knitted Tales  by LeslieSocks
Sock's Short Knitted Tales by Leslie Socks
I'll knit you a few little yarns. So stay awhile, and take a seat near the fire. Some tales may bring comfort, some understanding, the others a chill up your spine. Eit...
  • dreamjournal
  • nightmares
  • prompts
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short stories by TravelingStoryTeller
short storiesby S
A pieces to get you thinking about life. Poems.
  • freewriting
  • goandthinkaboutlife
  • wattys2015
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Thoughts At 4 AM by CloudyEthereal1274
Thoughts At 4 AMby Ayla K.
Those random thoughts that keep you up at night As you toss and turn, putting up your fight Shutting your eyes and counting backwards from ten Then groaning as you...
  • wattpad
  • thoughts
  • teen
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Calculus II by lavenderstar
Calculus IIby Lauren-o de Bergerac
It looks like a math textbook, doesn't it? Well, it's not. This is something far less sinister. This is a story of a murder. ~*~ Calculus II is the son of Abacus and he...
  • astronomer
  • silly
  • severus
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Over the Summer Writings 2019 (Updating over the summer) by MadisonRie
Over the Summer Writings 2019 ( Writer 05
So as the Summer is coming so soon! I will be NOT be updating my stories every week or so! I will not stop writing! So I will be writing during the summer! Writing whate...
  • prompts
  • ilovewriting
  • unique
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Menulis Bebas by RendiAgusto
Menulis Bebasby Otsuga
ini adalah tulisan bebas saya yang di ajarkan dalam buku free writing karya Hernowo hasim. jadi di dalam tulisan ini aku bebas menulis apa saja, hanya ingin menulis saja...
  • cerita
  • menulisbebas
  • freewriting
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completely irrelevant by cretonblostar
completely irrelevantby poof
this is for whatever pops into my head that i want to categorize under 'random' or 'irrelevant'. poems, tags, etc. warning: a large portion of the beginning of the book...
  • poetry
  • poems
  • randomthoughts
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