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Ratalouis' Extreme Feral Adventure by The-last-username
Ratalouis' Extreme Feral Adventureby The-last-username
Paris is the city of love, and this is especially true for Ratalouis, the rat member of One Direction. When he meets the gorgeous aristocRATic Eleanor (who's also a rat)...
The House of Esha (RewindTheClassics22) by amberkbryant
The House of Esha ( Amber K Bryant
Gothic horror, but make it Sci-fi! It's Edgar Allan Poe for the 27th century in this retelling of The Fall of the House of Usher for the Rewind the Classics competition...
Demons From The Deep by LonleyDarkLord
Demons From The Deepby LonelyDarkLord
Born from the angels Yet arriving from hell Be very careful Or you'll fall under his spell Can be read as a fanfiction or normal book, Rick Riordan owns all charecters...
LABYRINTH  by Chante_Inge
Happiness is the only emotion a broken soul can't seem to experience. They can only dream of it and hopefully find serenity to fill the void, with the hopes of one day b...
I can't love you by Wilson4of6
I can't love youby iris hope
"You can learn to" "Learn to love you, I didn't want this after everything I thought you had enough respect for me not to do this" "I'm sorry...
You're still my Destiny by CaptainSif
You're still my Destinyby CaptainSif
Another year, another Legacy Day. Apple convinced Raven to step up to the podium again. But Apple still has expectations, and Raven still has aspirations. A lot has chan...
To Be The Perfect Girl. by faeblu
To Be The Perfect FaeBlu
For mature audiences only I am reediting and republishing this book. bare with me. This story will contain Cursing, sex (consensual and non), and violence. Bear with me...
Tainted Souls vol.1 by Sean-Paul
Tainted Souls vol.1by Sean-Paul Mdhluli
The truth in a Nut shell ...what is reality? Does it all matter in the end? This is a collection of my thoughts and feelings,how I feel about the world and how I see it...
Grey (Now Published!) by autumnskiess
Grey (Now Published!)by Kayley B
GREY IS NOW PUBLISHED WORLDWIDE! Please support me and purchase a copy of your very own Grey paperback! Links in the bio xo Elizabeth Sanchez is no stranger to a whip or...
Dragon Riders: Darkness by TtroubleT
Dragon Riders: Darknessby TtroubleT
After the Demon Wars and the fall of the Dragons the surviving Dragon Riders have gone into hiding. The Demon King has killed all of the dragons, their eggs, and most of...
A New Industry by You_Were_Wrong
A New Industryby Didn't Care Til You Were Wrong
What happens when a mindless drone develops free will? This is the question posed in this short story I wrote for the origin story of a character of mine. I think it tur...
the short term by kaiju_00
the short termby kaiju_00
collective of thoughts and ideas
Eden Deleted by OlegRoschin
Eden Deletedby Oleg Roschin
A scientist sets up a laboratory in another star system and creates sentient, morally conscious creatures.
The Diary by malaikkabir1
The Diaryby malaikkabir1
A short story about destiny and its vaguely defined connection with our choices and actions.
transformers prime roleplay! by optaniumprime
transformers prime roleplay!by Athena prime
I just got this from reading some, so I hope you like it!
'13 Flash by KimIzzy
'13 Flashby Kim Izzy
This is a compilation of Flash fiction stories I've written using writing prompts (credit given). I especially like photo prompts.
Mental by 20grobc
Mentalby Claire
"Do you ever feel like we don't have a choice in all this?" "Yes, but I also feel like it would be stupid not to try"
Reconciliate by Of_Brigid
Reconciliateby Joanna
Book 1 of the R A U M saga (a Supernatural fanfiction) "Dean, Sam I...I need to tell you something." I said as I sat on Dean's bed "What Mandy?" &quo...
Keeping Time by LaurEliz
Keeping Timeby LaurEliz
Sera and Ezra were recruited as teenagers to keep humanity on its predestined path, but after years of compliance and loyalty, Sera begins to question her allegiance to...