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Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader) by Foxalicious
Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader)by Foxy's First Mate
This is a FNAF foxy x reader fan fic. To know the plot you are going to have to read. THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN ONLY THE FIRST TWO GAMES WERE RELEASED. ITS BASED OFF THE OLD...
The JereMike Collection by BamSaraKilledYou
The JereMike Collectionby BamSaraKilledYou
(Completed) Just a couple of one-shots between Fazbear's snarky security guard and dweeby nightwatch. I do not own Five Night's at Freddy's.
FNAF Security Guards (One-Shots) by ___Mystic___
FNAF Security Guards (One-Shots)by | M y s t i c |
Critics Say: "Loved it!!" - @thenamesbella01 "ITS GREAT!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! I really like the kid ones" - @Emmie11_thefragmetn "SO CUTE 😍...
FNAF as Anime by -HELLPIG-
FNAF as Animeby Cameron
Longest book I've ever "wrote" 😂 Might be expanded due to requests of fangames and what not. Highest ranking: #1-UCN
Godzilla Warriors: One-Offs by captaintaco2345
Godzilla Warriors: One-Offsby Captaintaco2345
So, what do Godzilla and the others do when they aren't saving the world? What does Ghidorah do when he's not plotting to take over the world? In this book, you'll find...
Fun-times aren't always great. FNaF: SL (Fun time Freddy x reader) by PsychoticFun87
Fun-times aren't always great. Psychotic
Just a Fun-time freddy x reader. Sorry if this story gets confusing, hope you enjoy! Title cover is made by my friend
Harry's Strings (Being Rewritten) by Allure_Crimson
Harry's Strings (Being Rewritten)by Allure_Crimson
At the age of five, Harry Potter disappeared. The police searched for weeks but found nothing. They eventually declared him dead. On what would've been his eleventh birt...
Fnaf - Rating ships by VibinMxria
Fnaf - Rating shipsby hi.
Rating fnaf ships. :D Note: This book was created in 2020 so it will have some cringe stuff. please do tell me if you do find any cringe stuff so I can change it - The b...
adopted by sundrop and moondrop by sundaddrop
adopted by sundrop and moondropby sun dad drop
nonbinary reader insert run's from an awful home. going to the pizza plex y/n planed to live their life hiding in the pizzaplex with the robots. they were right about th...
Toy Bonnie x Bonnie (FNAF) by mintyy50
Toy Bonnie x Bonnie (FNAF)by mintyp
After pushing aside their differences, the originals and the toys eventually got along. However, two of them refused to do this and instead take fun in annoying each oth...
Michael Afton x Fem Reader by Kkt_simp
Michael Afton x Fem Readerby TheOfficial_KelSimp
You are a 14 Y.o. Girl who lives in hurricane with her family. She happens to meet a guy who seems like just a bully, but it turns out she starts to fall for him and he...
Jeremike-You're Different than the others by Grim-Virus
Jeremike-You're Different than please dont associate me with...
Mike believed the world hated him. Jeremy wished to start over after moving away from his dad. When these two meet, Mike will learn that sometimes life can be even more...
Golden Hearts by KozueKawaii
Golden Heartsby VioletSky
(Y/n) is in an abusive relationship with Marcus, her longtime boyfriend. Her life couldn't get any more worse, or so she thought. What will she do, when she is flung i...
Music to My Ears || Glamrock Freddy x Reader by Tashis_World
Music to My Ears || Glamrock Twisted Wonder
You saw the title! I simp for him and you probably do too, so why not read this? :) (This is NOT a finished story.) This IS a Freddy x Reader, however for the character...
Pick Up the Phone *Phone guy X Reader* by SwaggerPsychopath
Pick Up the Phone *Phone guy X Pşýčhø
Phone guy x reader. You have just gotten a terrible and horrifying job at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Although, between this fear and concerns.. will something blossom from...
Intern {Five Nights at Freddy's Fanfiction} by Gberryb
Intern {Five Nights at Freddy's Gberryb
Why does it always have to be me? Couldn't I have just been a writer? I didn't ask to be an intern at a shabby 'Family Restaurant' with a creepy manager and a jerky ment...
I Couldn't Keep You Close ( Vincent x Reader ) by ToastedMems
I Couldn't Keep You Close ( ~Vincent is Love~
(Y/N) is working at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! The best pizza place in town :3 probably not but, hey, you catch the drift :) you loved going since you were little until...
Love at first bite; Fonnie by LiamDrithal
Love at first bite; Fonnieby Dragonscale321
WARNING! This will contain language and probably some smut. Plz give me criticism if i do something wrong, so i can fix it. And PLEASE no hate comments, i deal with bull...
Sunset (a fnaf fonnie FanFic) by TheCreepypastaFox
Sunset (a fnaf fonnie FanFic)by fox the lone phantom
Ever since the bite of 87, foxy the animatronic pirate fox, was put out of order. After years alone in the shadows of pirates cove, bonnie the animatronic bunny, decides...
Five Nights At Freddy's by littlemisscrazytown
Five Nights At Freddy'sby littlemisscrazytown
Harley is the new Night Guard, as well as repair woman of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. After being warned by the previous, Mike Schmidt, she still goes ahead and takes the jo...