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Percy Jackson and friends react to their own fan art by Evren_Writes
Percy Jackson and friends react Family disappointment
Just read the dam long title Edit: it gets better the further you read A/N I do not own any of this art and all the books belong to Rick Riordan
Mortals Meet Percabeth! [[Discontinued]] by AntiSocialSeal12
Mortals Meet Percabeth! [[ Cassie
Those cliché moments of heart break and friend ship!! Some of these story's might have mist, others won't!! Some might also have them be gods/goddess.... No bad words...
A Posthumous Mercenary by IrisSummons
A Posthumous Mercenaryby IrisSummons
Things are finally starting to look good after the war with Gea, Frazel and Reyna are back at Camp Jupiter, Jasper, Pecabeth, and Solangelo are at Camp Halfblood and Cal...
//Rainbows for the Heroes// HoO AU by CoryComit
//Rainbows for the Heroes// HoO AUby TheBlueMage
//COMPLETED// There were 8 kids, all of their parents sent them to a Christian camp because they're LGBTQ+ in some way or another. However, what happens when that camp h...
Percybeth at Goode by girl_imperfections
Percybeth at Goodeby ;)
What would happen if all Percy's friend turned up at Goode? What about drama and relationships? What if someone gets pregnant? The one you least expect. Mature readers o...
Heroes Of Olympus One-Shots by Mxria_22
Heroes Of Olympus One-Shotsby Maria🌸💫
Cute fluffy one shots of the couples from the heroes of Olympus series. Some of them might be a bit more intimate than fluffy but u can skip it. Luv y'all!
Dumb Mortals Meet Awesome Demigods by -Iamabird-
Dumb Mortals Meet Awesome Demigodsby hi goodbye
this is literately just one shots about Dumb "Mortals Meeting Awesome Demigods" so ye-
Nico Goes To Hogwarts by demonic-demigod
Nico Goes To Hogwartsby demonic-demigod
Two different words. One prophecy. Will everything survive, or will the word fall. Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I adopted this book from @StyxHuntress. And...
Mortals meet Genderbent Percabeth by avengers2010
Mortals meet Genderbent Percabethby avengers fan
title says it all Houses the same as my mortals meet percabeth Annabeth: Andrew (Andy) Percy: Persuasia (Percy) DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN PJO
The Runaway by tiggerstar4
The Runawayby tiggerstar4
Everyone aboard the Argo II had assumed that the happy, blissfully ignorant jokester that is Leo Valdez, had a happy past. Boy were they wrong. When an encounter with th...
Demi-god ship oneshots  by unoriginalname14
Demi-god ship oneshots by unoriginalname14
Any oneshots that come to my horribly messed up mind Enjoy? BTW some in here might be some really random sh*t so stay with me here, P.S these onshots include * solange...
Mortals meet demigods  by CasIsReadingYourFic
Mortals meet demigods by PANic!at_the_disco
Just your average MMD enjoy Includes Percabeth Solanglo Jiper Crack japler/brason Frazel Traitie Connor/whoever Thalia ( alone because she's a hunter) Caleo Wha...
Rick Riordan One Shots by dont_mess_with_me_03
Rick Riordan One Shotsby Lil Cringe
One shots of Percico, Jercy, Frazel, Caleo, Fierrochase, and a bunch more! Sorry I'm bad at descriptions, I promise my writing is better!
They all meet by Jayded_Stay
They all meetby ~Stay Army~
The Kanes, the Brooklyn house, floor nineteen, the seven, Nico, Reyna, and the rest Camp Half-Blood meet. How will this meeting go and how will they react to the others...
The Seven Next Generation ft Nico! by demigod_percabeth
The Seven Next Generation ft Nico!by Rose le Fangirl
So this is a FanFiction for the future of the seven yay! Enjoy! No hate please! But I can take small criticism! Couples: Percabeth, Jiper/Jasper, Frazle, Caleo! From: de...
Ask Camp Half-Blood by Lumynescence
Ask Camp Half-Bloodby aceless
Meanwhile Percy is bored and decides to make this just to start talking in third person. Percy is doing this against every other camper's will to, and is most likely goi...
Games  by vivilife342
Games by Vivian AB Parker
This is kinda based on a idea I got from another book. The mist is gone, Camp Half-Blood is found, and the Mortals want answers, but when they get them the government se...
Percabeth AND Frazel at Goode by bayleemae_pjo_hp
Percabeth AND Frazel at Goodeby Baylee Mae Rose
This is just a story with Frazel and percabeth at Goode there might be some jasper or Caleo sometimes but I love Frazel and Percabeth and I just wanted to write a story...