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Masked Attraction by taylorcelanturxx
Masked Attractionby taylorcelanturxx
My Best Friend's Armor (OLD TITLE) Focused on following her parent's dream of her becoming a doctor, Emma Barnes has spent her years at university studying and sticking...
JA by ShanaziaAntionette
JAby Shanazia
"When you've been put in a position to win that is what everyone expects from you. But they don't know what you had to do to become the best of the best. They all s...
Maid Turned Slave by Bondage_Babe
Maid Turned Slaveby Bondage Babe
Persephone, or Percy, took the job of a maid after running away from her family. Little did she know that all the fraternity she's working for wants is a submissive, ev...
the divas || nct ships by Roses_Love_Kpop
the divas || nct shipsby rose <3
They're just like candy, they're so sweet. Two fraternities. 24 boys. m-preg | boyxboy | no idol au | crossdressing | school au Updates: Tuesdays and Thursdays
No Filter x Serial Dating by kornspiracy
No Filter x Serial Datingby korns
[KILLUGON] Gon is a serial romantic with an addiction to online dating. Killua is the barista stuck taking the orders of every date Gon Freecss reels in. It wouldn't be...
Addictive || 18+ BxB One Shots by LadyBL_Shane
Addictive || 18+ BxB One Shotsby Ashley | JJ | Virgil
Pretty much an anthology of boys loving boys. Will range from innocence (though barely) to Omegaverses. Will tackle upon sensitive subjects like rape, prostitution, self...
Shawty from the Block by _mermaidcookies
Shawty from the Blockby Poppin $hawty
Koi , a 20 year old student at Texas Southern , finally tries to give love a chance after someone catches her attention.
Like Orion & Spark by ganbaruby
Like Orion & Sparkby Kae
Riley Comeau has terrible luck. Lightbulbs shatter in his presence, stoves catch on fire (more so than usual) and microwaves explode. He doesn't have superpowers--at le...
TFM: Total Frat Move // h.s. [COMPLETE] by pimpingstyles
TFM: Total Frat Move // h.s. [ pimpingstyles
President of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, Harry is struggling to keep his brothers in check, his academics in good standing, and his social life relevant while in his last...
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Bad Neighbours - Dave franco by darkgilinsky
Bad Neighbours - Dave francoby Victoria
A frat society moved next door to you what would you do?
hated//b.c&y.ji by bcphosphine
hated//b.c&y.jiby phos.
text on cover reads, "hate at first glance, will they ever get over it?" ____ REWRITING, UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 102 on hwanghyunjin | march 27, 2019 264 on kimwoo...
Break All the Rules (LGBT) ✅ by mickey2k14
Break All the Rules (LGBT) ✅by Mickey
Love is complicated. Alex knows this better than most: his soulmate, Freddie, hates him, his flatmate is dating said soulmate and angry hate sex has never looked so app...
Sky by ShanaziaAntionette
Skyby Shanazia
The Notorious B.I.G once said the sky is the limit but is that really true? Jalen Hurts and Sky Alexander are on a mission to find out if it's true. Jalen Hurts has the...
Fratboy(boyxboy) by angelcolts
Fratboy(boyxboy)by Kat Orion
a fratboy who fell in love with his drama professor whose a fun size with a bubble butt. Short Story/One Shot **Follow me if you want to read the explicit content of Fra...
Roommates by michaliza
Roommatesby michaliza
Four young men experience what it's like to live in one dorm room with each other for a semester. A/N: This is going to be a very short story. I had written this about 6...
The Poolman by LilianeGrouse
The Poolmanby AJ
I was going to be a freshman at UCLA and I was ready for the time of my life. I didn’t know what life had in store for me. If I had, I just might have stayed back home.
Fast Lane (G/t) by ResplendentxReign
Fast Lane (G/t)by [J] ✊🏽🖤🤎💜
Curiosity killed the cat, and assumptions killed the frat. All because of the occurrences in only one week. Oh, college. Oh, university. It's the best or the worst of ti...
Wrongly Labeled [On Hold] by angellover254
Wrongly Labeled [On Hold]by Angel
[Featured Story] Every year the most popular fraternity on campus: Alpha Sigma Phi host an auction. Since this tradition started back in the 90's, Alpha Sigma Phi has al...
The Queen's Obsession by Devil_Queen415
The Queen's Obsessionby HidingYourHeir
Cut them is my desire. Bloods that makes me insane. Torturing? That's how i play. Make them suffer is my game. Try to mess with me, and you'll see hell before death. ...
A Second Night - N.Beck by dwightkshrutefr
A Second Night - N.Beckby daisy
[Sway Boys #2] Noah Beck goes through women here and there all on/off campus of UCLA. With a tight schedule of football, partying, and hanging out with his fraternity br...