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Darling in the FranXX: Insurrection by CulpableGlint
Darling in the FranXX: Insurrectionby CulpableGlint
When Goro is lost in a tragic accident a codeless parasite is sent to Plantation 13 as his replacement. This is just the beginning in a chain of events that stokes the f...
Blind Franxx by Knotavin
Blind Franxxby Knotavin
Code 028 is unique...but they don't know. He has a secret.... he is blind. Being blind however hasn't affected his ability to pilot his franxx with his partner. What hap...
Code 000 『Darling In The Franxx』 by Suga_Mama002
Code 000 『Darling In The Franxx』by Yuki Suzuki
A human-klaxo sapien hybrid. That's what she is, she along side Zero two are both parasites that polite gigantic franxxs. But unlike Zero two she's different. Why or how...
Codename: 0utrider (Darling In The Franxx X OC/MaleReader) by _Public_
Codename: 0utrider (Darling In Veil
"What exactly is the price of Immortality? There is no price for such a thing, when it'll bring you nothing but pain and suffering. You live as the ones you love di...
Darling~ A Zero Two X OC by Mairettz
Darling~ A Zero Two X OCby Snowwy, The Remaining One
Codename 000 was something of a legend, or a myth, among Pilots, due to his ability as the only Stamen with the ability to pilot a Franxx should he lose his Pistil, but...
Steal Your Girl (Zero Two X female Reader) by amateur-writer
Steal Your Girl (Zero Two X mi🌸
[AU] You and Zero Two have always been best friends but even best friends have secrets. You have one too, one related to her but how are you ever going to tell her that...
Darling in the Franxx: The Only Titanfall by CasualVierw016
Darling in the Franxx: The Only Wyatt
Pilot Wyatt Mercia and his Titan: GA-1642 are members of the Elite 401st legion. They fought for 4 years together. Then the Battle of Typhoon came about. In combat the...
Ultraman And The Franxx by Smiley2158
Ultraman And The Franxxby Smiley2158
An alternate universe of The Darling In The Franxx where the parasites fight along Ultraman Tiga.
Darling in the Franxx: The Omnikage by SharinganRyu
Darling in the Franxx: The Omnikageby SharinganRyu
This is a Darling in the Franxx x naruto crossover with some things changed. (Y/N) was just about to become the first omnikage, but before he can he needs to do some wor...
CODE: Zer0 (Darling in the Franxx. OC reader x Ichigo) by zer0420
CODE: Zer0 (Darling in the Zer0420
Code 000 also known as Nhzual was known a prodigy along with one his best friends Hiro. Nhzual had also had a very close relationship to Goro and Ichigo. But at the age...
Darling in the Franxx: Homecoming by CulpableGlint
Darling in the Franxx: Homecomingby CulpableGlint
Enter the world of Darling in the Franxx as Code 059, (Y/N). Become a member of Squad 13 and discover what life as a parasite is like. Friendships, hardship, and much mo...
 "Promise?"   9'a X  Reader (Rewriting)  by Mrstouyaaa
"Promise?" 9'a X Reader ( Mrstouyaaa
You left your old plantations for a reason. Chaos comes back, will you be able to keep the promise to your lover? Best Rankings #1 darlinginthefranxx #1 ditf #1 franxx...
Darling in the Franxx: Cold Blood by Mcdankler
Darling in the Franxx: Cold Bloodby Mcdankler
If you woke up one day to find you were one of the last of your kind on your planet, what would you do to save the future of your race? In Darling in the Franxx: Cold Bl...
Found You (Darling in the Franxx Hiro X Zero Two Fanfic) by random_guy_22
Found You (Darling in the Franxx RdmGuy
Let's imagine that Klaxasour never exist, children are not solider of war. All of our favourite cast reincarnated into high school student, living their own life without...
Zorome X Miku: The Forgotten Children by JoltyFern
Zorome X Miku: The Forgotten JoltyFern
In this AU, Papa and the Adults never came back for Planation 13, believing that it would only be a hindrance to their plans. Interaction with the plantation was banned...
Deception (Darling In The Franxx X OC/Male reader) [DISCONTINUED] by Corrupted839
Deception (Darling In The Franxx Cørrūptêd_839
Code 003 woke up with little to no memories about who he was. He keeps having dreams that he once had close friends and someone special. Now, he is assigned to lead an i...
Code 000: The FranXX of Black and White by SpectralTigger
Code 000: The FranXX of Black Spectra Tyria
Sword Art Online and Darling in the FranXX Crossover. Kirito is offered to become a beta tester in a new system on the soul translator. Asuna wants to join him, but appa...
Darling In the Franxx: 1000 Years later by Orion_7
Darling In the Franxx: 1000 Ɵrion_7
It's been 1000 years since they made that promise, 1000 years since they've felt each others true love. Hiro and 002 were born once again into a new wold, and they final...
Darling in the Franxx (Mitsuru x Zero(reader)) by Christian586010
Darling in the Franxx (Mitsuru x 🎴♣️♠️Jokers♥️♦️🃏
You and zero two are Bestfriends , NOT sister and I'm starting a new story but I hope you enjoy , peace ✌️
The Unknown Parasite. (Male Reader Insert X Darling In The Franxx) by l1ld3m0n02
The Unknown Parasite. (Male LIL DEMON
*First off, sorry I took so long to post this. Anyway's now to the description.* You are Dr. Franxx's son named Y/n, but given the code 000. You are also half Klaxosaur...