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Demigods at Goode by books_owls_song
Demigods at Goodeby Brooke
I just really want to write one of these. PERCY hates school without Annabeth. He is amazingly the most popular at school but no one believes he has a girlfriend. Than s...
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Love is found anywhere (Wally Franks X Fem!Reader)Discontinued by wish42
Love is found anywhere (Wally SatansLittlePrincess
Wally Franks X Reader (Discontinued)
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Mirrored Ink by Gaming_Domain_YT
Mirrored Inkby Burnt Toast
Mirror mirror on the wall, something's weird... ...what the hell?! (Any and all warnings will be placed in their appropriate sections of the fic) Mirror!BATIM/Mirrored I...
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Gibbs's daughter.  by mariana27barbosa
Gibbs's daughter. by marianabarbosa
NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has two daughters: Kelly e Emma Gibbs. Kelly and Shannon die when Emma had six years old. Her father had to take het of her. This i...
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Frank's Minion by PerkyGoth14
Frank's Minionby PerkyGoth14
A new girl in Denton catches a certain sweet transvestite's eye and he allows her to take residence in his castle as his personal minion. However, the girl enjoys her se...
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Uncle Frank's Cabin - Part 2 The Italian Job by ColinClifford
Uncle Frank's Cabin - Part 2 The ColinClifford
Continuing the story of Frank's Gang.
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Million dollar smile guy by missalexandria01
Million dollar smile guyby Alexandria Lombard
"Wow, coffee does really make people honest" Matilda never thought that the guy who dropped her, would be the one she fell for
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Vetcon Construction - Ocala Builders by vetconconstruction
Vetcon Construction - Ocala vetconconstruction
Vetcon Construction Services, Inc is a full service construction company that build custom homes and commercial building. Located in Ocala, Florida but service all of Ce...
Protector by FootiePookie
Protectorby PoodlethatDoodle
A strong family is unaware of their powers, but they realize, that they are protagonists to use their powers to good.
CLOVIS, the First King of France by Richard_1
CLOVIS, the First King of Franceby Richard_1
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Ask Bendy And Some Other Toons! by springtrap7777
Ask Bendy And Some Other Toons!by Springles777
You can ask Bendy, Boris, Alice, Henry, Joey, Sammy and my two Oc's, Lexia and Zagon, and maybe other toons too, if you want. You can ask them literally anything, you wa...
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The Secrets of The Barn by 21hamza21
The Secrets of The Barnby Hamza
David and Andy are 2 brothers and one day they both die and they haunt a family called the Franks. However Andrew Franks wonders how the 2 brothers died. But will he be...
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Alternate History Scenarios by TheFirstCharlatan
Alternate History Scenariosby TheFirstCharlatan
A bunch of stuff in history that could've happened, but didn't. Note: Heavily inspired by AlternateHistoryHub and Mister Z. Another good alternative history book is &qu...
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Th Bullied Life True Story by Dreamers_Will_Dream
Th Bullied Life True Storyby Courtney
this truely happened
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my tattoo says i love you(pjo fanfic) by salo_p103
my tattoo says i love you(pjo SALOMÉ💙
when your born u get a number on ur wrist, whatever number u have is how old u will be when a tattoo that will determine who ur soulmate is will appear on your waist. 16...
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Hecate's Daughter. by trueriddle7474
Hecate's Ebony.
Pandora Night, The daughter of the goddess of sorcery herself. join her in this first book based on the Mark of the Athena. I don't own anyone but Pandora, everyone els...
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Guard Me by twinkies68
Guard Meby Ari
okays so this is a story where anna finds out about how her great great grandfather made a bad decision with a vampire so he gets 2 diff vampires a werewolf n a nekko to...
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