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Total Drama Revenge of The Island by JessicaMarie_
Total Drama Revenge of The Islandby Jessica
Same island, same host, same crazy Chef, but a this time, a whole new cast, this is Total Drama Revenge of the Island. Since we left Camp Wawanakwa after season one thre...
Time (Stein x Reader) by trendycupcakeslover
Time (Stein x Reader)by Annie
"If you're early you're on time if you're on time you're late" this was all she said to and from class in a low mumble because frankly, time was never on her...
Who's your Mommy? Who's your Daddy? by Hellfire00
Who's your Mommy? Who's your Daddy?by Angel of Red
Most people think that Stein's just a madman with a fetish for dissection...but did they ever stop to think we he's so mad? Well, eleven years before Stein started worki...
SEPARATIONE [One-Shot] by johnnyether
It's so easy for paranoia to set in when you have a target on your back at all times as an unnatural freak of nature. Based on the Franken Darball AU by ImaginationStudi...
Sinful colors by jamie1526367
Sinful colorsby Yaioforlife:)
death sythe and Frankenstein from soul eater are playing strip poker
The Confrontation (Marie X Stein Oneshot) by mJP_works
The Confrontation (Marie X Stein Mayura
The Confrontation – After the intense battle on the moon and the death of the Kishin, how is Stein going to face the new chapter of his life? Marie is pregnant and he’s...
The Unholy (Soul Eater) by wendy-ran-away
The Unholy (Soul Eater)by Pretty In Punk
Autumn is the daughter of the Summer Sorceress and the Winter Warlock. after her brother Spring gives up his imortality and takes the name "Adam" for the love...
Life Could Be Cruel... [Soul Eater FanFic] by Petite-Kat
Life Could Be Cruel... [Soul Petite-Kat
A 'Soul Eater' (the anime because I don't have the mangas) fan fiction. There will be a few (3 or more) OCs in this.. Plus it'll surround Dr. Stein, Shinigami-sama (Lord...
Pure Form //  Soul Eater Fanfic  //Death The KidxF!Reader by Athyys
Pure Form // Soul Eater Athyys
Death the KidxF!Reader . . ~ Y/n have to make a deal with Lord Death before her soul fades away or got eaten~ After Y/n's unknown reason of death, her soul wande...
Remembering Love by MusicalMelody001
Remembering Loveby MusicalMelody001
Marie Mjolnir, Demon Weapon, “The Pulverizer”, Oceania DeathScythe; that was her reputation. Marie Mjolnir, kind, caring, devoted; that was her personality. Yet despite...
Anatomy Lesson by MusicalMelody001
Anatomy Lessonby MusicalMelody001
Super-late one-shot contribution to Stein/Marie Week 2015. Day 2 : Anatomy Lesson. Stein/Marie fluff.
Franken by AokoKuroba5
Frankenby Aoko Kuroba
Wala pong description. 😂
The Untold Love by junkpng
The Untold Loveby junk.png
This is a story about a man a cop actually, he apprehends an orange a literal orange. Their love for one another starts blossoming, find out what will happen to them in...
Stein x Reader One-Shot~ "Fire" by spaceheart101
Stein x Reader One-Shot~ "Fire"by Bloop Bloop ^3^
Happy Halloween!!! Just a short little story for you Stein lovers! One of my friends is a fan of Stein so I made this for her lol xD don't get to crazy. WARNING:some lem...
Visual Horror Town  by Sayu_66_
Visual Horror Town by さゆり 篠田
This is my own Story that Is Visual kei related They are also my own characters So Please do not copy or Plagiarize It Thank You This Story is about Multiple groups Who...