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Hetalia instagram by DisgracefullyGrace
Hetalia instagramby G•N•R
High school Hetalia Instagram au... I'm really bad at descriptions
  • instagramau
  • lyricquotes
  • hetalia
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Hetalia Fanfic: Wait what!? by Yukihano666
Hetalia Fanfic: Wait what!?by Jamie Rossi
I was walking in the park when I saw this strange man. What I shouldn't have done was approach him.
  • newcountry
  • franada
  • hetaliafanfic
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Friends And Love by staronaya
Friends And Loveby maijaniastar onaya brown
This story is about two sisters who have to move from their house they had since forever in the middle of the summer but their boyfriends moved with them to New York a...
  • summer
  • drama
  • kaly
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.:On other side of universe:. {Hetalia Headcons} by MrSugarSweet
.:On other side of universe:. { MrSugarSweet
As in the title this 'book' will be about my headcons. It is possible that Ships will be in this book, but headcons about trio's and one person too. I hope you will enj...
  • usuk
  • franada
  • nedspa
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Broken Soul by Soul_light04
Broken Soulby Soul
[Felicest - SoulmateAU] Feliciano è l'unico a non aver ancora trovato l'anima gemella. Dopo anni e anni di inutili ricerche, non ha ancora uno straccio di indizio su chi...
  • spamano
  • felicianoxluciano
  • selfcest
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La verdadera realidad by Xmatiasq
La verdadera realidadby Xmatiasq
Una historia real tu pasión por la música te ayudara a esta historia especial ojala te guste
  • franada
  • matias
Sending Message to "National Chaos" by laviniabone01
Sending Message to "National Chaos"by ⁿᵉᵖᵗᵘⁿᵉ~ᶜʰᵃⁿ
America creates a group chat. No one wants to fucking be here. Insert chaos, madness and gayness. ××× Idea belongs to me. Art cover does not belong to me. Hetalia [sadly...
  • aphengland
  • aphgermany
  • spamano
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Furiee ocenia shipy z Hetalii, czyli jak fandom mnie znienawidził? by Furiee
Furiee ocenia shipy z Hetalii, Fujareczka
Po przeczytaniu wielu ''książek'', w których jakaś osoba oceniała shipy jakie występują w jakimś fandomie, zapragnęłam zrobić to samo. Postanowiłam ocenić shipy z Hetali...
  • aushun
  • cojarobięzeswoimżyciem
  • pairing
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Random Hetaheadcanons  by hetapairing
Random Hetaheadcanons by Cynthia
Headcanons of mine!!!
  • aphamerica
  • anyship
  • aphcanada
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Descendants:Hetalia version by InvisibleAnimeOtaku
Descendants:Hetalia versionby InvisibleAnimeOtaku
Basically Descendants but Hetalia version. Of course it's not gonna be completely the same. The plot will be kinda different, the characters will obviously be different...
  • usuk
  • spamano
  • americaxengland
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Love of the Gods (APH AU) by AllieCatAndJustThat
Love of the Gods (APH AU)by Cat
This AU was brought to me by a reader of mine who asked me to write it. Credit for the idea goes to @wolfghost14 The countries are gods in their own realm. Matthew and F...
  • fluff
  • franada
  • hetalia
Hetalia mpreg next generation by Solanimexyaoi
Hetalia mpreg next generationby Soul
This is mostly about Usuk and a few other ships such as Hongice and Franada and their family as i imagine them
  • yaoi
  • spamano
  • frcan
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La Patisserie de la Rosse by Illiterate_Writer
La Patisserie de la Rosseby Rochambeau
By George deValier. A Delicious Love Story in Six Portions . Pairing: Francis Bonnefoy/Matthew Williams (France/Canada) Summary: Human AU. Accountant Matthew Williams is...
  • georgedevalier
  • francexcanada
  • franada
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Nations and Magic Do Not Mix || Pottertalia by Madsinator
Nations and Magic Do Not Mix || exams
Alfred turned to Arthur. "Why are they all staring at us? Should I say something?" "No, that'll just make them even more curious. It's not often that Hogw...
  • hogwarts
  • aphamerica
  • prisonerofazkaban
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Literary Classics, a Hetalia Fanfic by MITAKE-S
Literary Classics, a Hetalia Fanficby Dana
When Arthur Kirkland criticizes Alfred's writing skills, he think he could prove his childhood crush wrong. And it wouldn't hurt if some acquaintances will be involved...
  • giripan
  • highschool
  • fanfiction
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Hetalia high school (Usuk) by veroneko17
Hetalia high school (Usuk)by veroneko17
A new student, America and his brother Canada they go to Hetalia high. He makes some friends and meets the three popular guys. will he feel in love with one of then? If...
  • ukus
  • anime
  • america
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Stories (Hetalia fairyverse au) by American-Dreamer_
Stories (Hetalia fairyverse au)by TOO MANY AMEricans
This is my AU.. Can be found on my other account (@British-Gentleman_) Its portrayed cringy on that one... like everything else.. Slow updates I think the tags will be m...
  • norice
  • hunlich
  • usuk
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[Ask or Dare] Hetalia, The Beautiful World! by -_Specchi_e_tazze_-
[Ask or Dare] Hetalia, The Gương và Cốc
Là Hetalia A or D đấy!!! Nhào vô đi nào!!! Đặt hàng cho chúng tớ nhoé các thiên thần~~ P/s: Đây là động đam moẽ với bách hợp nhoé các tình yêu, dị ứng click back nhoé~~~
  • hetalia
  • franada
  • yaoi
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My Reaction to Hetalia Ships! by Loveglasses
My Reaction to Hetalia Ships!by happy pride month
I, Glasses, will be reacting to Hetalia ships. Maybe slightly mature, IDK. For right now, mature is off. Don't like, don't read. (And yes, I had to put that lemon bac...
  • fruk
  • spamano
  • gerita
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