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Picking Up The Pieces. by aninnnn
Picking Up The Hope.
||Foxxay fanfiction|| “Because she wasn't entirely sure what it was about Misty that she couldn't possibly forget or let go of...”
The Thing About Timing (The Becoming of Elliott Goode) by Deliasbabe
The Thing About Timing (The Deliasbabe
A few months after the season 3 finale, Cordelia has settled into her new role as supreme. What happens when a new young witch forces Delia to confront her own dark past...
The smiles they wear (foxxay) by BalenciagaMyDear
The smiles they wear (foxxay)by Hello
Misty comes back from hell, to find a supreme Cordelia. Misty x Cordelia x Depression
Kind of Woman. Foxxay Prompts. by Lilyhoncho
Kind of Woman. Foxxay Ellie Parker
A collection of prompts I've received and completed via tumblr. Each chapter is a different prompt, rated M for obvious reasons.
Camping Trip (Foxxay) by secretc01
Camping Trip (Foxxay)by secretc01
They go to camping to a hidden lake.(Madison, Mallory, Nan, Queenie, Coco, Misty and Cordelia) Misty and Cordelia have feelings for each other and during the camping th...
Foxxay one shots by yellowlitchi
Foxxay one shotsby yellowlitchi
A few fluffy one shots, in the hopes of helping satisfy the foxxay feels :)
I've found my tribe. by _fandomvibes
I've found my _fandomvibes
Misty Day is supposedly the new supreme but what if she's not? What if she doesn't want to be? This is my first time publishing any writing, any comments or criticism ar...
Bewitched by WhiskerWriter001
Bewitchedby ღNatashaღ
Misty finds a spellbook and accidentally casts a spell when messing around. The spell makes Cordelia Foxx fall head over heels for Misty and it will become permanent aft...
The Twins by girlsandgirlss
The Twinsby girlsandgirlss
(A series of Foxxay One-Shots) Cordelia & Misty's journey through pregnancy & raising children
Beastars x Reader by awiebby
Beastars x Readerby legoshi simp 😩
Love lives are hard but you've never had to deal with that before. You were always the main character's best friend. All until you got to high school, where you became o...
The supreme and me (Still in progress)  by dumbgayteen
The supreme and me (Still in Ashlee
The gravel pavement crumbled underneath Willows trainers as she cautiously walked up to the academy, her parents practically dragged her there after watching as the hous...
Destiny (Raulson Fanfic) by makie1302
Destiny (Raulson Fanfic)by Raiden Mei
Zachary and Sarah passed the entrance exam to a prestigious university in L.A, where they'd be taking Forensic Science. This is where she'll meet her *Bestfriend* Lily;...
Raulson One-Shots and Shorts by TheFandomLesbian
Raulson One-Shots and Shortsby Spencer
My collection of one-shots and shorts between the Raulson ships in American Horror Story. Inside find Foxxay, Bananun, Shaudrey, and Hotgomery, as well as some crossover...
'Our Baby||Foxxay by MistyyyGoode
'Our Baby||Foxxayby bean
Misty carries a baby for Cordelia
Raulson Prompts. by holtzbertgoodeday
Raulson jilliangoodeday
It's a series of the Raulson ships.
Ms. Paulson || raulson  by evlanap
Ms. Paulson || raulson by ☁️☁️
Lily is a simple girl, has excellent grades in school and a family that loves her. Until her new English teacher arrives.
Passionate☆Zadison  by Raz_Cherry
Passionate☆Zadison by Raz
"You're the only person who hasn't given up on me and showed me true love" "You're the only person I want"
HER by Freakingpaulson
HERby Freakingpaulson
You never thought you would meet her. Then it happened.
Fiona Goode x Reader - Lucky one by stayevildarling
Fiona Goode x Reader - Lucky oneby stayevildarling
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the American Horror Story world, which is trademarked by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. I do not...
Such Sweet Sorrow by seven_w0nders
Such Sweet Sorrowby Amy😊
In the city of New Orleans, two witch covens are at war; their frightening feud is reaching its breaking point, and both covens' animosity grows every day. In the middle...