Foxshifter Stories

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Captured by xWintersolsticex
Capturedby 𝙻 𝚆𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛
UNEDITED. I wrote this in middle school and it's really bad! Read at your own risk!! ------ Skylar White is a fox shifter. She is kind, bubbly, and outgoing. After one t...
My Foxy Mate by leahiscrazy999
My Foxy Mateby Leahiscrazy999
A regular girl in a regular town finds a fox that isn't like any other. A unusual guy with a unusual gift where he can shape shift into a wolf. Layla is driving home on...
Wow really! BxBxB by Lamma04
Wow really! BxBxBby Nix
Andrew Silver was a normal kid up until he was 14 years old and was turned into a fox shifter by a infested fox bite. 3 years later while attending a ball a week after h...
The Foxshifter (boyxboy) ON HOLD by EliseBMWGirl
The Foxshifter (boyxboy) ON HOLDby EliseBMWGirl
ON HOLD Jacob is a foxshifter. after his mother dying he got stuck in his fox form. what if he runs into wolf territory one day and runs into a wolf? what will happen af...
The White Fox by Nikki_Pink0
The White Foxby Nikki_Pink0
Life had started off peaceful for Evie. She had a mother, a father, and two brothers whom she thought would do anything protect her. Until that horrid day, that is. Aft...
Supernatural Town |✔️| by hurricanehell
Supernatural Town |✔️|by hi <3
Sabrina is forced to go back to her dad's house after her mother dies, but her dad left when she was six years old. Now seventeen, Sabrina doesn't know how to connect wi...
Forever Is A Long Time  by Fluffyqueenpanda
Forever Is A Long Time by Marushka
Mack's a not so average teenager. And when she moves to a small town she never even knew existed, she meets Liam. She has a secret that keeps her from being a normal tee...
Holy sh-Bananas (Camila/You) On hold by NyaNyaBish
Holy sh-Bananas (Camila/You) On Nya
Y/n Bonilla isn't an average 18 year old girl. She is a fox shifter. Y/n's Father was a rouge werewolf. He found Y/n's Mother, who was a fox shifter, and fell in love wi...
the fox shifter  by Amarismoonbeam
the fox shifter by Amaris moon beam
Still a work in progress. fire red hair sea green eyes, most people find jasmines appearance beautiful, but she finds it horrible. she hates the way she looks but only b...
The Wolf And Her Fox by latashahorton003
The Wolf And Her Foxby ~Nobody~
Hi. I'm Dawn Lee Moon, and I'm 19. I'm half werewolf half demon. I have supernatural powers like a demon, but I can turn into a wolf. Unlike pure werewoves silver doesn'...
Vixens by kmw20406
Vixensby Bubbly
Welcome to the planet Earth of the second age. After a world war from long ago that lasted seventy three years completely destroyed the world, human life had to start ov...
Hidden Fox by Cavalier_Spaniel
Hidden Foxby Cavalier_Spaniel
Fox Shifters aren't supposed to exist, but that's where the world is wrong. April Anderson is the only Fox Shifter anyone knows about. Except, not many people do. She li...
Reynards and Vixen by LizSardothien
Reynards and Vixenby LizSardothien
*Not really a werewolf story* What do you do when you are smack dab in the middle of you senior year and three of your teachers leave? You fall in love of course. Add o...
fox boy by colesonofloki
fox boyby Cole asher sivertson
Do you ever wish for life to be better? maybe you think if I were good looking, my life would be better. if I had friends my life would be better. It could be better.
Hit and Love by anxietysplayground
Hit and Loveby Z<3
Skylar Smith is a 24 year old wreck, her life is spiraling, she's losing control and feels completely helpless. She was dealt a bad hand in life, doomed to die alone and...
the Immortal Game by BreakingGrace
the Immortal Gameby Kelsey
Two worlds collide, Amelia is trapped between two different worlds. In one world, A war that has been going on for nearly a century, is nearing a tragic end. The superna...
The Darknight Chronicles: Book of Genesis by Dark_Angel1976
The Darknight Chronicles: Book Amy Wilson
When an exiled half-breed Dark Fae princess's family goes missing, she seeks the help of a master mage. Eve Darknight, daughter of a Dark Fae princess and a Kitsune shi...
Ice Cream and French Fries by Caseywantscats
Ice Cream and French Friesby Nimmeret
Alex McDonnell, a fox shifter, was just trying to get by in college. Turn in assignments on time, make sure to eat, the usual. But what happens when the lion shifter nex...
13 Days At Sarah's by ColesPrincess13
13 Days At Sarah'sby Cole's Princess
Jake is the future Alpha of his pack and has been searching for his mate for almost 2 years now. Finally, in his senior year of high school, his parents have decided for...
The mystic behind The eyes ( english) by Junctaxvalenta
The mystic behind The eyes ( Lupus Amanas
A war is on its way, a war no one expected. An enemy no one have met before. The jealous and dangerous demon that want the thrown to itself. But someone will stop it, a...