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LOST by Jewel2505
LOSTby Jewel2505
Ryan is a 19 year old broken, poor boy who has nothing and cant love. Andy is a 18 year old caring, rich boy who has the perfect life. Come on their journey as the boys...
The Devil's Soulmate by Jewel2505
The Devil's Soulmateby Jewel2505
Ryan is a 19 year old devil who just so happens to be the son of Satan, so he is the prince of hell and rules over it since he has become of age ad take over from his fa...
Randy Oneshot stories  by Jewel2505
Randy Oneshot stories by Jewel2505
Boyxboy oneshots about the biggest ship in Roadtrip at the time, known as Randy. I have got lots of ideas recently about Randy but I cant make each one into it's own boo...
FOUND (sequel to LOST) by Jewel2505
FOUND (sequel to LOST)by Jewel2505
This is the sequel to my first story called Lost, read Lost first before you read this story because it will make more sense. Ryan the broken lost boy is now going to mo...
My Famous Alpha ABO by Jewel2505
My Famous Alpha ABOby Jewel2505
Andy Fowler is 17 and he has to cover up his identity if he wants to live in the world he does. A world were werewolves are real. A world where omegas don't exist. What...
Best Part - Andy Fowler by FinnzNotFound
Best Part - Andy Fowlerby Finn
An Andy Fowler fanfic "If life is a movie then you're the best part" This book is mainly written for my friend Sym as a joke.. I've only posted so she can read...
A Randy story by Paige2241
A Randy storyby Paige2241
The story of how rye and Andy met and became Inseparable
I'm already living in hell/randy  by andytomyrye
I'm already living in hell/randy by 🌵Randy 🐝
Rye and Andy story Andy the good boy and rye the bad boy of the school What would happen? Is this love? Or hate?