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MERCURY || Klaus Mikaelson [1] by -Soliloquy
MERCURY || Klaus Mikaelson [1]by Maeve
❝After which betrayal did she cut out her heart, I wonder?❞ They could bury the past, but they couldn't bury the truth. For 90 years, Klaus Mikaelson has been haunte...
  • theoriginals
  • werewolf
  • vampire
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Gods and Angels: A Percy Jackson Story by goldentemplar
Gods and Angels: A Percy Jackson GoldenTemplar
In a time before man, before gods there was only darkness, a void of nothingness. Here rested two beings, Void and the other, who at this time was not a being, but a con...
  • greekgodsandgoddesses
  • death
  • love
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DEVILS INC. by LEPalphreyman
"Are you telling me I just exchanged my immortal undying soul for free wifi?" --- When law student Rachel uses the free wifi on a night out she accidentally si...
  • death
  • angelsvsdemons
  • urbanfantasy
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A Beautiful Evil (A Beautiful Book. 1) #Wattys2015 by AshtonMarie
A Beautiful Evil (A Beautiful Ashton Marie
(A Beautiful Book #1) Highest Ranking in Paranormal: #63 Word Count: 91,000 Is true love worth the ultimate sacrifice? Looking human doesn't mean you are human, and Mara...
  • fourhorsemen
  • lucifer
  • lovetriangle
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VENUS || Klaus Mikaelson [2] by -Soliloquy
VENUS || Klaus Mikaelson [2]by Maeve
❝I loved you, and all it brought me was pain.❞ Klaus Mikaelson has waited 1000 years to break the curse placed him on him. Now he is free, and hell bent on creating his...
  • witch
  • elijah
  • klaus
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See Through Me by Ravenclaw_Chaser
See Through Meby R.C
The horsemen have decided to take a break. At least they think they can for a mission. Relationships form and old friends show up. Will this tear the horsemen apart or p...
  • danielatlas
  • jackwilder
  • fourhorsemen
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The Saviour (Daniel Atlas)  by HaileyMalouin
The Saviour (Daniel Atlas) by Hailey
Phoebe Noelle is a magician. She thought she was okay at what she did. It didn't matter even if she was terrible because she loves doing magic. That's why when she recei...
  • nowyouseeme
  • jackwilder
  • danielatlas
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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Eugenie_hoc24
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypseby ♕ eugenie ♕
[ coming in June ] When the whole world descends into chaos due to famine caused by apocalyptical natural disasters, people needed something to blame - somebody... no...
  • magic
  • mission
  • hell
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The Jack, The Queen and Their Ace of Hearts - A Now You See Me FanFic by CheddarFetta
The Jack, The Queen and Their CheddarFetta
It's no secret that Lula always had feelings for Jack, but when personal scars begin to surface and impact their relationship, it's up to him to keep them together. What...
  • danielatlas
  • malder
  • jula
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The Four Horsemen by LovelyNoctivagant
The Four Horsemenby LovelyNoctivagant
Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death each were scattered across the world to never meet or else all Hell would break loose, but one day Lucifer needs a favor and he brings...
  • war
  • conquest
  • death
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When The Storm Hits by DruidQueen17
When The Storm Hitsby Morgana
Hi, my name is Lilly and I am 17 years old. I live in a small town in Wisconson were nothing ever happens, well that is until today. The head cheerleader of my school wa...
  • murder
  • dullahan
  • mystery
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Feast or Famine by SoelleKhiss
Feast or Famineby SoelleKhiss
Michael Childs is an FBI Agent hunting a killer with an affinity for ritual murder. The victims have nothing in common, except that they were born with twelve fingers an...
  • ompawards
  • supernatural
  • fallenangels
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Unrewarded by congirl11
Unrewardedby congirl11
-The Hanged Man - Someone who is willing to make a sacrifice needed for things to find their solution- even if that sacrifice is completely unrewarded. It is a...
  • nysm
  • danielatlas
  • henleyreeves
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Illusion {Jack Wilder} by marvelxqueens
Illusion {Jack Wilder}by S
"His rage quieted, the enlightened Fool walks away knowing that it wasn't only the lion that was tamed this day by a Maiden's pure and innocent strength." {JW:...
  • lula
  • wilder
  • merritt
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The Four Horsemen by shadowcat_
The Four Horsemenby resident young person
After all is said and done, a life begins anew. •completed [05/07/14]. •short story #245 [05/08/14] •cover was found on pexels. no copyright intended. all rights go to t...
  • fourhorsemen
  • breakup
  • famine
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Kin of Sin: Nomus by One-EyedGhoul28
Kin of Sin: Nomusby One-EyedGhoul28
Follow the story of Darius, which after death found out he wasn't entirely human as thought but was the son of a supernatural being with immense power who's name is stil...
  • sins
  • theunknown
  • sloth
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Born In Hell (Book II) by AnotherBurntFlame
Born In Hell (Book II)by Another Burnt Flame
Kids are such a joy aren't they. You know 2 grandkids of Lucifer with 2 more on the way, 2 hardheaded smartasses that came from king dumbass himself, 1 of death, 2 of wa...
  • wings
  • powers
  • plague
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A Beautiful Torment (A Beautiful Book. 2) **ON HOLD** by AshtonMarie
A Beautiful Torment (A Beautiful Ashton Marie
(A Beautiful Book #2) She won't stop until vengeance is hers. Life was pretty normal - well, as normal as it can be if you're the daughter of the Devil, Princess of Hell...
  • gargoyles
  • wattys2015
  • heaven
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The Beautiful Thorne (Now You See Me Fanfiction) by BLEED97
The Beautiful Thorne (Now You BLEED97
What if real magic existed? What if five magicians were brought together by an unknown benefactor in the movie 'Now You See Me'? And what if one of these magicians had a...
  • love
  • magicians
  • jdanielatlas
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The Life of.........Death? (Finished) by toothlessGuy
The Life of.........Death? ( toothless Girl
After Life or Lukas Riverwood and Death or Drake Riverwood get into a fight Life goes searching though his younger twins room only to almost wish he didn't.
  • fourhorsemen
  • deathandlife
  • life
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