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Fourtris one shots :)  by Fourtrisforever10
Fourtris one shots :) by Fourtrisforever10
Request are open :) any scenario you could ever want for fourtris. oneshots. fourtris is endgame. I do not own any of these characters, all credit to vroth.
Divergent: I can't believe you by Bookworm4and6
Divergent: I can't believe youby Suzanna(:
In the process of being edited. Also I wrote this as a fetus literally I was 13 and finished it by 14 but still I'm 17 now so there are errors and I sorry facts aren't r...
Four and Six by fourtrisokay
Four and Sixby fourtriiis☆
What if the war on Abnegation never happened? Would Tobias and Tris marry? Start a family? Join Four and Six throughout Dauntless life and what it means to love.
Tobias and Tris a new beginning by Tris_ha67
Tobias and Tris a new beginningby Tris_ha67
Tris and Tobias have lost their mothers and have to live with Marcus, where they learn what pain means. Through it all they stay together and when choosing day comes the...
FourTris Fanfiction 💕  by FourTrisEaton4610
FourTris Fanfiction 💕 by Tris Eaton
If you are too sad about the ending of Allegiant, I promise this will help you get rid of the feels! 💔💖 I was too disappointed and shattered by the sad ending of Alleg...
Where Do We Go From Here? by Sophie779167
Where Do We Go From Here?by Divergent Obsessed
This is a Divergent Fan fiction. Read as your favourite characters go through University. Tris meets someone from her past, they hate each other. What will happen betwee...
If It Was Caleb--Divergent alternative ending by olympus-writes
If It Was Caleb--Divergent Olympus
David shoots Caleb and Tris is devastated. She lost her whole family and blames herself. What will she do?
Life After Allegiant by michie31132
Life After Allegiantby Michelle123212
It has been four years since Tris Prior died. Her brother Caleb has been working on a serum to bring the dead back to life. He decides to bring Tris back. Tobias Eaton h...
Divergence by VolleyLove1302
Divergenceby DodgerLove1302
For all those people who hated the ending of Allegiant, here is an alternate ending/ new story. Written from the eyes of many different characters, this story is sprinkl...
MY ALTERNATIVE ENDING TO indiathestorywriter
Basically i disagreed with Tobias and Tris not being together so... I wrote this to cheer myself up because i truly feel like them being separated spoiled the whole thin...
to my little stiff  by Fourtrisforever10
to my little stiff by Fourtrisforever10
To my little stiff; Tris is dead. These are Tobias' notes he writes to her. He knows she is gone; but this is how he is coping- if you can even call it that. That stiff...
Selfless | Fourtris by iridescencce
Selfless | Fourtrisby w
"Faction before blood." What if Tris had never chosen Dauntless? What if Tobias had decided to stay back in Abnegation? 'Selfless' is a Fourtris story that te...
The Next Choice by Readhatter
The Next Choiceby Readhatter
Imagine if Tris didn't die. Would it be how we imagined it? **************************************** Years after Jeanine and her troops are defeated, the Tris and Tobia...
Sheo's Story by justsheothings
Sheo's Storyby JustSheoThings
We all know Shailene Woodley and Theo James have undeniable chemistry on set, but what if that chemistry moved to their private lives? Would they have a flawless relatio...
Four and Tris/reader by OtherAnonymousUser
Four and Tris/readerby OtherAnonymousUser
Short stories about Four and Tris Open to any ideas might post more stories if the first one does well. Character credit to Veronica Roth. Its my first story so i am op...
One More Kiss ~ A Divergent Fan-Fiction by ReaderFourLife
One More Kiss ~ A Divergent ReaderFourLife
6 year old Tobias sees a new girl move in next door. Hes curious and desides to go meet her. They become the bestest of friends. But bad things start to happen that will...
Divergent: No War by mollymaggie15camy
Divergent: No Warby mollymaggie15camy
This is if the war never happened. There will be lots of FourTris and drama. I hate reading ones where Tris gets pregnant, so don't read this if that's what you were loo...
You die, I die. ( tris and four )  by beautifulsecrets1233
You die, I die. ( tris and four ) by beautifulsecrets1233
The war never happened. Tris' parents never died. They never left dauntless, this is Beatrice and Tobias' love story.