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Identity V Stories and Oneshots by lilliespad
Identity V Stories and Oneshotsby lilliespad
I'll write stories whenever I'm bored and feeling up to it. If anyone requests I'll make it and I'll give warnings if it contains blood/gore, and anything else that may...
  • lawyer
  • soulweaver
  • mechanic
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forward | a warriors fanfic (book two) by CaptainMarshmellow
forward | a warriors fanfic ( CaptainMarshmellow
LOVELY COVER CREATED BY: @Echolight7 Sixteen moons have passed, and Nightwatcher and his companions have found the lost Clan, MoorClan. They have settled in the Clan...
  • cats
  • mystery
  • catlovers
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The Blood Oath Part 1: The Descendant of a Promise by MichaelStValentine
The Blood Oath Part 1: The Michael
My name is Johnathon Haven Stone and for these eighteen years of my life, I've been tormented and isolated by my peers and by my family as well. When High school drags m...
  • war
  • werewolves
  • magick
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Identity V Oneshots and Drabbles (Requests Open) by flowerfulcandle
Identity V Oneshots and Drabbles ( 猫头鹰
Just thought that I can write some stuff about Identity V here because I love the game, and I don't really see a lot of books about it. If ever I misspelled something or...
  • williamellis
  • manor
  • mercenary
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《Identity V x Reader Oneshots》 by la_souffrance
《Identity V x Reader Oneshots》by I am your father
[Requests are currently: Open] >This is mainly a {× Reader} book but {Characters × Characters} are allowed as well. Please do put your requests on the first page,I am...
  • coodinator
  • joseph
  • prospector
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✨identity v preferences✨ by jaeheelosthertea
✨identity v preferences✨by jaeheelosthertea
quick and small chapters about your favourite characters. come on, we fantasise about at least one of them. -chapter lengths may vary
  • preferences
  • forward
  • readerxvarious
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Resurrect (Embalmer(Aesop Carl) x reader x Seer(Eli Clark) (There's A Reboot!,) by sxyor1
Resurrect (Embalmer(Aesop Carl) sxyor1
You've been sent to the manor!!
  • perfumer
  • vera
  • fanfic
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The Ultimate Test by 20lstafford
The Ultimate Testby Logan Stafford
My own personal story that may help you in your life. It's the story on how one person can make a change in another person for the better.
  • pushing
  • forward
  • hope
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mi vida ~ kylie jenner by soccer_is_life_1317
mi vida ~ kylie jennerby soccer_is_life_1317
chris aguilar is the oldest daughter of Pepe aguilar and Aneliz Aguilar Alvarez and the older sister of Leonardo, Angela aguilar, Emiliano Aguilar and Aneliz Aguilar. s...
  • kylie
  • sisters
  • jenners
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THE CITY OF FALL by Elish135
THE CITY OF FALLby Elishiana
Elishia Efil, an 18 years old ordinary girl who constantly dreamed of falling from the rooftop of a building. One night, with her remaining strength, she reach and pre...
  • sins
  • new
  • lies
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Methaporical Eulogy by Alle_gro
Methaporical Eulogyby Alle_gro
  • hidden
  • nothing
  • fiction
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My Smiling Boy {Suh Johnny Fanfic} by nctsguerita
My Smiling Boy {Suh Johnny Fanfic}by ❤️🧡💛TaNiA💚💙💜
It was as if his smile alone could light up a whole room. That's when his gaze met mine, and he gave me a sweet smile. The smile, he had aimed at others is now aiming at...
  • johnny127
  • nctfanfic
  • flashback
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Turning Towards Blue by nishika99
Turning Towards Blueby nishika99
There is a moment in life when you never want to turn and watch your past. It's the time when you feel that stepping ahead and never looking back is the best thing you c...
  • positivity
  • future
  • hearttouching
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Having Chocolate Milk After a Workout by selvarajselva88
Having Chocolate Milk After a selvarajselva88
If you currently work out, you are probably seeking that perfect hourglass physique that we all see on fitness models in magazines. Achieving this physique can be diffic...
  • head
  • fix
  • posture
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The Beginner's Guide to Beach Body Abs by vanithatolsay
The Beginner's Guide to Beach vanithatolsay
We had an hour break then we met for a onehour team competition rehearsal. What's that you ask I asked the same thing. Each team practices a dance routine, choreographed...
  • review
  • posture
  • forward
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Movie by drugisaban67
Movieby drugisaban67
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  • indicate
  • serious
  • argue
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Federal by kayafrayser46
Federalby kayafrayser46
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  • investment
  • kitchen
  • forward
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Agreement by josephinadeihl27
Agreementby josephinadeihl27
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  • official
  • participant
  • sort
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Tell by labannalea42
Tellby labannalea42
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  • account
  • forward
  • many
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