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Circus of Silence by PhantomoCat
Circus of Silenceby Grace
The Witch's circus is in town, and you've got the best seat in the house! We only come around once in your pitiful, mortal lifespan. We've got feral beasts and fer...
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13 Fortunes [✓] by bubbly_stardust
13 Fortunes [✓]by s t a r l a
Having an ability to see someone's fortune and future isn't easy for Tiara. She thought it was gone through years, but what if one day, she just found out something, whi...
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The Fortuneteller Can See the Flower Knight's Heart by tofu_ofuton
The Fortuneteller Can See the tofu_ofuton
Apothecary shop owner Siruru Bedito, sees things other people can't see. They appear on a person's head and shows her that their emotions and future. Because of this, Sh...
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Dancing With The Stars by TheNomadOfNowhere
Dancing With The Starsby TheNomadOfNowhere
A book on the Zodiac signs and their basic meanings and personality traits. Copied and marginally altered from a book by Michael Johnstone.
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Nortufe Letter ✧ cheolsoo by iceinthecup
Nortufe Letter ✧ cheolsooby Baz | men are trash
Joshua, a fortune teller from a carnival, predicts futures for a living. Meanwhile, Seungcheol, a Demon Guard, covers up his predictions to preserve the safety of the Un...
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The Jinn by umm_hanoon
The Jinnby أم حنون
Informative articles on the Jinn from my diploma course at Islamic Online University. For anyone that has little or no knowledge of the world of Jinn, for anyone that ha...
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Tarot cards (COMPLETED) by amber_stdenis
Tarot cards (COMPLETED)by amber_stdenis
A list of Tarot Cards, their meanings and an interpretation of them in multiple different spreads. Disclaimer: These are not my interpretations. I have compiled all of...
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Dark Visions by LLSanders
Dark Visionsby Leslie Lee Sanders
Maxine Shepard is a tarot reader who has survived several traumas in her twenty-five years of life. Without living parents, trusty friends, or a loyal partner, she is un...
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The Rogue's Hunter by Whiskeyqueenn
The Rogue's Hunterby Whiskeyqueenn
This story is now on hold. The clock ticks... Ember has always had a special ability to tell the future. She is a Spirit Talker who lives a simple life with her family...
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Primal Fortune by LadySapphire2018
Primal Fortuneby LadySapphire2018
Glamour, mischief, and mystery made Halloween the perfect holiday for a werewolf fortune teller like Ivy Winters. That was until one meddling tarot card decided to stack...
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Tarot Cafe (Tarot Journal for the Collective) by dyingtogetpublished
Tarot Cafe (Tarot Journal for Empress Seraphine
This is my daily tarot journal for the collective. Facebook: Parisian Moon Instagram: @parisianmoondrops Check out my Wattpad Profile if you want to book a tarot readin...
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Cast by VexHellfire
Castby Existential Dread-Filled Demon
Part of the "Midnight Cafe" series - any book in the series can be read in any order. ----- Scarlett isn't one to shy away from the truth, but she knows the va...
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Fortuneteller Of Love (Pokémon) by 1bunnylover
Fortuneteller Of Love (Pokémon)by 1bunnylover
A day that supposed to be spent in fun ends up taking an turn when Bonnie suggests an unusual activity. The girls are surprised and unsure how to handle what they learn...
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My Art File by azureelectrica
My Art Fileby azureelectrica
Hi, Welcome to my art file. I don't even remember why I put this poem here , I guess, I was inspired and just wanted to express my emotions. thee dance upon the rythum...
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Stellar Academy of Elites Series 1: Written Fate by CrescentInk
Stellar Academy of Elites Series CrescentInk
Alyanna Quinn del Fiero is the known terror Editor-in-Chief of Stellar Academy of Elites. No one can beat her when it comes to writing and composing. Walang ibang nakaka...
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Malefica by jess186
Maleficaby Jessica / Jess
To everyone I was Allison Grey, the fortune teller that owned a spiritual shop in downtown New York with weird smelling incense and crystals you've never even heard of. ...
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Gypsy Blood [Thomas Shelby] by peakysblinder
Gypsy Blood [Thomas Shelby]by Emily
[COMING SOON] Rosella Lee forces her way in to Thomas Shelby's life on the promise that she can use her Gypsy gift of fortune telling to work in his favour, but the more...
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Damsel in Distress 2: The Secrets Within (Arcana Famiglia FF) by BalladPhoenix
Damsel in Distress 2: The 『 r a i 』
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FORTUNE TELLER..(Song Ji Hyo) by Ciciyy_04
FORTUNE TELLER..(Song Ji Hyo)by meoww
Tukang tilik penipu... Tapi bukan bagi seorang namja baginya.. Semua yang dikatakan oleh jihyo pasti semuanya betul adakah ini yng dinamakan takdir or mungkin timbulkan...
Ask Shuriki [LIMITED TIME] by merpixie333
Ask Shuriki [LIMITED TIME]by Every thing Mystical, Magical...
- Skeptical about the show Elena of Avalor? - Why not ask the women who really started it all -Shuriki is a mind reader. -Shuriki can predict the future and awnser ANY q...
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