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"The End...?" Male (Dante) Reader X Yang Xiao Long Part III by Jack-DD
"The End...?" Male (Dante) Jack-DD
The end? All things come to an end, especially this story. This will be the final chapter of Dante's life. Or was it (Y/N)'s life? Find out as we go directly to Hell. In...
A heart of gore laid to rest [Male Warframe Reader x Fem Chroma] by NuclearAvenger0
A heart of gore laid to rest [ Nuclear Avenger
Raised by the Queen of Blood, a Prince of Gore lives on edge, until he meets a significant other who takes his worries away.
Goonies by DragonRider718
Gooniesby DragonRider718
Heidi Chase is a Goonie. She grew up alongside her best friends Mikey, Chunk, Data and Mouth. When the kids are forced to move and separate from each other, they d...
Spirit Riding Free: Lucky Prescott x Oc | Circus Boy by Xc0le_the_wolfX
Spirit Riding Free: Lucky Xc0le_the_wolfX
A story on spirit riding free with an insert of an oc! I was inspired by two lovely people that have made beautiful Spirit riding free x oc stories! Little background c...
The 4th Quarter Quell (A Hunger Games, and Anime Fanfic) (ON HOLD) by the2anime_fanatics
The 4th Quarter Quell (A Hunger Myranda
Kathryn, Sierrah and I have always been the best of friends. We live together, hunt together, and anything else you could possibly think of. But we live in a world where...
A Place Called the Sanctuary by Victorvonvance
A Place Called the Sanctuaryby Victorvonvance
Sato Shikama, a boy who felt worthless, was unwillingly transported to another world. And soon after he met a woman named Echidna, who took an interest in the boys other...
THE LOOP, THE VOID by Hallowed0reo
THE LOOP, THE VOIDby Lakewater
there is no escape there is no escape there is no escape there is no escape
Recuerdos de una vida complicada by mariajose233p
Recuerdos de una vida complicadaby mariajose233p
Samantha, una mujer de 30 años que contará día tras día, el Calvario, de una familia destruida por culpa de una tercera persona. ¿Hasta dónde puede llegar la infidelidad...
I Still love you by blueeislovee
I Still love youby Kitty 💕
Masama bang hilingin kong bumalik ka saakin? alam ko nagkamali ako noon at hanggang ngayon ay pinagsisishan ko na yon. natakot lang naman ako, dahil mga bata palang tay...
Count The Fears ||Andy Biersack & Justin Bieber|| by CinderLane
Count The Fears ||Andy Alejandra Paredes
A sus 17 años, Bryhana lo tenía todo: fama, fortuna, novio y amigos, pero tantos eran sus miedos, que no era capaz de ver y apreciar su vida. Era un completo desastre, h...
Secuestrada por el (Justin Bieber) by S-A-I-D-A
Secuestrada por el (Justin Bieber)by S-A-I-D-A
Freya, una niña de 17 años es citada para ir a una supuesta reunion de instituto junto con otras chicas, pero lo que ella no sabe es en esa reunion, nadie saldrá bien.
Flechazo accidental by LudwigBeilschmidt0
Flechazo accidentalby Ludwig Beilschmidt
Todo empieza como una pequeña visita, bajando al mundo de los mortales, en búsqueda de ideas para poder así ganarle a Sabiduría en esa pequeña competencia que era la reu...
Percy Jackson: The Feast of Fortuna by MrPraetor
Percy Jackson: The Feast of Fortunaby MrPraetor
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN PJO NOR HOO. Today is the Feast of Fortuna. The famous demigods come back to Camp Jupiter. They exchange their stories. They enjoy this festival...
La Lista de Karonte by Ciclista-Fantasma
La Lista de Karonteby Ciclista-Fantasma
Mi tarea es simple: el secretario de nuestro jefe me entrega una lista con nombres de ciertas personas a la cuales debo visitar para que paguen su deuda, fama, dinero...
Familia Real by GeorgieKrossvelz
Familia Realby Karla Georgina DEL Rosario Vé...
Tras una familia real se esconden aberraciones... ¿hasta donde llegara todo esto?
fortuna art Yogyakarta spesialis art glass decorative Indonesia  by FortunaArtYogyakarta
fortuna art Yogyakarta spesialis Fortuna Art Yogyakarta
fortuna art Yogyakarta spesialis art glass decorative Indonesia dan kerajinan tembaga kuningan alumunium indonesia wa.085290588449